Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1 Chapter 5 Prologue 56

My mind was a mess, and I was getting depressed, with every word I said ... "You're telling me that if I want to go to the dragon ball universe, I have to cripple my future, to allow my body to wither. And if I get to him, my crop that I've been working for, will not do any good. "I said, super depressed ... when I was about to tell him I was going to give up the trip, he continued talking.

"No, you're too extreme, and pessimistic ... no wonder you have not achieved anything in your life and do not dare to go to the world of dragon ball, without any insurance." With the first words, he said, I relax . But with every word he said afterwards, I felt like he was stabbing me with a dagger, in my flaming body ...

"What I was referring to was that as soon as you feel that your physical body begins to weaken and you are sure of your strength to be able to finish the journey between universes. It is better that you make the trip and although it is true that your cultivation will be a bit unstable, the only problem you will have with it. It is that you will not be able to continue advancing, since you will not be able to cultivate environmental qi, since it does not exist.

All you need to do is train and have your body cultivate ki again. And once you get stabilize your situation, return to make the return trip and vice versa. With that you will get your two sources of energy, adapt to each other, so you can live in both worlds without problems.

By the way, when your body finally adapts to both energies, one of two situations can happen. One is that your two sources of energy learn to work with each other, in synergy. Or that both energies merge into a new source of energy, which serves both worlds. "

While I was reflecting on what he was telling me, he continued to speak.

"You also have to keep in mind, that if you want to travel to another universe, you can activate the only search function that I have left. It's quite inefficient, but it fulfills its function ... if you're lucky.

To search for example hum ... the world of one piece, you must set the corresponding search filters, such as: anime, pirates, fruit. The filters that you can set are only 3. And with the filters that you have set, you would have a 43% chance to end up in a one piece world. And only 29% finish in a world that resembles the canon.

By the way, if you want to go on vacation to another world, I recommend one piece. Since they do not cultivate any kind of energy, the only magical thing is the fruits of the devil. And the only thing they do, is to reform the body, to use the powers consumes resistance. And the haki, is merely a manifestation of a strong will supported by the laws of the world. In short, you will not have to acclimate to anything.

But you have to be careful, with worlds that cultivate different energies. In some worlds you will have more problems than others, for example in the world of tdg, you would have some problems. Since your cultivation will become unstable and with your powerful body, your uncultivated soul would have trouble dealing with that instability, since the universal laws will force you to use your soul force as the main source of energy.

Although, as usual if you get used to the changes, you can come and go. "

After finishing listening to that huge amount of information and digesting it. I can not help frowning. And I ask my doubts. "With the search function, why would I need the saiyan lineage as a coordinate marker? Could not I try to search for it and thus save myself all the problems?"

After asking my doubts, he looks at me and although his eyes are still dead, I can feel the contempt in those eyes. And in the end he told me why.

"The chances of finding the world of dragon ball, with the filters allowed in the search engine, are quite low and no longer speak of a world similar to the canon. Also, you can not afford any better search function. And finally, and what I thought was more important, I believed that your reason for going to that world is sentimental, not because of the search for power. And this is the best way to get to the canon world of dragon ball. "

After the explanation, in which I felt a slight mockery and contempt, because of my somewhat cowardly and greedy nature ... I can not stop sighing.

"Well ... I accept the package you have established, thank you ..." I said, gratefully in my voice.

"Now that I remember, will I be able to transform myself into super saiyan in the lls world?" I asked him after I remembered, of the transformations of the saiyan.

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