Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1 Chapter 49 Why Are These Cupcakes So Good?

How good are these cupcakes...

While I eat some cupcakes that have served me in the meeting room, the guild master enters through the door and sits in front of me.

"Oh, I see you like cakes, the truth is that these cakes are made by a former mercenary friend of mine, I will give you the address of your store later if you want." He said with a smile.

I nodded and replied.

"The truth is that they are very good, and as for some racial traits... I need to eat a lot of food throughout the day, I appreciate the good food." I said as I swung my tail to clarify my point.

"Oh, by the way, since we're here... Can you tell me who I'll meet in a little while?" I asked my question.

"Oh, it is true. Before, as we were in the middle of the reception, I didn't tell you, but the person who wants to talk to you is one of the caretakers of the royal palace. "He told me while he had an expression of remembering something.

"Caretaker?" I asked, before the unknown term.

"They refer to the title of 'caretaker', to the people who are in charge of caring for princes in their childhood, and the one who wants to talk to you is the caretaker of the 3rd princess." He told me to answer my questions.

"And what can the caretaker of my 3rd princess want?" I kept asking.

"I don't know, but I guess it will have something to do with the fact that you have completed the dungeon at a high difficulty, several times." He told me with a knowing smile.

When I heard his words, I couldn't help raising an eyebrow. And seeing my expression, the guild master smiled at me, and cleared my doubts.

"It is not so strange that these issues are known, since the guild has its own ways of finding out... Also, that when you see your new team of gold rank, it is clear where you got it." He said with a smile.

Wow... that was an oversight of mine... I guess they already had records of the rewards, and it's just that it's not common... Since I can't be the only powerful cultivator in history... No?

After an awkward silence, we continue chatting about any nonsense, and so we make time until the 'caretaker' comes.

That in the end it turns out that the 'caretaker' is not a 'He', but a 'She' …

No wonder, the truth... since she is the caretaker of the 3rd princess, it is normal for the person who takes care of her to be a woman... An old woman to be more exact.

Returning to the subject, after waiting about 20 minutes, the door opened and an old woman entered through the door.

The guild master got up and greeted her politely. I decide to imitate it halfway, since my greeting is more normal, since as a citizen of a higher-level empire, I don't have to maintain such a strict label... Although of course, I have to maintain an adequate level of respect, towards the Royal family and the nobility of this country. But you cannot order me from here to there, since technically I am not a vassal of your country.

After receiving our greetings, the old woman sits next to the guild master, and looks me up and down... She seems to be inspecting me...

"I'm going straight to the point... Have you completed the dungeon at a high difficulty?" She asked me after looking at me for a while.

"Yes." I replied simply.

"Very well, then I would like to hire you, to help our princess complete the dungeon several times." She told me directly.

I frown at her, and tell her my objections.

"I'm sure his kingdom is capable of dispatching some guards, to help his princess complete the dungeon."

"That is true, but for this occasion, we need a small number of people and under-cultivation... To get into details, the young princess has managed to contract a grimoire. And his majesty has ordered that we support the development of the young princess, so several plans have been made for her future development.

There is where you come in, we want you to take the princess to complete the dungeon, so that her grimoire rises to the silver range. And as is well known among grimoire contractors, overcoming great difficulties before going up the ranks increases the rewards of the old code... That's why we want only you two to complete the dungeon, until your grimoire rises to rank. " She said, in explaining the situation, that now it makes sense.

After some thought, I shake my head...

"Although it is true that I am able to complete the dungeon alone... But, I would not be able to protect anyone with me, so I don't think I can accept your request."

Hearing my refusal, she smiled.

"You don't have to worry about that, we have already prepared a protective artifact for the princess, who will be able to defend herself from everything you can find in that dungeon. In addition, the area that protects the artifact is about 3 meters, so even you could benefit from the artifact to complete the dungeon more easily.

Another point in your favor is that you will be considered as a new group, so the quality of your rewards will increase again. And Another thing is that we don't need the dungeon reward, so you can keep the corresponding princess reward. "She said putting all the cards on the table… metaphorically speaking…

After thinking about it for a while, I nod, and ask him about the most important topic...

