Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1 Chapter 58 Do You Feel Like A Spar?

This is very uncomfortable...

Right now we find the 2 princesses and I within the barrier... Although I am almost out, because if I get a little closer to the 3rd princess, the 2nd princess gives me a threatening glare...

And so we are in room 47 right now, with the two princesses hugging together, more specifically the 3rd princess clings to the 2nd princess looking for some kind of psychological protection... Meanwhile the 2nd princess, patting her head sister in an attempt to calm her down, but her eyes keep looking at me...

At first she looked curiously at Arachne and Medea, but after observing a few rooms, she lost interest in them and looked at me again... It is extremely uncomfortable...

(2nd Princess Pov)

I do not get it…

It is true that spiders give a little grime, but after a while one gets used... And although the noise they make while eating is slightly disturbing, but... So what? It is not as if he has never heard that sound... and I think that the sound of when I break the bones of the beasts that I have fought against is much worse.

I think I should take little Alice to my next mission, maybe that's how she gets used to this kind of situation.

And the truth is that I do not see anything that seems evil in little Arthur... The truth is that it is quite cute, especially that tail swinging from side to side, but that bone spike seems a bit threatening...

but even so it is better not to let her get close to little Alice, since she seems to be having a hard time, so against less things that stress her better.

(End of 2nd Princess Pov)

Ufff, we're finally done...

While we leave the dungeon, I cannot avoid distancing myself slightly from the 2 princesses, since the atmosphere has been extremely uncomfortable inside the dungeon, luckily it seems that the 3rd princess needs some rest after this raid. So I will have a break from that awkward environment.

A curious detail... Do you know the reward that has left the chest of the 3rd princess?

Some... gold rank panties...


You would have to see their faces, seeing the female underwear as their reward... And as they looked at me when I took it, it seemed that they wanted to kill me with their eyes... or that I was stealing their real underwear.

If it were for me I would have given them, but according to the contract all the rewards belong to me, and I go through suffering the punishment of the old code for some panties. Also, if you want them you can always buy them for me... but I doubt they will come down to buy me some panties.

While I think about all this, we reach the meeting room... it seems that this room has become our base of operations. Lucky that there always cupcakes...

While I eat my cupcakes, the two princesses and the caretaker chat about what it is like to go to the dungeon as a group and all that.

After a while, the 2nd princess approaches me.

"Arthur, can we have a spar? I want to see someone's level from a higher empire. "She said with a clear battle intention…

"Eh… I wouldn't mind, but… I don't know if you've noticed, but… Do you take me out for about 10 years? If you win, you will not gain any glory. And if you lose, you will have been defeated by a child 10 years younger than you. "I told him directly.

She was stunned for a moment... Apparently she hadn't thought about the possible consequences that this 'spar' could have on her pride and reputation...

After a while of reflection, the 2nd princess seems determined and tells me.

"I don't care, I want to see what you are capable of without your beasts." Oh... With what is that, it seems she thinks that without my beasts, I am just another ordinary level 3 cultivator. So she wants to beat someone who is 'stronger' than her, although according to her I am only stronger than her thanks to my beasts… Basically it is a way to inflate her ego.

Well, I don't care… Besides, I haven't had a difficult fight in a while and I really don't mind losing a fight, if I'm able to learn something from it.

Seeing my assent to the spar, we all go to a training area in the mercenary guild, strangely there is no one here... It seems that they took my comment seriously and prefer to keep the result a secret, what surprises me is...

How long have we taken to get here? 3 minutes? 5 minutes? How have they evicted the training room so quickly? Because I doubt this is a coincidence.

Well... Let's put that aside, we both head towards a rack of weapons, and take our respective sets of weapons.

I choose a wooden spear and a shield, and I transform the spike of my tail into a blunt sword. The spectators seem a little surprised, by the change of my tail, but when seeing that the bone sword was quite blunt they calmed down.

She chose a pair of leather gauntlets, with a few wooden protections... So this girl likes to punch... Oh, she has also taken some shin guards, so her thing is punching and kicking.

Having chosen our weapons, we both go to our respective sides of a battle circle, and put ourselves in battle position.

When we were both ready, the guild master positioned himself at the edge of the battle circle, and spoke.

"I will be the judge of this spar, so I will set the rules for this battle.

1º Being a friendly fight, lethal attacks that can cripple the opponent are not allowed.

2nd The use of inherent skills and abilities that use qi are prohibited.

3rd As judge of this fight, I have the right to decide when this battle ends.

Those are the basic rules, which I am obliged to mention, but I guess you don't need me to get serious about all this. So don't get too serious about this battle, so you both have to be careful not to hurt yourself among yourselves. "The guild master said a seemingly official little speech… Although he has lost a little in the end.

"Well, having said all this... Begin." The guild master said, starting our battle...

Just start, she rushed towards me with the clear intention of giving me a strong punch, apparently she is confident that her strength is greater than mine. The truth does not surprise me, since she is older than me and with her cultivation level greater than mine on one level, it is normal for me to think that.

But... I think it will take a disappointment...

I positioned my shield to receive his punch...


Ummm... I don't like the sound of wood when they collide with each other.

Returning to battle, I can see the surprised face of the 2nd princess, apparently it was not expected that she could resist her blow easily. Moreover, with a strong push, I sent her flying... But before she moved away a lot, I hit her with the back of my bone sword on her side, so that her trajectory was affected... preventing her from landing on her feet , making him roll a little on the ground.

"Arthur wins." The guild master said, although a little surprised at how quickly all this was over.

"Shit, he caught me by surprise." The princess complained, although surprisingly she has recognized her loss.

"That's what happens, when you underestimate your enemy, if you promise to take it seriously... We can fight again, since I've been wanting others." I said hoping she would accept.

The truth is that my body saiyan, not only gives me a strong body. If not, it also gives me battle desires, although they are normally suppressed by my already formed personality from my previous life, and what I suspect is the influence of my demonic lineage.

But when I start fighting, I am no longer able to suppress that impulse that runs through my whole body, so right now my whole body asks for a good fight.

After listening to me, the 2nd princess clenches her teeth, and puts herself in battle position again.

This time it seems that it will be a good battle.

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