Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1 Chapter 50 Am I A Babysitter Now?

I will create a contract... How do I make a contract...?

While I think about the contract, a pop-up window appears in front of me... Apparently it is my skill GUI Grimoire, and it seems that it has opened a kind of... It seems a kind of mix between a text editor and an image editing program... That modern…

Stop thinking of nonsense, I hurry and create a simple contract, and that contains all the points we talked about before...

After a few minutes, in which the master of the guild and the caretaker of the princess, have been watching me weird... I summon my grimoire, which begins to shine and two pages leave the grimoire, which float in front of the caretaker and of me respectively.

Both are copies of the contract I have written, whose content is this.

[With the power of this contract, and having the old code as a witness, both parts correspond to comply with the provisions of this contract. If any of the parts violate any point of this contract, they will receive the punishment that the old code considers fair.

On behalf of the royal family of the kingdom of Durapis, the caretaker of the 3rd princess, 'Katherine'. Representing the royal family in general, and the 3rd princess 'Alice Durapis' in particular. Ask for the services of the student of the military academy of the Crimson Dragon Empire 'Arthur', to accompany the 3rd princess to challenge the 'Goblin Dungeon', during the duration of the 'Arthur' stay in the kingdom of Durapis.

The minimum stay of 'Arthur' in the kingdom of Durapis may not be less than 3 days, nor more than 5.

The minimum number of times the 'Goblin Dungeon' is challenged will be once a day. But it is possible to ignore this point due to force majeure.

All rewards received from the 'Goblin Dungeon' will be delivered to 'Arthur'.

The maximum 5 days will start from today, so if the 3rd princess does not show up today or any other day to challenge the 'Goblin Dungeon'. It will not result in any penalty for 'Arthur'.

As payment to 'Arthur' for his services, the royal family of the Durapis kingdom is committed to providing 'Arthur' with some slaves. These slaves have to meet several conditions.

1st Be wooden elves.

2nd At least, one of the slaves has to have a master's degree in culinary arts.

3rd At least one of the slaves, preferably one different from the one with culinary skills. It must have the capacities to give life to the vegetation, and to foreste barren lands.

Payment to 'Arthur' must be made within a maximum period of 5 days.

The 2nd and 3rd points are mandatory. If for some reason the 1st point could not be completed, for reasons beyond the real family of the kingdom of Durapis. They will be allowed to change the race of slaves, provided that their quality is considered to be higher, and that 'Arthur' does not suffer any loss from the exchange.

Note: Being a short-term contract, both parts will be given the ability to feel if some of their actions lead to breaking the contract, so that they can avoid careless errors.]

Hum... I think that with this contract, everything should go well... Also, much of the content has been filled in alone... What I mean is, that I had no idea of ​​the name of the princess, or her caretaker...

The caretaker is a bit stunned, seeing the contract in front of her... But in a short time she recovers and reads it carefully... After seeing that there is no problem with the contract, nor any trap, she nods.

The contract as if detecting the agreement of both parts, both copies of the contract are broken down into light, and said light enters the body of the caretaker and mine respectively...

Now I am able to feel the contract in my consciousness... I also feel, that if I break any point of the contract, I will receive some kind of punishment.

"It's weird to see an ability to make contracts… Do you want to work in our kingdom? You will be paid generously. "The caretaker told me, apparently very interested in my ability to make contracts.

"No, but thanks for the offer." I replied with a smile.

"As you wish, I will go to the royal palace, to show the contract to his majesty and to bring the 3rd princess so you can start." She answered me, as she got up to leave.

"Then, I'll wait for your 3rd princess here, while I eat some cupcakes that the guild master will surely bring me..." I said blatantly, with the intention that the guild master would give me more cupcakes...

"Ha ha ha, look you're a scoundrel, but luckily for you I bought enough cakes the last time I went shopping. Ha ha ha. " Said the guild master, while laughing and going out to find more cakes…

And so I stayed alone in the meeting room for a few minutes... Until the guild master returned with enough cake trays... apparently he remembered that I eat a lot...

And so we chatted with each other, while we ate cupcakes...

