Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1 Chapter 55 Why Are Cupcakes So Delicious?

[Congratulations on killing a beast far above your cultivation, you have earned an achievement C.]

[Congratulations on completing the 'Extermination of the Forest Lizard' mission, a Rank 8 mission, you have earned an achievement C.]

And with this, I finish all the missions I had for today.

Well, it's already technically 'tomorrow', since it's been midnight a few hours ago, but surprisingly it took less than I expected…

The truth is that I had overrated these wild beasts... Since when they faced an opponent of their size... they literally lost quite quickly. I guess they were used to their size advantage, so losing their advantage, their battle efficiency worsened.

I suppose that for me, it is more difficult to fight with beasts of a level of strength similar to mine, in my human form...

Speaking of which... I am super tired, since I have transformed into Ozaru 3 times, in less than 12 hours... And it must be said that when I return to my original form, my body suffers a lot of stress, so I end up very tired after Each transformation

Luckily, Bloody helps me regain my resistance a bit, but I think I exceeded today...

Ufff, now that I have finished all the missions, I just want to sleep...

Oh, I know.

"Medea, I'm going to the grimoire world to rest, since my body is very tired after so many transformations. You go to the capital of the kingdom, and when you get to its surroundings, you can return to the grimoire world if you want. But don't cause people trouble, so you better go in a small size. "I told Medea, and without waiting for any confirmation, I entered the grimoire world and went to my gigantic silk bed of rank of gold…

A little too fancy, but very comfortable...

And now I'm going to sleep, since with Bloody helping in my recovery, I doubt that I need more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep to recover...




I got up from my very comfortable bed, and I find Medea in her chibi form sleeping beside me.

It seems that we have already reached the surroundings of the capital, I hope I have not slept a long time... Well, it is better to go out and check it myself.

Upon leaving my grimoire world, I see that it has not yet dawned at all, that's good.

Taking a slight walk to the capital, I start to get hungry... very hungry.

Along the way, I eat some of the portions I prepared before going on mission... But I find it difficult to eat them, now that I am used to good food, I have trouble eating these tasteless portions...

When entering through the gates of the wall of the capital, I go directly to the cake shop... I was going to go to the mercenary guild first, but I'm very hungry...

Upon arrival, I see that the store is open, what luck.

I guess it just opened, since the sun has already risen and more people can be seen in the streets.

"Hello, I'm very hungry, it serves me whatever you have available." I said as soon as I entered the store, without worrying about the few customers who came to buy their breakfast.

"Hello to you too Arthur, wait a moment that I finish serving these customers, and I'll see you right away." I answer with a very well done business smile... Shit, I guess I'll have to wait...

After I finished serving the customers who were already in the store before I arrived, she brought me a tray full of different cakes and in large quantities.

Without worrying about the new customers who entered the store, I started eating as if I had spent years without eating.

The store owner sighed when she saw me eat that way, but in the end she said nothing to me, since in her eyes I was a small gold mine for her.

So I continued eating without stopping...


After a couple of hours.

I'm still in the cake shop... But of course, I'm eating normally now... It was only the first 10 minutes, in which my hunger overcame my sanity, after satisfying my craving... I ate more sparingly.

Although for anyone, who had been watching me (the owner of the store), eating cakes for more than 2 hours, it would not seem normal...

While I was eating, a soldier came to deliver me a message, just like yesterday.

After reading it, I can't help sighing …

In summary, the letter says that the princess is not yet available, but they think she will be ready for the afternoon...

Poor girl...

Did I make it so bad?

After receiving the letter, I lost my appetite, so I decided to go to the mercenary guild.


After arriving at the mercenary guild, and asking the receptionist to let me see the guild master, I am now in his office eating cupcakes...

I couldn't help it... these cupcakes were there on the table... and they looked so good...

"I see that in the end, you managed to complete the 3 missions... I will not lie to you, the truth is that I expected you to fail the missions and get hurt... or directly that you would have died and not come back. But I suppose that a genius of a high-level empire is something to keep in mind. "Said the guild master, while looking at the rings he left on his desk, which eventually became red, green and white. .

Here the empire has nothing to do with my genius, I am totally impressive by myself. Besides... A high-level empire? Don't make me laugh, the Crimson Dragon empire can be considered a medium-level empire and for a little, so it's nothing from the other world.

Although I suppose that compared to these low-level kingdoms, the Crimson Dragon empire can be considered to be at a totally different level.

While I am thinking about my things, the guild master began searching through the drawers of his desk, until he found what they seemed to be... Checks?

"Here is your reward for the three missions, as it is a large amount of money, we cannot pay you in cash. So the mercenary guild will give you these checks from the Divine Bank, worth 3104,000 gold coins. "He told me as he handed me the checks… But his hands could not help trying to hold on to the checks…

Speaking of powerful factions, the divine bank is a great power. It is neither a kingdom nor an empire, if not a whole plane that was unified by a single faction, so its power is enormous. And with all that power, they decided to create a bank that could serve the entire set of plans that make up the interplanar association.

Don't you know what interplanar association is? Although I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I am sure I mentioned that there was a great disaster during the dark ages, and that many planes came into contact with each other. Do not? Well, when everything was 'solved', the plans were not separated, so to maintain a certain order between the different planes. The interplanar association was created, which basically manages the entries between different levels, among other things, in which I will not go into details now.

After confirming that the checks were authentic, I sent them directly to my world, grimoire... I don't trust leaving so much money in my storage ring.

Oh, now that I remember, I have to check later if my ring is loaded, which would help me take another small step in my cultivation. Since at my cultivation level, refining my energy core with level 6 qi helps a lot. Although it is a pity that I can only do it every few weeks... And even less now, since in these low-level kingdoms, the density of environmental qi is mediocre.

At the end of my transaction with the guild master, we continue talking and in the end we agree that he will notify me if another mission similar to the previous 3 appears, and in the end I say goodbye and leave.

I go directly to my room at the inn... and I go quite quickly, since I am quite excited...

Since it is time for shopping.

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