Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1 Chapter 68 It's A Good Deal?

Ufff... I missed this feeling of wind against my face...

Oh, in case you wonder what I mean, I'm currently riding on Medea.

Yes, I'm going back to the academy.

After being treated like a degenerate, I was willing to leave immediately, but in the end I calmed down and spent 2 more days in that kingdom. Although of course I did not help the princesses anymore, and although they tried to apologize and resume the deal, I was no longer in the mood.

After sending the messenger to shit... politely. I went shopping with Envara and Elanna, since they needed clothes and supplies. Besides making sure to take Elvara to the best restaurants and food stalls.

After filling out a little 'Elvara recipe book', spend the rest of the day buying food supplies. Since you can not cook without food.

In the end we bought so many foods, that I had to buy a kind of giant fridge, from the grimoire shop. Although it is not used cold to preserve food, and I really do not know how it works, what matters is that it works.

And after a couple of days of shopping and rest, I decided it was time to go.


And so in a few days I arrived at the Crimson Dragon Empire, and a day later I arrived at the capital and the academy.

Upon arriving at the academy, the first thing I did was go to the mission room, to report my mission. Although technically the person who watched me during the mission, I already report the result of my mission, but this is how things work.

While I wait for the receptionist to finish with my paperwork, a teacher I don't know personally, but I have seen there from time to time.

"Arthur, you've finally arrived, the truth is that the board of directors wants to meet with you regarding your evaluation mission." He said with a smile...

The board of directors?

They already gave me a disproportionately difficult mission for my cultivation, I hope they don't cause me problems now.

Without saying anything and just nodding, I'm still behind the teacher who led me to the meeting room of the board of directors.

When I arrived in front of the door of the meeting room, where the board of directors of this academy is located, the professor stood aside and gestured for me to enter... alone.

After a sigh, I open the door and enter the meeting room.


Awkward silence…

Upon entering the meeting room, I see that many elders and some of the teachers, I also see the principal and deputy director, presiding over the meeting table, but... Why do both the director and the deputy director preside over the meeting table... together ?

It seems that the rumors are true, it is the deputy director who actually runs the academy.

While I think about my things, the deputy director decides to end the silence and began to speak.

"Arthur, long time no see, as I was informed you completed your mission quite quickly." He said with a smile, which on his sinister face, seemed very threatening... Luckily it is not the first time we met, since the deputy director me I help with my Ozaru form, I have spoken with him and you could know that I know his character.

I nodded, not knowing whether to answer him or not, since we are in public and I don't know exactly the label for these cases.

Seeing my dilemma, the deputy director continued talking.

"Don't worry Arthur, you can speak clearly here, now let me ask you... Do you know why we called you here?" Said the deputy director.

"I don't know, but I guess it will have something to do with my evaluation mission." I said with some doubt.

"Well, the truth is that in a way you are right, the truth is… That we send you this mission of excessive difficulty, in order to exempt you from participating in the end of course classification tournament, which I suppose you will know is a requirement for go to 2nd year. "

I frown on his words...

"Why do you want to exclude me from the end of the year tournament?" I said with confusion, and although I didn't show it, I also showed some outrage.

Since the 1st prize, it is a child of platinum rank beast, and although for me getting a platinum beast is not impossible, but it would save me many points and achievements if I got it in the normal way.

Upon hearing my question, the deputy director sighed and explained.

"The truth is that we do it for your good... And although this does not sound as sincere as I want it to sound, it is the truth... The reason for all this is that one of my nephews... One of the imperial princes, has begun the course this year, like your Arthur …

This would not normally be a problem, but... It turns out that this arrogant little bastard of a nephew of mine, can not stand losing... And his character is quite bad, so if in the end of the year tournament, you beat him...

What is almost certain, the little bastard would hold a grudge and try to make your life impossible.

And unfortunately, I can't do anything to him, since his mother… My sister, protects him with his influence… And unfortunately I do not want nor can I have a fight with my sister, because of her little bastard. "

He said with clear disgust on his face.

Ufff... What the f.u.c.k...

But I suppose that this is better, that instead of intervening to help me, they would have ignored it and made me an enemy with this imperial prince.

The deputy director, who saw my face change with the acceptance of the facts, continued speaking.

"And since we want to avoid any kind of problems between you 2, it occurred to us that we could exempt you from the tournament, if we could make you complete a 'very difficult' mission for you.

From what I knew of your real abilities, I didn't see much danger in you trying that mission. And don't worry, we will give you the same reward, which you would receive if you won first in the tournament. "He said with a slight smile when he saw my reaction to his last words.

"Actually, the tournament reward, the platinum rank beast was one of the spoils we got in a recent raid. But unfortunately we can not give you that beast since it is the reward of the tournament, also that with your condition you could not establish a contract.

But do not worry, in a month we will make another raid, and as the location of the raid is not decided yet. And it would not be a problem to decide on a location that matches your interests... "

Ohhh... I like where the shots go.

"I know you can only establish a contract with demonic beasts, so if you have any other requests, tell us and we can discuss it. "Said the deputy director.

Hum... Now it's my turn to think... What do I need...

"Now that you mention it, I think I could use some kind of beast that is capable of handling at least one element. Since so far I do not possess any kind of elementary damage, so any element would be good for now. "I told him after analyzing my situation slightly.

Since at the moment, both Medea and Arachne do not possess any kind of elementary damage.

After saying my words, all the elders in the room began to discuss different beasts and places.

In the end, while everyone was thinking about the different possibilities, one of the elders said suddenly.

"Now that I remember, if I remember correctly in the plane of the underworld, there is a beast called Infernal General. And although it is not a demonic beast if not a 'hellish being', I think it can be considered a demon from hell, so even though it is being hellish, I think I should be able to hire it.

In addition, I have heard that the Infernal General, has proceeded to generate progeny recently, so it would not be uncommon to find Infernal Soldiers, or there could even be Infernal Embryos. And since the parent is an Infernal General of platinum rank, among all his progeny, there must be a few who were born naturally in the platinum rank.

And to add to the package, the entire evolutionary line of this infernal being possesses the elements of fire and earth, and over time they are capable of forming the lava element. "

After the elder's long speech, all the other participants of the meeting began to deliberate.

In the end the deputy director said.

"It seems like a good plan, but first we will have to verify if it can really be considered a 'demon' and if that is the case, everything will be decided. Arthur, if no problem occurs, we will provide you with an Infernal Soldier. But if there is any change, we will inform you. "The deputy director told me, so he let me go and continue with my things.

And with all this over, I went to my room...

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