Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1 Chapter 63 Will All This Be Useful?

We'll see…

I write this and that... I put this here... And I end by putting a beautiful decorative frame around the edge of the contract, both in front and behind...

Oh, the skill has allowed my little trick... But, of course, with some restrictions... Interesting.

While I was making the contract... And manipulating it lightly in my favor... Elvara looked at me expectantly, because if everything goes well... It would mean a new future for her daughter and herself...

After I finished writing the contract, a notification appeared indicating the total cost of everything I was going to give Elvara with this contract.

[Total cost: Points: 1159937 pts, Achievements: D +++.]

Ufff... There goes another million... Luckily I have a few more... so I can afford another contract similar to this one for Elanna.

When I accepted the price of the contract cost, a page flew out of my grimoire and floated in front of Elvara.

Elvara was surprised for a moment, but immediately began to read the contract very excited...

In the contract I basically put this:

[While Elvara is loyal to Arthur, and his loyalty is above 40 in the loyalty meter.

She will receive the following:

1st A grimoire.

2nd 2 inherent skills related to cooking.

3rd Ensure that you have at least an intermediate level affinity, with the energy of nature.

4th Ensure that your guardian beast is related to the energy of nature.

5th Ensure somehow be able to reach the innate level in less than 10 years.

6th A cultivation manual suitable for her (Mortal Rank)…

7th Secret...

8th Secret...]

The last two points …

I will mention them later... after Elvara signs the contract...

While I nervously see Elvara read the contract, I can't stop sweating a little...

Will she realize my little trick?

Elvara when he finished reading the contract, seemed very happy... So much that he injected his energy into the contract... Activating it and with all the benefits that the contract would provide.

Instantly, my grimoire began to glow more intensely than ever, and several rays of light shot out of my grimoire and shot straight at Elvara.

When the rays of light came into contact with Elvara, they sank into her body. And the next moment, Elvara's body began to glow slightly and moments later, a bronze grimoire appeared floating in front of her.

Elvara, seeing the grimoire floating in front of her, and feeling her connection to the grimoire... She was ecstatic with happiness, so much that she began to jump from the excitement...

I was momentarily hypnotized, seeing those massive b.r.e.a.s.ts bounce from top to bottom...

Luckily, I managed to recover before Elvara calmed down and stopped 'bouncing' from happiness.

When she calmed down a little, she picked up her grimoire and hugged it close to her chest, as she walked towards me with the biggest smile I've seen on her face.

"Master, thank you very much for your blessing. If you don't mind, I'd be grateful if you could look at the contents of my grimoire with me, so you can explain anything you don't understand. Since these kinds of things were not explained to us. "She told me with a smile.

Smiling to my too confident slave, I beckon her to sit beside me, and so we both began to check her grimoire.

We look at the first page, in which it puts the data of Elvara, so far everything normal... the affinity to the nature of Elvara is high level... So it has not been affected by the contract, that means that it is a talent natural, in regard to the energy of nature.

That's good... but I could have saved the points...

We turn the page and here we see the first inherent skills.


Skill name: Sense of nature.

Level 1.


The user of this skill is able to feel the near nature, being able to receive signals and indications of nature. With this method of primitive communication with nature, the user of this skill is able to obtain information from nature itself.

Increases sensitivity to signals and indications, which the user of this skill is able to feel by level.


Oh... I have not bought this one... But still, it is a very good skill... It has many uses, such as... It could be used by a good gardener, or grower of medicinal plants, to make sure that the plants grow in the best conditions...

This skill would also be useful to an explorer, since the same environment would sneak up on what is going on around you, such as: 'A rabbit has passed through here.' Or 'Nearby there is a pack of wolves.'… Imagine all possible warnings one could receive from the environment...

A detective could use this skill too... Although I don't know if this skill would work in places... Artificial...? What I mean is that I don't know if I will work in cities or houses... But if it worked... Well, better.

In communicating to her my thoughts on this skill, Elvara seemed very happy... But she became even happier, when she learned that the skill that I 'appreciate' so much, is originally her own. Since it is not one of the skills, which I have given her.

