Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1 Chapter 48 What Do You Want From Me?

And so, 3 days passed.

* Yawning... * Ufff... How good it feels to sleep... If it wasn't because I am a busy man, I would like to spend all day sleeping... But it's not possible, since I have to go back to the dungeon...

While I stretch, trying to take off my laziness in the morning, I see Luna and Arachne doing their things... while Medea, still sleeping in bed.

Oh, by the way, there have been many changes in these 3 days.

The first and the one that I think is the most important, Both Whitey, Arachne and Luna have reached the golden rank. And of course, everyone has acquired new skills, which are as follows.

Whitey's new skill.

[Generate bones lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

It allows the user of this skill to generate bones in exchange for energy or qi.

+ 80% to conversion efficiency.

+ 32% to the quality of the bones generated.

+ 5% conversion efficiency per level.

+ 2% to the quality of the bones generated per level.]

It is a very good skill for Whitey, since I always worried that it would leave me without some bone, while Whitey used them for anything. So I don't have to worry about it anymore...

New Moon skill.

[Moon energy control lv 4 (lv 1 + 300% = lv 4).

The user of this skill is able to control the energy of the moon.

+ 20% efficiency when controlling the moon's energy.

+ 5% efficiency when controlling the moon's energy per level.]

This is the skill I wanted for Luna! If I manage to maximize this skill, I may be able to transform myself into super saiyan 4, ahead of time... Although it is only a theory... Another thing I could get with this skill, is to be able to merge with Luna, without having to transform...

I believe that if I get Luna to control the energy of the moon, during our fusion so that it does not spread through my body, I will not transform into Ozaru... Thus, I could maintain the state of fusion with Luna, in a permanent way. And I think that will help Luna to develop more intellectually, since so Luna would experience more things through me, so I'm looking forward to trying it... But we better leave it for when we get to the academy, since I don't trust myself to transform in the middle of the city…

And finally... the new skill of Arachne.

[Fusion of spiders lv 16 (lv 1 + 1500% = lv 16).

It allows the user of this skill to merge the subjects, that the user of this skill has generated himself. You can merge your subjects permanently with each other, or you can merge them temporarily with the user of this skill.

Maximum of subjects merged into a single entity: 1600.

Maximum of subjects merged with the user of this skill: 4800.

+100 to the maximum of merged subjects in a single entity per level.

+300 to the maximum of subjects merged with the user of this skill per level.]

This skill... was crazy, to test it... By merging 1600 demonic spiders into a single giant spider, it made a demonic spider the size of a single-storey house... And I don't even tell you, when Arachne tried to merge 4800 spiders in herself... In the end she stopped at around 3000, since it didn't fit in the boss's room...

Oh, and if you wonder... How do you save those huge spiders? The answer is simple, all spiders can turn into fog as they enter and exit, from the gaps of their exoskeleton... It even does so, when there are thousands of small demonic spiders, since they take much less than if they left one by one of the gaps of your exoskeleton.

Well, changing the subject, let's talk about the rewards I received from the dungeon in these 3 days...

I got:

A pair of gloves, gold rank of 2 stars.

A helmet, gold rank of 2 stars.

Another sword, gold rank of 1 stars.

A chest armor, gold rank of 1 stars.

A spear, gold rank of 1 star.

And another 6 varied equipments of silver range...

Yes, I've been through the dungeon 11 times, in these 3 days...

And I got more than 10 million points!

Counting even, with all the expenses of taking all my remaining beasts to the rank of gold... And my grimoire too.

And when I raise my grimoire to the rank of gold, of course I chose, the option of acquiring a 'Grimoire World', you don't know how happy they all were, to be able to freely roam by not having them in a summoned state.

Oh, and apparently. Being a matter of probability, it has been quite cheap to ensure the acquisition of the 'Grimoire World', since it only cost me an extra 1000 points.

Arachne, together with all its demonic spiders, has created some tents for everyone with its silk. So if necessary, I no longer have sleep outdoors when I travel.

Although, in reality, my grimoire world is only a wasteland of about 10 square kilometers, with no vegetation or anything... I think that when I go to find a chef, I should also look for a gardener or something like that, so that I put everything pretty...

Oh, now that I have talked about Arachne creating things with his silk... I told everyone, while we were out of combat, they practiced their skills. For example, in the grimoire world, Medea practiced her transformation skill. Moon, at night he practiced his control of the moon's energy. And Arachne practices with his ability to generate spider silk...

But, as Arachne did nothing later with his silk, silk began to acc.u.mulate in the grimoire world... That's why I told him to build things with silk... And when Arachne finished with the settlement, he began to weave clothes... Yes , clothing…

It started with socks... Very badly done, by the way... But after 3 days of practice, she finally made me a hooded cloak, which was not bad at all... Although the edges of the mantle were a bit uneven... But nothing that A good tailor could not fix.

That's why I went to the nearest tailor, to fix the edges of the hooded cloak... And to my surprise, the tailor made me angry for wasting such a good silk of golden rank... Apparently, Arachne unintentionally created a defensive equipment of silver rank...

According to the tailor, due to poor workmanship, and that no runes or other additional materials were applied. The hooded cloak created with gold rank silk, ended up being a silver rank equipment, and that only because of the toughness of the material. Since he didn't possess any skills...

Well, apparently, from now on. I will be equipped from head to toe, with silver rank teams... Even if they are all white... I think I will ask the tailor to dye some clothes...

And so, after the tailor finished my orders, and I refused to sell him silk, I went to the mercenary guild at that time.

I could not help thinking, I already understood why everyone, was so obsessed with contract a grimoire... It not only opens the doors to cultivation, since I contracted a grimoire, demonstrates a minimum of talent in cultivation...

If not, also, if you are lucky, either because of a skill of your beasts or yours. You can live the rest of your life in luxuries, look at me, if you were willing to sell Arachne silk that is of gold rank. I could easily earn several thousand gold a month. And I remind you that it cost me less than 50 gold coins, to stay in the best room of the best inn, for a whole week...

Ufff... Many things have happened in these 3 days... it would be better to go down to breakfast and proceed with my routine of going to the dungeon. Since I have to take advantage of the few days I will be here.


I'm already in the mercenary guild... The people here started looking at me weird, when I started to challenge the dungeon so many times in a few days. It must be said that even in the least possible difficulty, strength is needed to complete it. So I have not had problems of people trying to mess with me, since they know that I can surely beat them up if they provoke me...

And just when I was going to the door that leads to the dungeon...

"Excuse me. Can I take some of your time? "An older man, who had not seen here before, stops me and speaks to me…

"How can I help you, sir?" Good education above all, even if I end up sending him to hell, but at least I have to give due respect to the elders.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Bernard, I'm the guild master of this branch. The truth is that someone wants to discuss business with you, and they have asked me to try to make an appointment with you. "He told me politely...

Hum, I guess I got too much attention... But, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, I should at least listen to the offer on the opposite side.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind at least hearing the offer from the other part... When could we meet?"

"If that's all right, I can call them, and in half an hour they should be here..." After saying that, I look at myself and see me nod, continue. "If it seems good, please accompany this receptionist, to the meeting room in what it takes to call the other part." He said with a smile, while gesturing to one of the receptionists to come... Luckily , which is not the receptionist with a bad personality...

And so I followed behind the receptionist towards the meeting room...

I wonder what they want from me...?

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