Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41 Will I Meet Any Cliche Today?

* Yawn... * How good it feels to sleep...

I open my eyes and see Luna in front of the window... I taught its that when I'm in a room at night, it can go out to collect energy from the moon.

Hum... what am I going to do with its...

I stop to think for a while about the possible developments for Luna.


Of course, that is!

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta managed to transform into super saiyan 4, through a lot of waves... What were they called...? It doesn't matter, what matters is that if I get Luna to concentrate a lot of the moon's energy, maybe I can transform into super saiyan 4...

It is a good option, in case I am not able to reach that form naturally...

"Luna, come closer." I told Luna, which slowly floated towards me...

"Luna, I will raise your rank to the silver rank and you will surely awaken some skill, get ready. Okay? "I told Luna, but she doesn't show any interest… Basically, it's been floating there without even swaying a little…

Should I buy another boost in wisdom?

Well, let's go up to Luna to silver rank first.

[Upgrading the contracted beast 'Luna' to silver rank and awaken a skill. Price: Points: 5000 pts. Yes/No.]

Hum... Apparently upgrading a beast to a silver rank, it's still as cheap as ever... although apparently the price varies depending on the beast and the level.


[Congratulations, your contracted beast 'Luna', has reached the silver rank of 2 stars, and has awakened a new skill.]


New skill;

Moon protection lv 4 (lv 1 + 300% = lv 4).

The user of this skill, is able to use the energies of the moon, to create a protective layer on himself and his host.

Damage protection: 20 points.

+5 increase points to damage protection per level.


Oh, it seems, Luna has increased her loyalty to me... Too bad, the new skill is still as useless as the previous one... I hope that when they evolve they are much better...

Hum... Luna doesn't seem to care much... I'm going to buy him a wisdom upgrade.

[Do you want to buy the contracted beast 'Luna' an improvement in wisdom (Advanced)? Price: Points: 66500 pts, Achievements: E ++. Yes/No.]


[Congratulations, your contracted beast 'Luna', has received an improvement in wisdom (Advanced).]

Well, let's see if Luna develops more emotions over time or whatever...

Ufff... How many points do I have left...?

[Experience points: 182447 pts. Achievements. 11E, 3E +, 7E ++, E +++, D.]

Shit... I urgently need to kill things...

And to think that two months ago, I had several million points...

Ufff... let's have breakfast first.

When I go down to the dining room for breakfast, I find it full... And I can't help raising an eyebrow... Aren't I supposed to be a VIP? Where am I supposed to have breakfast?

While I think about where I go to breakfast, yesterday's waitress approached me.

"Good morning sir, if you want to have breakfast there is a reserved area for you to eat quietly." She told me when I saw that I was upset to see that the whole dining room was full.

Nodding, I follow behind the waitress to a private room, which seems quite luxurious.

"What would you like for breakfast? Here you have the letter for breakfast, but if you want something else, we can do our best to provide it. "She told me as she handed me the letter for breakfast.

I took a look at the letter and told her my request.

"Bring me 2 servings of each dish." I said with a serious face, to avoid laughing at his dumbfounded face...

Yes, like all the Saiyan, I also eat a lot... At first I thought it would not be the case, since since my body does not produce ki, I believed that I would not need much food... But it is not the case...

It doesn't matter, all I need to know is, I need to eat a lot …

After sending the waitress dumbfounded for my food, I decide to relax in this comfortable-looking seat...


Ufff... how good everything was.

I scratched my slightly swollen belly as I left the inn.

Now it's time to go to the mercenary guild, which are the ones that manage the dungeons... Where was the mercenary guild?

After asking several passersby, I find the mercenary guild.

Upon entering, I find a slightly bustling environment... It seems that as in the 'adventurer guilds' of the Isekai novels, there is a bar across the reception area...

Well, let's move on to mine and try to avoid cliche encounters.

I approach the receptionist, and communicate my intentions.

"Good morning, I come to challenge the dungeon." I said with a smile on my face... It's always good to make a good first impression.

"Eh... Oh, young man, I think you're a little young to be able to challenge the dungeon... How about you do some herbal gathering mission instead." She told me with a smile too... But with her face full of I despise... Shit, I jump into the cliché of veteran adventurers sticking their noses where they are not called, to find me a receptionist who 'cares' for me...

Ufff... And to think that I still have about another 7 years left, so that the stretch...

I get very depressed...

I show her the token of my academy, and I see that her face changes a little... F.u.c.k you.

"Can I go now?" I asked again.

"Yes… Go through the red door there, and at the end of the corridor you will find a stone door, which will open when you approach. Once you enter, you will be inside the dungeon, and the very old code will evaluate if you meet the requirements to try to pass the test. "This time she told me the explanation without any passion in her voice… Is it that this aunt is just happy if I had annoyed the day or what?

Leaving aside the annoying receptionist, I head towards the entrance of the dungeon.

Surprisingly, no one has tried to stop me on the road, with the nonsense of 'What does a child like you do in defiance of the dungeon?' Or some other asshole…

After a short walk through the corridor behind the red door, I find the stone door, which opens... but I can't see what is behind the door... It's like there is a dark curtain …

With a little concern, I try to put my hand through the door... Nothing happens.

It seems that it is simply a decorative effect... Look that they like to annoy people...

When entering through the stone door, I hear a genderless voice that speaks to me.

[Welcome to the [Goblin Dungeon], it has been found that you meet the requirements to challenge this dungeon, proceed to choose the number of rooms.]

"What do you mean by choosing the number of rooms?" I asked, hoping that the old code will answer me.

[In this dungeon, it is possible to choose how many rooms you want to fight to complete the dungeon. The strength of the enemies will not increase more than they should, but you will have to face more enemies against more challenging rooms. You can only select rooms in multiples of 10, with a maximum of 100 rooms. Of course, the more rooms you challenge, the better the rewards.]

Oh interesting.

And I was complaining, about what I needed to do a massacre... Heh heh.

"I choose the maximum number of rooms." I said with a big smile when thinking about all those points...

[Choice confirmed, please proceed to the next door, remember that you cannot leave the dungeon if you do not pass the current room. And if you leave halfway, you won't get any reward.]

After listening to his instructions, the stone door in front of me opens...

It's time to kill...

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