Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1 Chapter 67 Have I Been Here For Too Long?

What a weird puppy...

The guardian beast of Elanna reminds me of Groot, of the Guardians of the galaxy... But in dog.

Well, at least Elanna seems to like it, so everything is fine.

And so among the 3, we organized my grimoire world a bit and decided where to put the 'portable palace' that once placed in its place, is much larger than it seemed in the image they showed me.

At least this palace is fully furnished, and I do not think it is difficult to clean... Since that will take care of the endless spiders of Arachne... You would be surprised at what those little Spiders are capable of, with them here, I do not need to worry about cleaning .

Elvara along with Elanna, searched all over my grimoire world (which is not too big), and after half an hour they found what they say, "is the ideal place to plant spiritual plants."

Hearing that, I gave Elvara the books I got about raising plants and spiritual plants, and I also told her the advice that the old man in the herbal medicine shop gave me.

Hearing my words and flipping through the book of spiritual plants, Elvara first decided to revitalize the surrounding lands and plant many normal plants, in order to generate natural energy. Since right now, in my grimoire world there is only energy or qi neutral, so although it is possible to plant spiritual plants in an environment with neutral energy, but the results and efficiency are reduced.

In addition, there are several years left until I learn alchemy, so I'm not in a hurry.

With all that said, both Elvara and Elanna began the ritual to nourish the ground, and with the help of their guardian beasts they began the ritual.

Instantly, both mother and daughter hugged and began to emit a green light, which seemed to descend to the ground and seep into it.

As time went by, one could notice that the terrain changed slightly, it no longer seemed so rough and dry. If not it seems a little damp...


Now that I think about it, I don't have any source of water, in my grimoire world.

Determined to fix this little problem, I go directly to the grimoire shop.

After a while of searching, in the end I find what I was looking for... well, it is actually better than what I was looking for.

[Level 1 spiritual spring stone.

This rare and mystical sapphire-like stone is able to absorb energy from its surroundings to produce spiritual water of the same level as the spiritual spring stone. With time and sufficient spiritual energy, the level of the spiritual spring stone will increase and produce higher level spiritual water.

Progress: 0%.]

[Price: Points: 722594, Achievements: C.]

Quite expensive, but luckily I can afford it.

In addition, I think it is an investment for the future, since spiritual water is quite expensive, at least I discovered that when I researched the different professions.

Since spiritual water is one of the basic elements for alchemy, and the higher the level of spiritual water, the more rare and expensive is spiritual water.

After accepting the purchase, a blue stone resembling a sapphire, which emits a slight shine. It appeared in my hand, and I immediately felt my wet hand, and a few drops of water began to drip from my hands.


I am literally throwing money on the floor...

While I think about what to do with this stone that produces water, I put it on my mouth and drink the dripping spiritual water, so as not to waste it... At least not much.

Oh, I know.

I immediately call Arachne and ask him to fit a rather large hole, which she immediately meets, by commanding her gigantic spiders.

After a while, I have a hole about 10 meters in diameter and deep in the ground, and I ask Medea to petrify the whole hole with its petrifying view.

Seeing that Medea has finished, I throw the spiritual spring stone at the bottom of the hole, which I hope will eventually become a lake in the future.

Seeing that as it is filled with spiritual water very little by little, the... the future lake. I turn around to see how the process of revitalizing the land is going, and it's going pretty well.

Around 5 meters around Elvara and her daughter, I see small sprouts of herbs begin to grow, and the land around 15 meters seems revitalized.

Seeing that they will take a while, I decide to go take a nap.


By the time I woke up, they had already finished... Well, they had finished revitalizing the floor, if not they had run out of energy and decided to stop for now, but still there is already a patch of green in my grimoire world.

After talking with Elvara about planting normal plants, I decided to leave my grimoire world since I had not been out for a long time.

And thankfully I did, since I almost breached the contract clause, in which I have to take the princess once a day to complete the dungeon at least...

When I arrived at the mercenary guild and finally met the princesses, their caretaker and the guild master... They all gave me weird looks...

The princesses and the caretaker, looked at me as if they were looking at something dirty... And the guild master, looked at me with some admiration...

I do not understand anything…

After an awkward silence, the guild master approached me and whispered in my ear.

"Arthur, although it is impressive that you can do 'that' at your age, but you should not succ.u.mb to the temptations of the flesh... Since it will be bad for your future growth, you will have time to waste on these issues..."


These people are asshole.

Apparently, they think I've been almost a day, f.u.c.k.i.n.g my slaves...

Understanding what they think of me, my mood fell and my gaze could not help but cool a little.

It seems that I've been in this shit kingdom for too long, I'll see when I can finish the contract...

Oh, look where you can, I can do it now.

Apparently I have already met the minimum requirements to terminate my work.

At the moment, both contracts leave the caretaker and me, both contracts shine a little and then disappear, concluding this transaction.

Without saying anything, I'm leaving the mercenary guild...


(Guild Master 'Berny' Pov)

He seems very angry...

No wonder, really...

Even I thought the boy had become a man, at least until he saw his reaction... Although now that I think about it, I don't know why... I guess he lets me influence the comments of the princesses and Kathe...

Since they have been literally all day, deprived of how dirty and lascivious Arthur is... Blah blah blah...

"Why do you leave? It hasn't taken me to complete the dungeon yet, "said the 3rd princess, with a confused face…

"I'm afraid that Arthur will no longer accompany you, on your trips to the dungeon." I told the 3rd princess, while giving Kathe a look of 'It's because of you.'

Although Kathe was a little angry, deep down she knew it was her fault and that of the princesses, that Arthur was angry with them... Since they did nothing to avoid looking at him with contempt, when they thought the boy had been almost a day 'playing' with his new slaves.

And the truth is that normally all that is in this room, we would have kept our thoughts to ourselves, but... Ufff...

After so many days, meeting with Arthur, a kind of... had already been formed... Let's call it trust, which made us all show our sincere impressions, on our faces.

Luckily for me, he didn't seem angry at me... Who knows? Maybe he goes through the guild again before leaving, and I can maintain a friendly relationship with this talented boy.

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