Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1 Chapter 54 I Don't Know If I Feel Happy Or Not?

We have already arrived.

And surprisingly it has only taken half an hour, although I almost fell from Medea a couple of times, due to the high speed...

Medea and I are in a small mountain in the surroundings of a small town, which I suppose will be the one that gave notice of the wolf pack. From up here I can see the town and its inhabitants, they seem somewhat nervous

I guess it's normal, since they don't know when a pack of wolves can attack their town, and I doubt that those uncultivated guards can do anything to avoid the disaster...

"Well, in the report it said that the pack of wolves had settled south of this town. So we have to go south... Medea, head south. "I told Medea, who proceeded to go south.

While we were on our way, I ask Bloody to inspect the surroundings, in search of the wolf pack.

After 10 minutes of going south, Bloody tells me that he may have found them.

"Medea, stop." After Medea stopped, I summoned Arachne and asked him to send some small spiders to explore.

Yes, this is another function that Arachne can fulfill, since its spiders can vary from the size of an ant, to the size of a house. It is ideal for both combat and information gathering.

Although I have to admit, that Arachne would not be so impressive in the hands of another person...

And it is not that I am giving myself airs, it is that if Arachne were wild or belonged to another person, Arachne herself would not have so many skills... Besides, that she would have to relentlessly replenish all the deaths she would suffer after each battle.

So thanks to me, Arachne is able to realize its full potential...

After raving, in the incredible of a master that I am for my beasts... Arachne gives me some light touches with one of its legs.

"What's wrong Arachne? Have you found the wolves?" I asked Arachne after leaving my stupor.

Arachne nodded and pointed in the same direction that Bloody indicated earlier, so it seems that Bloody was right and the wolves are there.

I get off Medea's head, and proceed to give instructions.

"Let's see... First, Arachne summons your army to surround the pack of wolves and prevent anyone from escaping. Medea, you hide so that when I fight with the giant wolf, you can support me if necessary. Did you understand? Then get started on what I become. "I told the two beasts.

Upon hearing my order, Arachne climbed on top of Medea, which began to go in the direction of the wolf pack.

I have not wanted them to start the fight, because the leader of the pack, the giant wolf is of 7-star silver rank. So I could hurt them if they are not careful. And although it is true that I once faced in my form Ozaru beasts of gold rank and with a similar star level, and I ended up winning easily... I have to say, they were not very strong to start...

It is what I always say, apart from some people that if they train their beasts well, the majority only concentrates on making them rise in rank and stars... So in the end their fighting power is much less than that of a beast Wild of the same level.

And being a mission of rank 9, it means that those who have valued the risk of this mission, would only feel comfortable sending a cultivator of level 9.

Well, let's stop fooling around and start the transformation.

I instantly summon Luna and merge with her. And so I begin to transform into Ozaru.

A few minutes later I'm ready... Ufff, sometimes it costs me a little more to suppress the violent impulse of the Ozaru transformation... I guess I don't have it completely dominated.

After confirming that I am ready, I proceed to go in the direction that Bloody points out to me, and on the way Whitey creates a sword and shield that are generated from each of my bracers.

Upon arriving at the wolf's lair, I see that they noticed our arrival a long time ago, since they are in some kind of formation... Well, it is not strange to be able to see an ape approaching, when it is 10 meters high.

Medea seems to have chosen her size again to hide, and now that I have arrived a lot of quite large spiders have begun to appear, surrounding the wolf pack.

When they are cornered by so many giant beasts, the wolves begin to stress more and more... Until a howl of what I suppose will be their leader of the pack, is heard from inside the cave.

Instantly a gigantic wolf, just a little smaller than me in my current form, is shown before us...

Hey? This wolf is familiar to me...

I already remember. Isn't this the same type of earth wolf as my classmate had?

Yes, I think it is of the same race... But this one is bigger, although the wolf of my classmate, has already reached the rank of gold but is only about 3 meters high... I guess it will be a matter of age, it will surely grow over time …

Well, I have to concentrate, since now the battle begins.

As if noticing my intentions, all demonic spiders charge along with me towards the wolf pack, which prepares for the attack.

And in a few moments, this becomes a carnage, you can see the bodies of mutilated wolves everywhere on the ground. And if it weren't for dead spiders dissolving in light, you could also see many spider carcasses...

In the meantime during my short fight with the great wolf of the earth, I have realized that his defense is quite high, and my sword seems to do little damage... So I asked Whitey to reform the sword on my right arm, in a giant gauntlet...

Think of Hellboy's giant arm, because that's what I was thinking when I asked. And while I defend myself for a few moments with my shield, in what Whitey takes to reshape my sword in a gauntlet, I realize that a light brown aura begins to emerge from my opponent.

The next moment, I feel that the ground at my feet becomes unstable, and I almost lost my balance. Taking advantage of my momentary lack of balance, the earth wolf charged directly to me. Biting my left ankle fiercely, luckily I also have bone armor there, but I doubt it lasts a lot.

Seeing the wolf biting my ankle, I lift the shield high, and proceed to strike fiercely on his neck...



[Congratulations on killing a beast far above your cultivation, you have earned an achievement C.]



That easy…? Don't you dodge it or anything?

Ufff... Let's leave it for another time, let's finish fast with the rest of the wolves.


[Congratulations on completing the 'Extermination of the Wolf Pack' mission, a rank 9 mission, you have earned a C + achievement.]

Ha ha ha, this is what I wanted to see, ha ha ha.

Although I did not expect the rewards to be so high, but better for me, although I will wait to return to my room at the inn to increase the ability to trade.

But the battle with the earth wolf has left me unsatisfied... Well, I suppose not everyone can let a giant wolf bite him, then give him a devastating blow...

Let's leave it like this... and concentrate on the other 2 missions.

Now that I have what I wanted, I'm starting to be lazy to have to go for the other 2 beasts... But I guess it would be better to win the achievements I have to win, since I'm sure I'll miss them later if I don't get them now…

Since although I can buy achievements from now on, but I don't know the price of the achievements, so I might not be able to afford achievements of higher ranks...

Well... Like Arachne and her young, they have finished eating the bodies and bringing me more than a dozen cores of various ranks and stars.

It's time to get going, to the next mission.

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