Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1 Chapter 66 Is She An Easy Or Incredulous Girl?


The truth is that the trip to the library was quite boring.

I went and looked for the books that interested me and then I bought them... And there I finish everything... Nothing interesting...

Oh by the way. Apart from buying the book on the care of medicinal herbs, I also bought several recipe books by Elvara...

Now that I remember... Would Elanna have woken up?

I will go see as soon as I get to my room in the inn.


After arriving at my inn room, I enter my grimoire world directly, to see Elvara and Elanna along with Medea and Luna...

Look how good, it seems they get along... Although I feel bad for Arachne... Oh wait. I see Arachne in the group, I had not seen her, since she was on top of Medea (giant version).

I'm glad to see that they get along, and from what I see... The case of when Elanna fainting to see so many spiders, was the impression of seeing so many spiders suddenly. But apparently, after waking up and calming down, she got used to the situation and spiders...

In general, she calmed down and now she doesn't care, so many spiders... That's how a girl (from this world) should be, and not like that scary princess.

"Hi girls, how are you doing? It seems that you have become friends, I am very happy. "I told the 2 elves as I approached them.

"Welcome back, Master." Elvara said very happy to see me.

"Welcome back, Master..." Elanna said, though not as fervently as her mother, but with some shyness and... Enthusiasm?

Asked why Elanna's enthusiasm is due, I see the fairy of the forest, Elvara fluttering from here to there. And suddenly I realize the situation.

Elanna is excited, because Elvara will have told her that I'm going to give her a grimoire too.

When I realize what is going on in Elanna's head, I smile and approach them.

"Elanna, I suppose Elvara already told you, but... Do you want a grimoire?" I asked with a smile …

I feel weird... I am literally trying to coax a girl of no more than 8 years, to sign a contract that although it offers a "fair deal", it is clearly in my favor...

While I think about the immoral actions I was about to do, Elanna on the other hand, seemed very excited by my question... Poor little girl... I'm sure I would jump to any van full of candies in my world... Well, maybe not, but...

It doesn't matter, better for me, I guess.

"Elanna, I wonder if you would like me to add any additional benefits, in addition to your grimoire. I gave Elvara 2 inherent skills related to cooking, and I wonder... What would you want? "I said to her, since to add my 2 points of' training ', I need to give something to 'change'.

Elanna stopped to think for a moment... Actually, she shot thinking for several minutes... 17 minutes to be exact.

"I know what I want, Master." Elanna said with a smile.

"Oh... And what could it be?" I said with my own smile.

"I want a dog."



"Nothing else?" I asked, since I don't know if that can be considered a 'request', 'expensive' enough to allow me to exchange it for 1 of my 2 additional points...

"Elanna, I know you've always wanted a pet since childhood, but this is important honey. So you must choose something that benefits you from now on, so that in the future, you will be able to be useful for the Master. "Elvara told Elanna, as she seemed worried that her daughter wasted her 'desires' on something stupid... am I now a genius who grants wishes?

"But mama... I don't know what could be of help to the Master..." Elanna said with a trail of tears in her eyes... Shit, what I needed... that Elanna began to cry.

"Calm down honey, I'm sure something happens to the Master," Elvara said as she hugged Elanna and comforted her.

Hum... So... now it's my thing... And what could I give it to her...?

Alchemy? No, I had planned to learn that myself in the future, and it would be redundant for both of us to learn alchemy...

I also plan to learn other professions, so I should not choose any of that...

Although Envara and her guardian beast already possess some skills, to take care of the plants and all that, but it could make Elanna also specialize in that. Anyway, I bought them at 2 for this, right?

After finishing my deliberation about what to give Elanna, I proceeded to inform the 2 elves of my decision, which they happily accepted.

And so I proceeded to make the contract, and basically it is the same as I did for Elvara, but with some differences.

I added in a fixed way the skill of the servitude marks or whatever it was called, 2 skills related to the raising of 'spiritual plants', since that is their technical name in the grimoire shop. And the rest leave it the same as Elvara's...

Oh, I almost forgot... In the end I added that his guardian beast was some kind of canid, you know... It costs me nothing to make Elanna happy.

Actually if... it costs me experience points, but it's a misery, so... Why not?

And after finishing the contract, little Elanna didn't even read the contract and immediately injected her qi into the contract, activating it along with her light show.

After everything was over, the 3 of us gathered to see the contents of the grimoire of little Elanna.

Oh, surprisingly he has the same skill as his mother, [Sense of nature]. I guess it will be a kind of racial skill, of the wood elves...

Then we saw the 2 skills that I bought him.


Skill name: Affinity with spiritual plants.

Level 1.


The user of this skill is able to not only slightly feel the state of spiritual plants, but also to be able to use his enegia to revitalize and nourish spiritual plants.

Note: Use with caution, as it can cause spiritual plants to develop, dependence on the energy of the user of this skill, preventing the spiritual plant from absorbing environmental energy on its own.

Increase affinity towards spiritual plants by level.



Skill Name: Natural Aura

Level 1.


The user of this skill emits an aura that inspires confidence and affection of spiritual plants, since as mentioned in their name, spiritual plants have spirit. Although depending on the level of the spiritual plant, their consciousness may be greater or lesser, they still have some sensitivity. So it is better to inspire confidence than not.

Increase the confidence and affection you receive from spiritual plants by level.


Hum... They look like good skills... Although I personally don't know much about spiritual plants, but I suppose they are good skills for raising spiritual plants.

Let's continue with the guardian beast.


Name of the Beast: ???.

Gender: Male.

Level: Bronze 1 stars.

Breed: Wooden puppy (infant).

Type: Combat (Guardian Beast).


A normal wolf cub... Only that it is made entirely of wood, it is basically a puppy-shaped tree, and with everything that implies.


Protection of nature lv 1.

The user of this skill is loved and loved by nature itself, so that nature instinctively always tries to protect it in any way possible.

Vegetation control lv 1.

The user of this skill is able to control plants and all life based on vegetation.

Note: At the current level of this skill, the user of this skill is not able to accelerate the growth of plants, in addition to being unable to control spiritual plants, at the aquatic level of this skill.

Increase control by level.


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