Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1 Chapter 51 Will They Arrest Me?

"Ehh ... Excuse me princess, but ... is something wrong?" I asked the princess, to try to find out what happens to her ...

"You ... You ... You, you're crazy! Do you want to kill us! That's! You are from a neighboring kingdom that has come to kill me! You…! "She continued saying nonsense for a while… Until at the end she seemed to calm down… or just got tired of saying stupid things…

"Have you calmed down already princess? If so, you can tell me why you have panicked… "I asked her again, to see if this time, she tells me something coherent.

After hearing my words, the princess looks at me suspiciously for a while before speaking ...

"You really don't know what you've done? You have sentenced us to death, by selecting as many rooms as possible. "She said with a lot of resentment and… Reluctance?


Is this stupid princess?

"Emmm ... Princess ... I guess you will know, that I have been hired to help her complete the dungeon, in the greatest difficulty possible ... No?

In addition, they should have informed you that I have already completed the dungeon, to maximum difficulty before ...

And finally and most importantly ... Doesn't the princess know she can leave the dungeon after completing any room? And for your information, in the first room, only there a miser goblin… "

After hearing my little speech, the princess is momentarily stunned, then puts on a thoughtful face while she seems to reflect on my words ...

A few minutes later, the princess seems to reach a realization and her face turns red with shame ... It seems she has confirmed that my words are authentic, and that she has panicked unnecessarily ...

After a few more minutes, the princess finally calmed down, and acted as if nothing had happened ...

Well, I guess it's better this way ...

"Excuse me princess, could you explain how your protection artifact works? I ask it, to be able to better plan my strategy in battle. "I asked the princess, to know how exactly the artifact works, since depending on its operation I will change my battle tactics.

"Oh… Hum, well, it's actually quite simple. When activating the device, a protective barrier will be generated that will cover a few meters around me, and its duration is about 24 hours. "The princess said, while looking at a rather shabby-looking pendant she was wearing… I guess that pendant will be the artifact ...

"Eh… Princess, although you have certainly told me how it works… But what I was referring to, were things like for example… Can I enter and exit the barrier? Can I attack from within the barrier? Can I summon or unsummon my beasts from within the barrier? Etc… "

Hearing my new questions, the princess was stunned again, and moments later she has shown a confused face ... Apparently, the princess had no idea of ​​the answers ...

This princess ... is a bit useless, isn't it?

Sighing, I shake my head and say.

"Let's say it's a no, to all the questions… At least for now, we'll try it throughout the dungeon. That said, let's proceed to the first room. "After talking to the princess, I turn around and proceed to the dungeon.

The princess, watching me go, chases after me.

The princess upon entering the 1st room, heard the message of the dungeon, which left her stunned.

[Congratulations on overcoming room number 1, proceed to the next room or leave the dungeon.]

After leaving her stun, the princess saw a goblin body lying on the floor face down, and the body was strangely pale ... And that paleness, stands out quite a lot in the goblins, since her skin tone is usually dark green ...

Unknown to the princess, just entering, Medea who has always been curled up on Arthur's shoulders. Instantly killed the poor goblin with a simple look ... Medea's skill [Deadly View] is ideal for defeating the weaklings.

Arthur, seeing the princess again in a dazed state, shook his head and sighed ... How is this princess going to fight if she doesn't stop being stunned by anything?

Stopping thinking about the princess, I summon Arachne and then told Medea to get off my shoulders, which Medea did quite reluctantly.

Leaving the two beasts on the ground, I approach the princess and ask her to activate the barrier.

"Princess, activate the barrier, I would like to do some tests before continuing."

The princess, hearing me talk to her, came out of her stupor and proceeded to nod as she activated the barrier.

After activating the barrier, a sphere of energy covered both the princess and Arthur, forming a semi-translucent sphere that covered both.

Seeing the activated barrier, I proceed to do several tests ... And the results are as follows:

1st I can summon and unsummon freely from within the barrier.

2nd I cannot attack from within the barrier, either through magic or physical attacks ... But I suspect that if the attack were related to an inherent skill, it would work.

3rd I am able to leave from within, but I am not able to re-enter. But my beasts are capable of entering and leaving, as long as I remain within the barrier.

And those are the most important points, which I have discovered through my tests.

After finishing my tests, I encourage the princess to go to the next room. And as soon as you enter the next room, the goblin turns pale and falls with his forehead on the ground ... It seems that Medea has acted again, and I see that a few spiders have left Arachne and proceed to eat the goblin ... Oh, by the way, the goblin from the previous room was devoured while doing the tests.

[Congratulations on overcoming room number 2, proceed to the next room or leave the dungeon.]

I look at the princess from the corner of my eye, and I can see that she is very pale and scared ... Oh, now I understand ...

The princess's cultivation is only on level 1, so Medea's [Deadly View] would be able to kill her instantly. And if we add to that the scene of several spiders devouring a humanoid entity the size of a child ... It is quite normal for her to get a little scared ...

Now that I think about it ... Since when am I so insensitive? I had not realized until now, but now that I see the reaction of a person my age, I realize my abnormal behavior ... I hope it is something of one of my lineages, since the Saiyan are quite brutal by nature ... less during the reign of King Vegeta. And although I don't know much about my other lineage ... A demon that devours the bones of his enemies ... I don't think he is very impressed to see a corpse or two ...

Seeing that this is going to be a quick walk at the beginning, I make sure to keep the pale princess in a state where I at least listen to my requests ... You know, how to go to the next room and all that ...


[Congratulations on overcoming room number 47, proceed to the next room or leave the dungeon.]

Hum, it seems, Medea is no longer able to kill them at a glance. And although [Petrifying View] still works, but it is not effective enough to kill them all without being surrounded by us ...

Although the barrier is a bit the same, but I would prefer to get the bodies for Arachne. So I let Arachne's demonic spiders take care of everything ... And they don't really have a problem, since I now have some fused demonic spiders.

And although they don't have any special skills, like Medea and Arachne, at least they have powerful gold rank bodies and the increase in size also helps ... And to deal with silver rank goblins, it's more than enough.

So it really does not diminish the difficulty in which we clean the rooms of the dungeon, so it is better that we continue.


[Congratulations on overcoming room number 100, and thus completing the entire dungeon, in the next room you will find your rewards.]

Well, we're done ...

The truth is that it is becoming easier, and this time it has been much easier thanks to the barrier ... At least for Arachne and for me.

But the princess worries me a little ... I think this trip through the dungeon will leave her with trauma ... The poor woman has been in a semi-conscious state, from the 50+ floors onwards ... The only thing she can do in this state is to continue behind me ... And just because she has clung to my clothes ...

Will they blame me for leaving her in this state?

I hope not…

Stopping thinking about the princess, I go to the rewards room.

Upon entering the room, I see 2 chests, side by side ...

Look what a surprise ... Do you know how the dungeon does to differentiate the rewards of different participants?

Simple. The dungeon puts a portrait of the participant in the chest ... It's quite funny ...

Well, let's stop nonsense, and let's see what we won.

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