"If what you have said is true, I think it will be possible… But I have to remind you, that I will only stay in your kingdom for about 3 or 4 more days… So, I can only help you during that period of time. "

Seeing her nod, continue.

"And another important issue would be my fees... I wonder what you thought about that matter?"

She frowns, hearing the issue of payment... It seems she is not used to talking about money issues.

"His majesty the king, has given a budget of about 100,000 gold coins, for this matter... So if you accept this work, the 100,000 gold coins will be yours." After she told me her offer, I shake my head... To which she frowns and pouches.

"Don't be too greedy, 100,000 gold coins are more than enough to hire a level 6 cultivator. We only offer you this offer, because you meet certain requirements, which will increase the possible rewards of our princesses... Don't be greedy." Hearing his speech filled with discontent... I shake my head.

"I think it has misunderstood me, what I was referring to by shaking my head before, is that I am not interested in your 100,000 gold coins. Since I'm not lacking in money. "I told him to clarify the situation as soon as possible…

She frowned again, but there was no discomfort in her expression this time.

"If you don't want gold coins... What would you want in exchange for your collaboration?"

Hearing what she asked me, I went blank for a moment... Although I expected it, I still can't think of anything I can get from them...

Oh sure, this will be worth...

"Well, there really is something with which his kingdom could help me. The truth is that recently, my grimoire has risen from rank to gold rank, and I was lucky to acquire a grimoire world...

And the truth is that I would like to get some slaves, to handle some things within the grimoire world. More specifically, I would need a cook and a... Gardener? I do not know, someone who can handle the process of forestry and give some life to my grimoire world...

That is, my grimoire world is currently a stretch of desolate land, with no plants or anything… "

After hearing my words, both the master of the guild and the caretaker of the princess, they were stunned... When they heard me say that I had a grimoire world, they were both amazed... that shows how rare they are...

After a while, they both got out of their daze, and the caretaker began to think...

"Hum... It is not uncommon, that those who are lucky enough to acquire a grimoire world, acquire slaves to take care of their new domains... If I remember correctly, an elder of the royal family also has a grimoire world... And if I do not remember bad, he acquired some... wooden elves, if I remember correctly...

Although acquiring, wood elves as slaves, it is quite difficult... at least legally. But given his condition, I think we will have no problem getting him a pair that meets his standards. "She said after thinking for a while.

"My condition? What is my condition?" I asked strangely...

"Oh, with your condition, I mean you're a child... You see, wood elves are a very particular breed of elf... So they have several characteristics... very unique...

The first of these is that they are a single race of women, so there are no males among the wooden elves... In addition, they are only able to reproduce through the tree of life of the elves... So it is impossible for them to conceive with other races, including other types of elves. So you can only find wooden elves, in the elf empire.

The last of its peculiarities is... that if they lose their v.i.r.g.i.nity, before reaching innate level 5, their cultivation will be crippled and they will lose any opportunity to cultivate...

And for those reasons, the elven empire legally trades wood elves as slaves, since they greatly reduce the kidnapping of other elven races. In addition, that the other elves see the wood elves, as defective elves for their many peculiarities... So they sacrifice them for the greater good, according to them...

But even so, they are not sold to anyone. Since it would damage the honor of the elf empire, if suddenly elves were found in brothels, or in places like that... So they only sell them to powerful people, or high status... In addition to making sure they are only for personal use.

The elder of the royal family, had good relations with some elves, and as they gave faith of his character, they let him buy several elves for his grimoire world. So if the elder puts some good words in your favor, and given the fact that you are a child and that you have a grimoire world, I think they will let us buy them for you...

Although you will have to meet a commercial representative of the elves, to confirm our words... "Wow... it seems a little fatigued, after releasing all that speech... Although it has left me dumbfounded, that an empire sells its people so if...

Well, since everything is clear, I'm going to use something I always wanted to try... Make a contract.

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