Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1 Chapter 45 Who Was Going To Tell Me That I Would Feel Sorry For The Goblins?

Let's see... I think I will buy a guardian beast directly... Not only because it will benefit triple my skill [Corresponding loyalty]. Because if I don't buy a guardian beast, then to turn that beast into a guardian beast, it's going to cost me a kidney and part of the other...

As with Medea, although the price of achievement B has not changed, but the price of experience points does not stop rising... Apparently, the stronger the beast, the more points it costs to turn it into a guardian beast...

And look at Whitey, although it cost me a lot, to buy it from the beginning, I no longer have that problem for the future...

So we will enter the search parameters.

[Guardian Beast], [Type of Combat], [Anti Army], [Female], [Demon Attribute]...

I think with this, it will be enough.


Search results:

Random guardian beast that meets the requirements. Price: Points: 427500 - ???, Achievements: D + - ???]

-Scroll, to choose a specific option.]

Hum... One thing I've noticed, through all the purchases I've made so far. Is that if I choose the random option, I get more for my points, than if I choose one of the options.

What I mean, is that once I did the test. I bought a random thing at the store of the old code, and then looked at the price of that object, to realize that it was about 10% more expensive than what I had paid for it.

That is why I will choose the random option, since when I invest more than 1 million points, that possible 10% more value is appreciated.

[Are you sure you want to buy 'Random Guardian Beast' for 1400000 points and a C achievement?Yes/No.]

This is going to hurt…


[Congratulations, you've got the guardian beast 'Demon Spider Mother'.]


Name of the Beast: ???.

Gender: Female

Level: Bronze 1 star.

Race: Demonic spider mother.

Type: Combat (Guardian Beast).


A female spider, which specializes in spawning a large number of demonic spiders, that devour its enemies until they leave even the bones.


Generate spiders lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

This skill allows its user to spend nutrients from their own body to mass produce demonic spiders of 2 star bronze rank.

+ 160% at the speed when generating.

Note: The spiders generated will be of the same rank as the user of this skill.

+1 star level of demonic spiders spawned for every 10 levels.

+ 10% at the speed when generating by level.

Horde control lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

It allows to control all the demonic spiders generated by the user of this skill.

+ 32% efficiency when controlling the horde.

+ 2% efficiency per level.

Generate demonic silk lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

It allows the user of this skill to generate spider silk of better quality, since this skill allows to mix demonic energy in the process of creating silk. So they increase their characteristics.

It also allows you to customize the silk generated by the user of this skill.

+ 16% to the elasticity of the silk generated.

+ 16% to the toughness of the silk generated.

+ 16% to the stickiness of the silk generated.

+ 16% to the resistance to inflammation of the silk generated.

+ 16% to the impermeability of the silk generated.

+ 1% to the elasticity of the silk generated by level.

+ 1% to the toughness of the silk generated by level.

+ 1% to the stickiness of the silk generated by level.

+ 1% to the resistance to inflammation of the silk generated by level.

+ 1% to the impermeability of the silk generated by level.

Protective exoskeleton lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

The user of this skill will generate an exoskeleton on parts of his body, to protect them from damage.

+ 160% toughness and resistance of the exoskeleton.

+ 10% toughness and resistance of the exoskeleton per level.


Incredible... so basically this guardian beast is a factory of soldiers... I guess the most logical thing to fight against an army is another army...

let's call her to see what it looks like.

With a slight flash of my grimoire, my new guardian beast appears in front of me...

I do not know what to say... At first I thought that being a spider, it would give me some grimace, especially this being the size of a medium dog. But strangely I find it quite pleasant to look at...

Will it be for the contract? The truth is that in my previous life, I had never approached a snake, as I did with Medea when I met her... But at that moment I didn't notice it, but now with this big spider, I can't help thinking that maybe the contract affects my perception of my contracted beasts...

Well, let's put that aside, since technically it's nothing bad...

Hmm... by infusing the spider in front of me, I realize that it looks like a normal spider, if it weren't for the light purple touch on its... fur? And his exoskeleton, which covers his back, abdomen and legs...

Seriously...? You don't protect your head, but if your legs...

Ufff... Now that I notice, the exoskeleton of its back, has barios openings... looks like a honeycomb... Will the demonic spiders out there?

Let's try it... I turn around and see that the door to the previous room is still open...

"In that room there are many corpses of goblins of silver rank... Can you eat them to beget your demonic spiders now?"

I see her nodding, and heads to the boss's room quickly...

Shit! I forgot the Boss, it sure has a core in the...

I'm so used to not looking for beast cores, that I forget...

I run behind my new guardian beast and go straight to the boss...

Where your core is supposed to be... bah, let's leave it to Bloody.

"Bloody, find the boss's core and bring it to me." I order Bloody...

Bloody is amazing, no wonder it was the guardian beast, that the old code gave me the contracted my grimoire. Bloody is that it is capable of doing almost everything, it is the best assistant in the world.

Shortly after, I see the boss's head tremble slightly until it ended up exploding, from which a tentacle... No, a hand of blood took the core and handed it to me.

Sometimes Bloody is a bit macabre...

After 10 minutes of seeing my new guardian beast eating, I notice that from his back exoskeleton, small spiders begin to come out that join the banquet...

And before I know it, I see the boss's room without any goblin corpse, and instead the whole room is full of little demonic spiders...

Ha ha ha... Here is my army, Ha ha ha...

What has surprised me about this army of demonic spiders, is that the more than 500 demonic spiders fit inside the back exoskeleton of my guardian beast...

How is it possible...? Do you have a dimensional butt or something?

Well, leaving that aside... It seems that little demonic spiders can share their nutrients with their mother... That is, while the little demonic spiders eat, the demonic spider mother gains nutrients.

Now the question is... Can the little demonic spiders be resurrected after death...?

That is, I have looked at the loyalty meter, and the little spiders do not appear... Only my new guardian beast appears with a 100/100, but I don't know if spiders are considered part of my new guardian beast... or they are different entities...

Well, although I feel bad about ordering this... but I need to try it...

"Ehh... I need to check if your kids benefit from my skill [Corresponding loyalty], so I need one of your kids to die, to see if they can resurrect or not..." I said with a lot of guilt...

Hearing my words, the demonic spider mother trampled without compassion on a demonic spider beside her... Without compassion.

The next moment, the crushed body of the little demonic spider became light and entered the body of the demonic spider mother...

It seems that if it works, but unlike normal, it uses the demonic spider mother as a point of rebirth... Perhaps it is because it is a byproduct of the demonic spider mother...? I don't know... but I guess it's better this way, since that way everyone would think it's a demonic spider mother's skill...

I have to think of a name for her, I can't keep calling her 'demonic spider mother' or 'my new guardian beast'... Maybe I should call her Arachne... I don't know, it seems very cliché... Hum, I'll think about it and if I can't think of any new name, I'll call her Arachne.

Ufff... let's get out of here, I want to take a good bath...

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