Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1 Chapter 65 Shopping Day?

In the end I didn't buy as much as I expected...

Since many things I wanted to buy, they were already included in the portable palace that I had just bought, so it was redundant to buy them again.

In the end I only bought some agricultural tools, such as. A kind of automatic tractor to plow the land, and of course, portable... Also buy a kind of irrigation system, and many other things.

After finishing paying for everything I had bought, I asked the dwarf clerk, where he could buy seeds and cuttings from different plants and trees. And if it were possible that they also sold seeds of medicinal plants and all that.

The dwarf clerk gave me the address of a florist and a herbal medicine shop.

With all that said, I turn to the addresses that the dwarf has given me... Well, to be honest, Medea guided me...

A few minutes later, I arrived at the florist and upon entering a young girl receives me.

"Good morning sir, how can I help you?" She said with a smile, which unlike normal in any store... seems a sincere smile...

The girl has pointed ears like Elvara and Elanna, but they are not so long... I guess it will not be an elf, or it will be perhaps half elf... Well, that doesn't matter.

"Good morning, the truth is that I recently acquired a plot of land, but it doesn't have much plant life. So I came in search of seeds and cuttings to try to solve that. "I said returning the smile to her.

"Oh, that's very good... And have you thought about what you would like to plant?" She asks me, as she lifts her finger to her chin and puts on a thoughtful face.

"Well, I really haven't thought about it… You can give me an assortment of seeds of various plants. As for the cuttings for the trees, I would prefer them to be fruit-bearing, and I would also like to get variety. "I told her after thinking about it for a few moments.

Hearing my words, the dependent 'half-elf' nodded and went to the warehouse. And a few minutes later, she returned carrying a box larger than herself for more than 3 times... Although it is a striking sight, the truth is, it is quite normal. I myself can lift much more weight than that, and I am even smaller in stature than she.

"Here there are a lot of flower seeds, all are separated in their respective bags, with their name and image printed on them. As for the cuttings, I also have them... But, since living entities are already sewn, they cannot be stored in normal storage rings... Will you be able to take it with you? Or will we have to take it to their plot of land? "

"It won't be necessary, I'm able to take the cuttings right now." I told her, to which she nodded and signaled me to follow her to her store.

After that, she has shown me the different cuttings I had and I proceeded to send them directly to my grimoire world. When finished, we returned to the store and I keep the seeds in my grimoire world too.

While I am paying the bill, she gives me a book.

"This is a gift, for your generous purchase. It is a small book that records the best method of raising different types of plants and trees. "She told me with a smile as she handed me the book.

"Oh, it is very grateful, since I have no idea... Apart from watering and fertilizing the soil, little more I know..." I said with an embarrassed smile... Clearly false, since I am not the one who will take care of the plants, but it is not bad to thank the good gestures of the people.

The half-elf saleswoman, happy to hear my thanks, smiled and chatted with me a little more before I left.

Now they touch the medicinal plants.


I enter the medicinal herb store... And nobody attends to me.

"Hi, is anyone here?"

"Yes, I'm coming." The voice of an old man answered me.

After a while, an old man came out of the back room, and looked at me as if I had kicked his dog...

"Hello sir, I would like to buy seeds from various medicinal plants, and if you have, I would also like some cuttings of medicinal trees too." I told him directly what I wanted, since he didn't seem to want much conversation.

"And what the hell do you want seeds for? Are you going to make me the competition? "Said the old man in a very bad mood.

"No sir, they are for personal use, besides I am not even staying in his kingdom for a long time anymore." I told the old man, trying to calm him...

"Hum... Wait... A red-haired boy with a tail... Are you the brat who keeps challenging the dungeon?"

The old man suddenly asked me, which caught me by surprise, since I did not expect anyone to recognize me here...

"You don't have to be so surprised, since mercenaries come to my store to buy medicine and while I take care of them, they usually gossip like old ladies about anything that catches their attention." The old man told me when he saw my surprise.

"Hum, if it's you, I really think you'll leave here soon. Since this shit of the kingdom is not enough for someone like you. "Having said that, the old man turned around and headed for the warehouse, as I signaled for him to follow.

When they both entered the warehouse, he began to show me several small boxes, in which he had different types of seeds stored. I explain a little above, what were its properties, and then told me the price of each box.

I clearly bought them all, like the disgusting rich man I am... Although I have to say, they are all quite common, with some rare here and there. But the really rare ones are not usually found by kingdoms with such a low level of environmental qi. And if they bring any medicinal herb from outside, it is auctioned right away... And not to say, they don't sell the seeds...

After finishing the seeds, we move on to the cuttings... Of which there are only a few different ones.

Apparently, trees that produce medicinal materials are quite rare. In addition to its wood, it is also much sought after to make artifacts and weapons... Or luxury furniture for the nobles.

So apart from medicinal gardens, which cultivate medicinal trees in particular, do not usually last long in nature. Since either they are cut down by people, or eaten entirely by beasts...

As before, I buy all the cuttings he has for sale.

And while we go to the counter for the old man to do the accounts, he tells me.

"Boy... You've got a grimoire world, right?

Ha ha ha... Cough, cough, don't look at me like that. The truth is that many years ago, someone made almost the same purchase as you, and told me they got a grimoire world. For what I suspected was the same case...

Now, let me tell you this... Although a grimoire world, it has a decent amount of qi... But if you suddenly plant so many medicinal herbs, you will not be able to support them all.

Since unlike normal plants, medicinal herbs consume qi to grow, since although we call them 'medicinal herbs' it would be more correct to call them 'spiritual herbs'.

Why they are called spiritual herbs, I suppose it is because they grow in some way to grow, and I suppose that over time they will develop some kind of spiritual entity in the plant… "

The old man said his speech, without coughing once, after the initial cough... But what he says makes some sense... Although I'm not sure of his rambling about the name...

In other cultivation novels, they are called spiritual plants, because they are able to absorb 'spiritual energy' to grow... But here I have never heard that name, since I only heard that they refer to it as 'qi' or simply 'Energy'…

I don't know, maybe before it was called spiritual energy, and it changed over time...

"What I wanted to tell you, is that you start by planting few medicinal herbs… Moreover, I would advise you to start with the cuttings, since as their maturation is slower, they consume less energy from their surroundings.

So it will help you measure how much energy they consume and will help you plan how much to plant. I also advise you to plant many other common plants, as they will serve to increase the energy of the nature of the area, which will help you to make medicinal herbs grow faster. "The old man said, continuing his explanation.

"Do you have a book or booklet that explains how to take care of the different medicinal herbs?" I asked the old man, but he shook his head.

"These books are kept by families who are dedicated to cultivating medicinal herbs in a professional manner, and it is very rare that they are filtered because they consider it a very important secret. Although if you're lucky, you may find something related in the library, but it will be the basics of the basics. "Said the old man.

After paying the bill, I leave the herbal medicine store, with a new goal in mind...


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