Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1 Chapter 6 Prologue 66

"Hum ... hard to say, since the qi that you will cultivate, is very different from the ki of the dragon ball universe. To put it simple, and imagine that your or your body is a house. Ki is like having a furious and violent tornado, going all over the house.

You just have to open a window or a door and the ki will rush out, so although it is easy to handle, it is difficult to control precisely. The qi on the other hand, is like a liquid, hum ... like honey. Yes, imagine that the qi is honey, viscous and sticky and that it will not move on its own, it is almost the opposite of the ki.

I mean it's easier to control it, but it costs more to do it, since you have to do it all on your own. That is, you have to move the honey, wherever it is, open the window and take it out of the house.

So it can be difficult to transform, in super saiyan with qi, since it does not have the same nature as ki. Also you would need, much more qi, than the equivalent ki that you would need for the transformation ... "

Ufff ... although I do not know how I understand when referring to ki or qi, I'm glad, if I would not be a mess. I almost preferred it before, when I only spoke the right and necessary ... if it were not for what I really want to know about everything that is speaking to me.

"... On the other hand, due to the greater density of the qi, the transformation will consume less energy, in relation to the ki.

The only transformation that you will not have problems, will be the ozaru transformation, since it has nothing to do with energy sources ... Although it may be that at the beginning, the 10x multiplier may not be very exact ... or non-existent. Because the physical strength of a giant ozaru, may be greater than the qi miser, which you have cultivated at that time multiplied 10. Better for you I suppose. "

"Another question, could I enjoy the impressive discount, that I enjoy the saiyan lineage, with other things, if I limit them to my destination universe?" I asked, since if it is true, I would be able to make better purchases than I have done and I just have to adapt every time I change the world.

"No," he said, as if he was going to understand everything with just that word.


"You have received, special permission, for this special case," he said after sitting around looking at me for a few minutes.


"Confidential, although I suppose, it will have something to do with your strong desire to go to that universe. And for the fact, that you did not ask for anything in specific, so you did not possess greed for any of the article that I offered you. "

Although, I do not understand it very well. I guess it's one of those cases at once, that you can not search, if you do not find it without wanting to.

Have with the special package, which I just offered, I spent ... 10009 pts and I have 18 ... and what do I spend this?

"Excuse me, can you use the remaining 18 sts so that somehow my tail will not attract attention?" I asked directly, since it is capable of customizing wishes more efficiently, than the wish panel.

"Humm ... if it's easy, I'll put a filter in the search of the universe, in which having a tail does not stand out," he said after thinking for a moment.

Hmmm ... well, if I'm not wrong, I'm done ... just in case, I'm going to ask him.

"I know it may sound shameless, but ... Have I forgotten something?" Although my face would be red if I still had one, but I ask, since he seems to know more about me than myself ... it will be something of the office workers of the beyond .

"Actually yes, you have forgotten something."


"You have forgotten, because you want to be an orphan, you do not want to experience your childhood. To have no memory of your parents, or any kind of emotional tie or burden that you have to take care of. You are truly quite selfish. "

"…" shit! I've really forgotten about that, I really do not want any burden placed on the beginning of my path. I always hate stories, where you have a sister / mother or family / friends in general, which you have to take care of and pay attention to at the beginning. They always end up bringing unnecessary problems and also when it seems that you have already managed to keep them safe, something always happens, so they disappear or are taken away and it is up to the one who has to go to look for them from the superpowers of the world. In general many problems ... Not counting the possibly 10 years, that I will have to live as a baby, creating bonds with my supposed parents, to then lose them. Or live those 10 years in a bad-ass orphanage ... Shit!

After seeing me writhing for a while, he said "Do not worry, I've customized your section to keep your memory past, so you can recover it a week before you have to hire your grimoire and you will not have family or friends remaining."

"Hufff ... thank you very much."

"Do not worry, the truth is that you have entertained me a lot, with your questions and requests based on your insecurities. The truth is that most people, after the initial presentation are so excited with the menu. That right after doing their shopping, they select to finish. You can not imagine the amount of points wasted and people buying something that they do not really want or need, by mistake. "

I started to writhe when he talked about my personality again. But after listening to his last words, I'm glad to have this garbage personality that I have.

"Well, thank you very much again and help me resolve my selfish concerns and desires," I said after calming down.

"A pleasure, you should finish your shopping and leave now. You have exceeded by more than 5 times the average time, which usually takes the process ... In fact, you have only raised the average, although only by 0.00001%. but even so, considering that it is an average with more than half of the conscious souls of a universe. It's a great achievement. "He said in a way, which I do not know if he makes fun of me or is praising me.

"Eehh ... thanks, I guess ... Goodbye" I said, then I tilt my non-existent head and I hit the 'finish buy' button.

As soon as I touched the button, I lost consciousness.

"I hope to find another entertaining soul, in the next million souls," the dead-eyed clerk whispered. Waiting to continue his tortur... work.

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