Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1 Chapter 47 What Will I Eat In The Future?

[Congratulations on overcoming room number 100, and thus completing the entire dungeon, in the next room you will find your rewards.]

[You have broken your own record, in the duration to complete the 'Goblin Dungeon', you have won an achievement E++.]

[You have completed the 'Goblin Dungeon' at maximum difficulty and alone, 2 times in a day, you have earned an achievement E+++.]

This time I have achieved many fewer achievements... It was to be expected, since most of the previous achievements were 'first times'...

But it doesn't matter, let's see if I have recovered most of the points I spent on Arachne...

[Experience points: 1274457 pts. Achievements. 13E, 8E+, 11E++, 6E+++, 3D, 2D+, 2D++, D+++.]

Oh... it seems that the experience points that I have gained, have gone down slightly... I guess it will be because I have added Arachne to the team, so the experience of the goblins will have diminished...

But at least, I have more than 1 million points... However, I have not achieved another achievement of rank C... Ufff, let's move on to something else...

The fight with the boss has been much easier than last time... Since the army of demonic spiders has been responsible for entertaining the army of goblins, meanwhile Medea went straight for the boss. While Medea charged towards the boss, I took care of the goblins trying to jump on Medea, and Bloody protected Arachne and me from throwing knives.

In short, Medea quickly killed the boss, and then together we killed the rest of the goblins.

Another thing... I almost forgot the boss's core... again. Luckily, while the demonic spiders ate the boss, they brought me the core...

Now that I think about it... Should I sell the cores? Hum, I think not... I better keep them, by the time I learn to forge. Since I think beast cores are important raw materials...

The last thing left to do is... think about what to buy.

Hum... I wonder if I should go up to Aracne to gold rank?... I think not, since today I have achieved it, and I have already climbed to silver rank... I do not think it is good to rise in rank so many times in it day... I guess I will wait a few more days, and then I will raise it to the rank of gold... since it is the last range to which I can climb my hired beasts, with no cost of achievement...

So... What should I buy... Or maybe I should save it...?

The truth is that currently I do not think I have a shortage of points, since I can get them from this dungeon easily now... But the only thing that limits me is the achievements... So I should not worry about saving points right now...

Nor will I go up to Luna's rank, since I already raised its rank this morning. So like Arachne, I'll let its wait a couple more days.

Oh sure, Whitey, I haven't raised it yet...

[Do you want to rank your guardian beast 'Whitey' to silver rank and awaken a new skill? Price: 16950 points. Yes/No.]

Oh... Whitey is slightly cheaper than Arachne... "Yes."

[Congratulations your guardian beast 'Whitey' has risen to the silver rank, and has awakened the skill 'Bone projectile'.]


New skill:

Bone projectile lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

It allows the user of this skill to shoot projectiles made of bones, to hurt their enemies.

+ 32% to projectile damage.

Effective range 32 meters.

+ 2% to projectile damage per level.

+2 meters to the effective range per level.


Well... it's not what I expected, but I guess it's not bad...

We're going to try it.

"Whitey, point to that wall over there, and test your new skill."

After hearing my order, Whitey controls my tail, so that it points towards the wall I have pointed out. And after making some modifications to the tip of the tail, create a kind of mini cannon, and proceed to shoot...




Hum, not bad, although the rate of fire is not very high... Besides that I have to be careful not to shoot much, if I do not want my bone density to go down too much... Speaking of which, I am sure you will not know what weight around 300 kilograms... And I'm not fat, it's because Whitey has greatly increased the density of my bones... But this is one of the reasons why I don't ride a normal horse... since he couldn't carry me, at least not for a long time…

The truth is that it is quite good, although it is not a powerful attack, at least I already have a ranged attack... Although it is true that I know some offensive magic, but it takes at least 1 minute to launch them... So they are practically useless in battles real...

I don't know what else to buy at the moment... Well, let's look at the rewards of completing the dungeon this time.

I go to the chest, and when I open it...

[Your reward for completing the Goblin Dungeon, alone and at maximum difficulty, is a 3-star gold rank equipment.]

[Equipment data:

Name: Royal Guard Shield

Range: 3 star gold.


A shield that was once the standard shield of the royal guard of an ancient empire, it is said that while the royal guards used these shields, they were never injured.

Special capabilities:

By channeling qi, to the shield, it will project an energy shield. The size of the energy shield and its durability will depend on the amount of qi provided and the user's intentions.

If the energy shield is activated, along with other 'royal guard shields', the energy shields will overlap, increasing the defensive capabilities and range of the energy shield.]


I don't know if I feel happy, of receiving a golden rank shield, since it's one of the things I wanted to receive as a reward... Or feeling weird, because of the second capacity of the shield... Where I'm supposed to get other people, with this same shield to use energy shield overlaps...

Ufff... It would be better if I stopped thinking about it, having this shield is better than not having it...

The shield is... very beautiful... I mean it is very decorated and ornate, worthy of the royal guard of an empire. It is also quite small, and it is one of those shields that are hooked on the forearm. I guess its small size will be because of its ability to generate an energy shield. So it is silly to be excessively large...

we're going to try it…

I team the shield on my left arm, and inject qi, on it... The next moment, white energy emerges from the shield, and begins to expand... But it expands in an amorphous way... Oh, sure... According to the description of the shield , it will take the form that it wants that it takes, and when not thinking of any form, it has turned into an amorphous shield…

If I were the one to create this shield, I would have put a predetermined shape, for cases like this... But, well, let's shape it... We start with a classic round shield, and about 30 centimeters in radius.

Instantly after, thinking about the way he wanted the shield. The white energy that came from the shield, began to change shape... Until I take the form of a round shield... I can't measure exactly, but I would say the size is correct.

Hum... Not bad at all... although I feel that his second ability is a waste... At least for me...

I already have a sword and a shield, of gold rank... I would lack a spear, it would be very coincidental that I touched a spear in my next attempt... No?

Well, let's leave those things to luck... Maybe the protagonist's luck helps me... or maybe not.

It's time for me to leave here, I'm hungry... What time is it? Does not matter…

The truth is that the food at the inn I stay in is quite delicious... Much better than the food they serve, in the academy cafeteria...

Hum... I should do something, to ensure the quality of my future meals... But it would be a pain, take a cook with me from here to there... And I'm not one of those who like to cook...

Oh, wait... If I remember correctly, when a grimoire reaches the rank of gold, it has a small chance of acquiring a 'Grimoire World'... Although I don't remember how it worked, in the original novel. Here when a grimoire goes up to the rank of gold, the possibility of acquiring a 'Grimoire World', is 1 in 10,000,000... So it is very difficult to obtain... for others, I have it practically assured... Ha ha ha.

But if they don't get a 'Grimoire World' in the gold range, they have other opportunities in the platinum range and the diamond rank. And clearly the possibilities are much better... compared to the gold range.

Well, let's leave all this for after eating... Besides, I don't even have candidates for cooks...

So let's eat.

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