Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1 Chapter 59 Can You Hit Me Again?

The 2nd princess stares at me...

And so we have been 5 minutes...

It seems that this time she doesn't trust to attack first... Well I'll attack then.

With a quick movement, I approach her, and proceed to make a sweeping attack from her side with my spear.

To which she tries to block it, because due to the greater reach of my spear, it is difficult to evade it. Because my physical attributes are greater than hers, and she has realized, so I suppose she will make a block and try to use the force of my attack to catch distance...

But... it will be no.

While she concentrated on blocking my spear with her 2 gauntlets... I made another side-sweep attack with my tail, but from the opposite side, with the intention of locking her in a pincer attack.

But to my surprise, she jumped... Rather, she lifted her feet slightly from the ground and let the blow of my spear hit her gauntlets. And I use that force to turn on itself, thus also avoiding the attack of my tail too...

Incredible, she has taken advantage of the fact that both attacks had a height difference, to avoid the hidden attack while blocking the attack in the open... It is incredible.

And if you wonder about the difference in height of both attacks, it's quite simple. My spear attack was around my chest more or less, because like every humanoid being, my arms arise from my shoulders... Obviously. And the attack on my tail was around my waist, because my tail emerges from the bottom of my spine.

Although it is true, I could modify the trajectory of my tail attack, but in the heat of the moment I did not think so.

Also, due to my small size and the position of my body during the attack, the height difference between both attacks is not too large. If she weren't so thin and her chest almost nonexistent, she would have failed that maneuver.

Another thing is that I jump before the attack, since I intended to hit her in the chest area, so she could defend herself more easily. I thought that if I was able to defend myself easily, and I saw an opportunity to fight back while I am in the air, I thought I would fall into the trap. But it seems that she was not fooled.

Returning to the subject, it seems that I will not be able to deceive her in this type of tricks, so it is better to fight directly.

After landing on the ground, I immediately rolled down the floor to my right, avoiding an attack by the 2nd princess. But as a skilled user of the tail style... If I just invented the name and may not use it again …

As I was saying, while dodging the attack of the 2nd princess, I also counterattacked with my tail. Making the 2nd princess have to block it, and thus interrupting a possible combo of attacks.

Upon regaining a stable fighting position, I proceed to make a few stabs with my spear, which the 2nd princess avoids with a few steps back.

She then tries to go to my right side, I guess to try to attack where my shield can not reach, but obviously I will not let her do what she wants, since with a simple twist I will face her again.



I look to my left, to see that my shield is blocking a kick from the princess...

How has she done it?

For a few seconds, we both froze in that position...

I, due to the fact that I didn't see the attack coming... Only my instincts, my reflexes and muscular memory, did the miracle of blocking the attack... but that doesn't always work. If the attack had not been done from my left side, I would not have avoided it... since as I said before, the muscle memory of my left arm is used to block incoming blows...

Although even so, there is only a small chance of it happening, and the possibility is much less when I don't even notice the attack.

And the 2nd princess was amazed that I blocked her attack, since I use a movement technique that allows deceptive attacks. And although I don't use qi, when executing the technique... it should have been enough to cheat and hit...

After a few seconds that they were both slightly stunned, they both separated taking distance and looking at each other...

"How did you block that attack? According to my calculations, you shouldn't have been able to do it at that time. "Asked the 2nd princess, unable to control her curiosity.

"Would you believe me if I told you it was purely luck? I tell you now, if you hit again like that... you will surely win me. "Arthur said very seriously.

They both kept looking at each other for a few moments, until Arthur talked to the guild master.

"Master of the guild, I would like to ask that if the 2nd princess hit me with one of those rare movements, do not end the duel. It is not that I am a bad loser, but I think it is a good opportunity to learn, and if necessary I will admit my defeat later in compensation. "Arthur said without even looking at the guild master, his total attention was on the 2nd princess.

The 2nd princess felt a subtle pressure from Arthur, which made her feel uncomfortable and tense, and that feeling intensified when she heard Arthur's words.

The guild master did not accept or deny Arthur's request, he just remained silent watching the fight.

Without warning, Arthur launched a barrage of attack at a much higher speed than before, which made the 2nd princess have difficulty defending against these attacks.

The 2nd princess clenched her teeth in frustration, realizing that Arthur was holding back earlier. In the end with no other option, she used the same movement technique as before.


Suddenly, Arthur was hit on the back of his neck, sending him flying forward. Luckily, Arthur managed to balance himself in the air and land on his feet.

Arthur, after getting a stable foot, turned around immediately and continued attacking.

Everyone was a little amazed, since such a blow to the neck is enough to knock anyone out, but here is Arthur who seems not even to make sense.

Arthur continued to attack fiercely, leaving the 2nd princess no choice but to defend himself.

The 2nd princess was very irritated... she had already realized Arthur's intentions. He wanted to force her to use her movement technique, and although she didn't know why Arthur was so obsessed with her executing that movement technique, she felt she shouldn't do it...

But... What other option did she have left? Since in physical capacities, Arthur surpasses her by much for her shame... And apart from that technique of movement, she does not possess any technique that she can execute without qi, which serves for something in this situation.

With no other option she used that movement technique again, and as expected, Arthur was hit in the ribs...

But this time Arthur was ready, and he wasn't sent flying, but he resisted the powerful blow and even tried to grab the 2nd princess's leg. But just like she appeared, she disappeared.

And so they continued for a few more rounds, until...

Suddenly, Arthur stepped back, avoiding an ax kick that decency towards his head.

The 2nd princess was stunned, as it was the first time Arthur dodged an attack she made using her movement technique.

Arthur suddenly smiled, as he began to see the trick of that movement technique, although he still did not understand how the technique worked... but he was already able to predict slightly where the attack would come from. Although right now he would only be able to dodge 20% of the blows, but he felt that percentage improved at times...

And so Arthur and the 2nd princess continued their battle.

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