And about 40 minutes later, the caretaker came along with the 3rd princess... It's pretty cute, it's basically a red-haired loli... But that's where everything stays, I don't have that kind of interest... And I don't feel like looking for a partner for the moment...

I had enough in my previous life, so if I fall in love with someone, fine. If not, well too …

If I'm honest, I don't understand everyone who is looking for a harem... See, I understand that the sense of conquest and all that must feel great... But, it is already quite difficult to keep only one woman... to have more than one . Seriously, I don't know what all those protagonists think, that they are looking for a harem... I think they don't know what awaits them...

After finishing thinking about my nonsense, I see that everyone is looking at me... It seems that I have stayed a long time in limbo, thinking about my things...

"Nice to meet you 3rd princess, my name is Arthur, and I will be the one to accompany her the next few days to challenge the dungeon." I introduced myself politely, now if I am before royalty, and as such deserve their due respect.

"Nice to meet you Sir Arthur, my name is Alice Durapis, and I hope our cooperation is fruitful for both of us." She answered me just as politely and then we all fell silent.

"So, princess, do you want to start now?" I asked the princess, since the atmosphere was getting a little awkward, with silence...

"I think it would be very appropriate." The princess said... F.u.c.k, if we're going to keep talking like this, it's going to be quite long and uncomfortable days.

With everything said, both the princess and me, we prepare to go to the dungeon. But before leaving the meeting room, the guild master stops us.

"Since you are both newbies, on the subject of going in a group to the dungeon. I will tell you that before officially entering the dungeon, you must enter into physical contact with each other, so that the dungeon recognizes you as a group. If not, after entering the first of you, the other when entering will be found only in the room. "He told us both… I thank him, since he avoids us a situation that would waste us some time, to find out why our account. And who was going to tell me that the dungeons of this world, have instance service...

"Thanks for the information, it's true that I didn't know that detail." I told the guild master.

And after really finishing up in the meeting room, we didn't go directly to the dungeon... Luckily, the guild people don't recognize their princess, I suppose they thought I was hired by a young noble lady...

Better this way, less problems.

Arriving in front of the door of the dungeon, I stand in front of her and wait for the princess, who seems to understand my intentions and extends her hand in my direction. Seeing that she has no problem with physical contact, I pick up her hand with mine, and proceed to go through the door of the dungeon.

[Welcome to the [Goblin Dungeon], it has been found that you meet the requirements to challenge this dungeon, proceed to choose the number of rooms.]

"100 rooms." I said without thinking, since it is the option I always choose.

[Choice confirmed, please proceed to the next door, remember that you cannot leave the dungeon if you do not pass the current room. And if you leave halfway, you won't get any reward.]

"Kyaaaaaaaaa!" I hear a loud shout behind me, and I turn to see the princess screaming with a pale face full of terror...

What the hell is going on here?


Well, since what I wanted to write was very long, I wrote it at the end of the chapter, so I would appreciate it if you read this and gave me your opinion.

Unfortunately, the goal of 100 power stones could not be achieved ...

But even so, I'm happy to see that some have put some effort on their part, so I'm glad.

Oh, and another thing before saying goodbye ... Auque the MC says that he is not interested in a harem, does not mean he does not go to have one.

But even so, it is true that he did not actively look for him, nor that all the girls he meets are going to fall for him ...

Well, the truth is that his first girl would fall for him at first sight, but he has his explanation. Another thing, he had thought about making his other girls from different anime worlds. Although he still has a lot to go to anime worlds.

At the moment, I can only tell you that I will go to the world of dragon ball ... Obviously. And another world I had thought was One piece ...

The girl for the world of dragon ball I have already thought about it ... they could even be 2, depending on how things go ...

But in one piece, I'm not sure ...

So if you want to give me advice, I would really appreciate it ... But I have some minimum requirements for the girl.

First: it has to have the ability to fight, or the will to steal strong, I want ballasts around the MC.

Second: it must be a girl who can leave the world of one piece, and that does not affect her story much. So it would be better to exclude female protagonists.

And I have not yet thought about a third requirement, so they will have to be worth with those two for the moment.

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