Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1 Chapter 53 Will I Someday Not Get Lost?



At what level do you unlock it?

Oh wait, maybe this works...

[Buy information on at what level of the inherent ability 'Commerce', the purchase of achievements with points is unlocked.]



[Do you want to buy the 'information' required? Price: 425 pts, Achievements E. Yes / No]

Oh... Apparently if you can buy information, but it seems to cost more achievements than points... So I can't buy information whenever I want...


After accepting the purchase, my grimoire shines again and as soon as it stopped, I have new memories...

This is disturbing... I know that I bought them now, but I feel that I have always been the answer...

Hum, I don't like this memory manipulation very much... You couldn't give me the answer in a paper note or something... Or even in a message from the Grimoire GUI...

It turns out that I can exchange points for achievements at level 5 of the skill... What a coincidence, right now that I buy level 4, they tell me that I need level 5...


Let's see how much level 5 costs... Although I doubt I can pay the cost in achievements...

[Do you want to level up the inherent skill 'Commerce' to level 5? Price: 10000000 pts, Achievements: C + Yes / No.]


I was afraid of it... A C + achievement, I doubt that with all my current achievements, I will be able to change a C rank achievement... So let's not even talk about a C + achievement.


How many achievements do I have?

[Experience points: 11616311 pts. Achievements. 23E, 17E +, 14E ++, 9E +++, 4D, 2D +, 2D ++.]

Phew, let's do a quick calculation... Shit.

With all my current achievements, I am only able to achieve 2 D +++ achievements, not even an achievement C…


Think think…

Oh, it may be possible if...

I get out of bed, look out the window and see that the sun is still high... I think it will be around 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

If I hurry...

I leave the inn and go to the mercenary guild.

Upon arrival, I go to a receptionist and ask if I can see the guild master. The receptionist will look for the guild master to see if it is available.

After a while, the receptionist returns and takes me to see the guild master.

Upon entering the guild master's office, I see him reading some reports, from a small pile of reports on his desk.

When he sees me come in, he leaves the reports on his desk, and looks at me curiously.

"Oh, how strange of you to come to visit me suddenly? What can I do for you Arthur? "I wonder curiously.

"Em... How to put it... I would like to be assigned a mission, which is technically out of my reach, but that I can really do." Wow... This sounds weirder than it sounded in my head...

"What?" Said the guild master, without understanding my request... No wonder.

"Let's see... I mean, as you have seen, my strength is much greater than my cultivation level. So I would like to try to increase the rewards of the old code, in my next rank increase. That is why I would like to be assigned a mission, that someone with my cultivation could not complete. "

"Oh, I almost forgot. I should be able to finish the mission by tomorrow morning, so it can't be far from here. Although I have a beast that I use as a means of transport, so it does not have to be in the vicinity... Ufff, how bad I explain, I hope you understand me.

"Ha ha ha, quiet boy, I have understood you," said the guild master laughing out loud.

After finishing laughing, the guild master stopped to think and then began to search through the reports at his table. And in the meantime I wonder.

"Tell me Arthur, what would you say is your limit on the level of cultivation you could handle?" I wonder while looking at one of the reports.

"Hum... my maximum combat strength is almost level 9. But it has its limitations, so it depends on the case." I said as I thought about my Ozaru transformation.

After hearing my words, he looks at me in disbelief... I guess he expected me to tell him that my limit would be level 5 or 6...

A few seconds later, the guild master came out of his stupor, and took 4 reports and put them in front of me.

"These are reports that I have received for future missions, which should be published tomorrow. Normally missions above level 6, we do not usually receive them in this branch of the guild. Since people above that level or are part of the royal family, who handle their own affairs by themselves, or have already left this kingdom to go to another with more resources.

But in cases where the incidents occur within a kingdom, the branch of the local mercenary guild receives the missions, although it is to be informed more than anything. "He told me answering questions that I did not ask him… but I suppose it is good Know more about the context.

I look at the reports and read the details of the missions.

In summary. 3 of the missions are to kill some violent beast, which has approached some village, towns or cities of the kingdom.

And the one that remains is to recover a stolen object from a group of bandits.

I don't want to fight with bandits again. Also, that is not the kind of difficult mission I am looking for. Since the greatest difficulty of this mission is because of the number of bandits, not because of their cultivation level.

So they only leave me the 3 extermination missions...

Hum... Basically they are a giant lizard, a giant deer and a pack of wolves, the leader of the pack being a giant wolf... Of course...

They are all rank 8 missions, minus the wolf pack mission, which is rank 9.

"Is it possible that some of the other 2 extermination missions are close to the wolf pack mission?" I asked in the hope of getting 2 missions in one trip.

"Let's see." Hearing my question, the guild master picked up the 3 reports, got up from his chair and approached a large map of the kingdom on the wall. He started looking at the mission reports and then looking at the map. Then he beckons me to approach and tells me.

"Look, this is the capital of the Durapis kingdom, where we are. Here is the location of the mission, is about 2 hours on horseback... The location of the other 2 missions, are here and here, which are another 2 or 3 hours on horseback from each location respectively. "After telling me where The mission areas are located, the guild master gave me his opinion.

"Theoretically it is possible that you do the 3 missions from here to tomorrow morning... But keep in mind that it is not only to arrive, kill and return. So be careful what you're going to do. "After that, he returned to his desk with the reports, and marked them with a stamp. The next moment the 3 mission reports became 3 rings...

What the f.u.c.k !?

"Ha ha ha, look what face you put, ha ha ha. Although we don't normally do it this way, when we give an unofficial mission, we do it this way to avoid leaving traces of paper.

Now all you have to do is carry these 3 rings with you while you go to complete the missions, and when you complete the mission linked to a ring, it will get some decorations of some random color. So you only have to bring me the ring, so that I can give the mission as completed.

And if you ask yourself, why don't I bring you a part of the monster to confirm that you have killed the beast, and instead we go in incognito. It is basically for 2 reasons... 1st I am not allowed to give missions that exceed the applicant's cultivation level by more than 2 levels. And 2nd... You have not registered as part of the mercenary guild... So technically I cannot give you missions. "

Oh... It's true, I haven't registered in the guild... It has totally happened to me, as I only come to challenge the dungeon and for that it was not necessary to be registered...

Well, let's leave that for another time.

I wear the rings I received from the guild master, and say goodbye to him before I leave.


Well, I think I'm far enough from the city, so I don't scare anyone with the true size of Medea.

Upon capturing my intentions, Medea slips off my shoulder and proceeds to regain its original size.

Once Medea regained her size, I jump over her head and sit on her.

"Medea, I hope you remember the instructions given to us by the guild master, because I clearly do not... Well, if I remember, but both you and I know that I would be able to arrive on the first attempt." I said these last words with a little depression... Why the hell am I unable to guide me, through unknown places... Ufff...

"Phssss..." Medea nodded in recognition, and then proceeds to move toward the first mission... The pack of wolves.

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