After she finished experiencing her moment of happiness, we continue with the following skills.


Skill Name: Cooking Talent

Level 1.


The user of this skill is able to learn different methods of preparing food of all kinds, also increases the ability to receive inspirations during the process of preparing food.

Increases the ability to learn about methods of preparing food by level.

Increase the ability to receive inspirations during the process of preparing food by level.



Skill name: Recipe book.

Level: 1 (Max).


The user of this skill is able to automatically record the methods of making any food, which the user of this skill has tasted or eaten. It is also possible for the user of this skill to register the recipes, which the user of this skill has learned in the conventional manner. And once a recipe is registered in the recipe book, the user of this skill will never forget how the recipe is made.


These are the inherent skills that I bought you... Although I chose the random option, but I like the skills that Elvara has achieved.

Basically, one allows her to learn to prepare different types of food faster and better. And the other allows her to "acquire" different recipes, whether or not the original owner of the recipe wants it.

By telling Elvara that they are good skills, and that I will be depending on her in the future, Elvara seems very happy and determined.

We turn the page, and see another inherent skill and the expected guardian beast.


Skill name: Mark of the master and servant.

Level 1.


The user of this skill is able to choose another person as their 'master', if that person accepts their status as 'master', both people will receive different marks somewhere in their body.

Said marks may become invisible if the bearers of said marks so desire. But if the wearer of the marks master wishes, the mark of the servant will be visible.

These marks have the effect of helping each other. By having the holder of a smaller cultivation increase his cultivation speed, until the holder of a smaller cultivation reaches the cultivation level of the holder of the marks that has the greatest cultivation.

The marks can also provide a boost in the speed of cultivation, depending on the loyalty that the bearer of the servant's mark possesses towards the bearer of the master's mark.

If the holder of the servant's mark ceases to be loyal to the master's mark holder, both marks would disappear. And the holder of the servant's mark will lose everything that the servant's mark holder has achieved thanks to the benefit of the marks.

It improves all the effects of the brands per level.


Wow... amazing skill...

I think this skill has been slightly influenced by the 7th and 8th point in the contract... Although I did not expect this result... But it is more than ideal.

By explaining in more detail what this skill does, and its pros and cons, Elvara's face lit up... Is this woman listening to me? I just told her, that this skill would link her to someone and that if by chance she stopped being loyal to that person, she would lose almost everything... She doesn't seem to care...

"Master, when I make the contract for my daughter, could I include this skill for her too?" She told me with great enthusiasm...

She not only wants to be a loyal slave... But she wants her daughter to be too...

How the f.u.c.k have they educated her to end this kind of mentality?

It is not that I complain about this behavior... But it worries me, that they have left some kind of indoctrination, that leads her in the future to turn against me...

I don't know... I guess I'll have to find some way to find out in the future.

"Sure." I replied with a smile.

"So, Master... Do you want to be my Master?" She said with a smile.

"I would love to be your master." I replied to her.

Instantly, on the back of my hand, a mark appeared... It looks like... Oh, I know... It looks like the command spells, from the Fate universe.

I look at Elvara's hands, but I don't see any mark on them... But instantly I see the clothes glow slightly around her belly...


This woman is too suggestive... Every time something happens around her, I can't stop thinking about something dirty...

Wait... I think the problem is with me... Too hentai in my previous life...

After calming down, I stop to perceive the possible changes in my body...

Oh... look where... Although I do not know if it is normal... My mark is refining the environmental qi in demonic qi... Although it is only level 1, I guess it will be because the cultivation of Elvara is level 1.

Hum... if I'm not mistaken... The level of the refined qi, depends on the level of cultivation of Elvara and the speed of refinement, will depend on your loyalty...

This will increase my cultivation speed quite a lot, and especially when Elvara's cultivation level approaches mine, since I will have a supply of demonic qi, which I will not have to actively refine.

And if we add to this Elanna...

After fantasizing about my possible future cultivation speed... Elvara can't help but get my attention, because several minutes had passed...

With my face slightly reddened by shame, we turn to look at the guardian beast of Elvara...

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