Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1 Chapter 56 Is The Princess A Fearful One?

(3rd princess pov)

Where I am?

I can not see anything…

It's all dark...

taka, taka, taka, taka...

taka, taka, taka, taka...

What's that noise?

I'm scared…

Suddenly many red lights can be seen, they are not lights... They are the eyes of countless spiders!


"Ha ha ha, why are you screaming princess?"

"Eh?" Suddenly, I hear a voice coming from behind me.

When I turn around, I am able to see a pair of very bright green eyes.

After a few moments, I look away from those eyes, which cause me terror... When I can see the person, what I see is a child around my age, but contrary to what a child should look like. This child emits a mature aura, not counting that slight smile, which in my eyes is full of malice.

While I looked at him, he looked back at me... with a teasing look. While he looked at me with contempt, his red tail swayed from side to side. Apparently he is having fun, looking at me in this state of terror in which I find myself, while sitting there in his giant snake...

Giant snake...?

The snake, seeing that I have noticed his presence, his eyes shine with a sinister light. The next moment, I feel that my soul leaves my body, and my vision expands in all directions without being obstructed by darkness.

Instantly my soul trembled in terror, seeing what was around me... As far as my new omnidirectional vision reaches, I am only able to see spiders of all sizes, and the worst thing is that... they are eating.

They are eating people!

My soul trembles violently, when I realize more details about my surroundings... I recognize this place... This is my small private palace, which is located on the grounds of the royal palace...

But... How did they get here? And the guards?

When thinking about the guards, I realize that the bodies that are eating the spiders wear the guards' uniform and the maidens...

They are eating them all...

As long as my soul kept shaking, I kept ascending to the heavens, and my field of vision widened.

And what I see keeps filling my soul with terror...

The capital... the capital of my kingdom is in ruins, and you can only see huge spiders from one place to another... How are the citizens of my kingdom?

As if listening to me, Arthur, the demonic child who looks at me with contempt. He answered my question.

"Don't worry about them, they are already in a better place. I had no choice, since my spiders were hungry... and there are many, it is very difficult to find so much food. "

He told me with a smile which is capable of driving me mad with fear.

As I was ascending, my consciousness began to blur, it seems that my time in the world of the living is running out.

I closed my eyes and waited for my moment... But I couldn't help opening them, hearing his words.

"Do you want to go princess? Why don't you stay with us? "Arthur said as he looked at my soul in the heavens.

But when he finished speaking, he disappeared into smoke, and at that moment the snake went into action.

It curled itself to gain momentum, which I use to jump to the heavens... towards me.

When the snake was already close to my soul, it opened its gigantic jaws, in which I could see its sharp fangs... And in my last moments, before the snake engulfed me and entered the world of darkness again, I would swear that I could hear a laugh that was full of mockery towards me.



I jumped up from the bed, and fell to the ground landing with my face... Auch... It hurts...

I find myself all sweaty, and lying face down on the floor... Luckily no one has seen me.

"Young princess, are you thinking of lying on the floor? Besides, I think his nose is bleeding from the blow. "Said a voice he was very familiar with…

"Grandma Kathe...!" I screamed as I ran to my caretaker, to hug her and cry in her lap.

After I cried for a while, and Grandma Kathe stroking my head to calm me down, I calm down.

"You have already calmed down, little one. It's been a while since you had slept for more than 24 hours, although I don't know what happened in the dungeon, I don't think it was so scary. "When I heard Grandma Kathe talk about the dungeon, my face turned pale with terror. Remembering my dream... My nightmare.

"What's up little? Tell me what worries you. "Grandma Kathe said, worried when she saw my face pale.

After calming down, I proceed to tell you my experience in the dungeon yesterday, and my dream... my nightmare I just had.

After telling her everything that torments me, Grandma Kathe looks at me for a few seconds, and then shakes her head and sighs.

"Apparently the boy was right, we have spoiled you too much. Look to traumatize you just for that... * Sigh. * "She sighs again and shakes her head again.

When I hear it, I go blank... Really? Is it me now that is easy to scare?

As I ask myself those questions, I suddenly remember the look of contempt of Arthur in my dream...

Is my mind really so weak...?

While I think about how weak my spirit and mind is, I hear a commotion outside my room, and the next instant a person enters my room like a hurricane... followed by another person who enters more calmly.

"Aliceeeee!" Shout the one who ran, who is my older sister, the 2nd princess to be more exact. My sister 'Anna' ran to me and gave me a big hug, apparently she was very worried during the time I was unconscious.

"Calm down Anna, if you keep hugging her so hard, you will make her faint again." Said a calm voice, she is the 1st princess of the kingdom and therefore my older sister 'Isabel', the oldest of us 3.

Hearing what Isabel said, Anna released me and backed away a couple of steps immediately, scared that she would really pass out again.

"Calm older sisters, I'm feeling much better." I told them with a smile to calm them a little.

After both calmed down, we began to talk about what happened and like Grandma Kathe, Isabel sighed... Apparently thinking the same as Grandma, instead my Anna has shown confusion on her face, apparently not understanding what I was so scared...

What can be expected of the warrior among the 3 sisters, it is a pity that I was the one who got a grimoire contract and not her... Even so, she is a talent in cultivation, since at the young age of 17 she has reached a level 4 cultivation.

Although now that I think about it... The boy named Arthur has already reached level 3... And I think his age is similar to mine...

I think they said it came from a higher level empire... I guess the level of the 'Geniuses' is different depending on where they come from.


After chatting for quite some time, a maid came to inform us that it is time to eat.

While we were eating all together, Grandma Kathe said something that took away my appetite.

"Well, Alice, do you think you'll be able to go to the dungeon this afternoon? Since it would be a shame, to pay for Mr. Arthur's services and not to use him. "

Instantly the dining room became silent...

Seeing my face turn pale little by little, Grandma Kathe lets out a sigh...

"Don't worry Alice, I'll accompany you, so you don't need to be afraid." Anna said suddenly, catching me by surprise... Would it be possible? I think I would be able to bear it if my sister accompanied me.

"Would it be possible?" I ask Grandma Kathe, hoping she says yes.

Grandma Kathe closed her eyes for a few seconds, and then answered.

"Because of the feelings I receive from the contract, it would not be impossible, but both parts must agree. So we will have to ask Mr. Arthur for his opinion, so I will send someone to ask him. "

After saying that, she called the soldier who was guarding the dining room, and she gave the guard a paper note, which she had just written. She also told the guard, that this time he waited to receive an answer... It seems that it is not the first time that Grandma Kathe sends notes to Arthur...

Now we just have to wait for the answer...

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