Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 69

Volume 1 Chapter 69 Am I A Cultivation Junkie?


Sweet Home…

I am surprised that I feel so... at home, when I get to this small room... I guess it will be because it is where I have lived the longest, since I arrived in this universe...

Sometimes I still think that all this is a dream… But then, when I realize that it is real, a smile cannot stop appearing on my face.

While I think about how my life has changed, Bloody tries to communicate with me.

"Eh? What's up Bloody?" I ask, since I'm not yet able to get what he wants to tell me.

Instantly Bloody forms an arrow of blood, which comes from my palm and points to my closet...

I go and open my closet, and Bloody points the blood arrow to the pile of clothes in the background...

Oh, I think I know what he means.

I go straight to the pile of clothes and put my hand under the pile, and collect my blood phylacteria...

Now that I think about it, I should get rid of this blood phylacteria, since it is only 6 months ago and my cultivation has advanced quite a bit. So I think I'll get rid of this blood phylacteria...

And with my sole intention, the phylacteria of blood in my hand, melts into nothingness... Literally, there is no trace of the phylacteria.

You better create another one immediately...

After creating my new blood phylacteria, I realize that it is slightly different from the previous one... It seems that its color is more... Vibrant? I do not know how to describe it, it seems as if the blood that forms the phylacteria had a life of its own... And it is also slightly larger.

When I was going to leave the blood phylacteria where the previous one was, I suddenly thought of a better place... Yes, my grimoire world.

I enter my grimoire world, and I see that Elvara has already begun planting in what we call the 'fertile zone', which is where they carried out the ritual that nourished the land.

And apparently with the help of Arachne and her spiders, they have plowed the land and planted the seeds...

Don't I buy a kind of tractor for this?

At least I see that they have made preparations to use the irrigation system I bought...

"Hi Elvara, I'm glad to see that you handle everything very well, by the way... Where is Elanna?" I asked when I didn't see Elanna here, since I've always seen them together.

"Hi Master, thanks for your nice words. And Elanna is taking a nap, since she has been playing with her guardian beast all morning. "Elvara told me with a smile.

"Oh, very good, I'm glad you had a good time, because until we start growing spiritual plants. It is not necessary for her to take care of normal plants, so it is good for her to have fun and cultivate. "I told Elvara, so she wouldn't worry about Elanna, spending her time playing.

She smiled and nodded.

After talking to her for a little more, I turn to Arachne and give her some instructions.

"Arachne, take this phylacteria of blood and keep it somewhere safe in my grimoire world, and leave some spiders to watch over it. Oh and that the space where it is stored should be large enough for an a.d.u.l.t man to fit in… Better be a little bigger, just in case. "

Nodding, Arachne orders one of his medium-sized spiders to come and take my blood phylacteria...

And if you wonder why I want to keep it in a safe place, when it is already in my own grimoire world... It is because with time, I believe that I will bring more living beings here and although I do not mean to go to bring people here , but surely bring animals or cattle of some kind.

And accidents can always happen.

Having finished the whole thing and after eating a succulent meal prepared by Elvara, I proceeded to return to my room.

Hum... What do I do now...?

I think I will go to cultivate in the cultivation room, since with the nonsense, I have not been actively cultivating for almost a month...

With what I am hooked to cultivate... I guess I've been very busy.

Ufff... How well I have sat this cultivation session, it hurts that it is not as effective as before. According to my calculations it will take about 8 months to reach level 4, and after that, my cultivation speed will be reduced incredibly.

And it's all because I don't have a suitable cultivation place... And although I'm sure I would be able to find a solution in the grimoire shop, but it would attract a lot of attention...

Since as I suppose you will have noticed, the academy pays me a lot of attention... And although I am grateful that they help me avoid problems, like that of the imperial prince, but... In the end they end up restricting me...

Well, now that I have just finished a 15-hour cultivation session... Yes, 15 hours, I have already told you that I am hooked.

I think I'm going to investigate the academy dungeon.


After asking a little here and there.

Now I am in front of the door of the staff room, since I have learned that I need a special permit, which can only be provided by a teacher.

So I come to see Professor Leonardo, to see if he gives me permission to access the dungeon.

I knock on the door of the staff room, and enter after receiving permission from inside.

Upon entering I see several teachers looking at me and seeing that it was me, Professor Leonardo gestured for me to go to his table, where he was looking at some doc.u.ments.

"Arthur, I'm glad to see you again, I see that it took you a long time to arrive. I guess you had a good time traveling around. "Professor Leonardo told me with a smile.

"The truth is that yes, and one of the things that I liked a lot, has been a dungeon that was in one of the kingdoms I went to. And after investigating a little more about the dungeons, I have discovered that our academy has its own dungeon, but I have also found out that I need a teacher's permission. So… "I said everything I wanted to say, and hinted at the end for what had come.

"Annoying child… Couldn't you ask me for permission directly? You always like to walk in the branches... But yes, I will give you permission. Although permission is only given to those with a cultivation level of at least level 5, but because of your... achievements. I think there will be no complaints. "

After telling me he would give me permission, he asked me for my student card and he marked it with a stamp that I took out of one of the drawers. After a few moments, the stamp mark gradually fades on my student card.

At the end of the progress Professor Leonardo returned my student card.

"Well, that's it, boy. Now just make sure to be careful, since I don't know if you know, but our dungeon is the labyrinth type. So apart from in some special areas, the rest of the time, the roads are usually narrow. So you won't be able to trust your transformation all the time. "Professor Leonardo warned me with a serious face.

"Calm down, professor. The truth is that I am not going for the moment, right now I want to try some things and practice new ones. "I said ambiguously.

After chatting with Professor Leonardo for a little while, about how my trip was, I decided to go to sleep a little.

Since although when I cultivate, I am half in trance, I cannot be considered to rest much in that state.

So I went to my room, and from there I was entitled to my grimoire world to sleep.

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