Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7 Amnesia?

I have a headache.

"Hum ..."

I open my eyes and see a ceiling that I do not recognize, although it does not last long, because immediately a window appears that covers almost all my vision.

[Congratulations for your successful reincarnation and welcome to the lls world.

Because you preferred to awaken your past memories at a later time and not keep the memories until then. You will be given a summary of what your life is and what awaits you ahead.

Your name is Arthur, you do not have a surname, since only the nobility is allowed to own one. Your parents were soldiers of the crimson dragon kingdom, in which you are and belong. Recently, your parents have died fulfilling their soldier duties, therefore you have an education and a pension provided by the kingdom. They will give you more details.

The corresponding education will take place in the capital of the kingdom, in which you find yourself right now, so in a week you will begin to attend the kingdom's military academy. In which they will provide you with your grimoire.

On your way back from the border (where you lived previously) to the capital, you were escorted along with some merchants, mercenaries and some retired soldiers (who handle cases like yours). But halfway there you were assaulted by a combination of beasts and bandits (the beasts were guided and incited to attack by the bandits, who attacked after the guards of the convoy took care of the beasts). And in the defense process, an "unfortunate" missed attack hit you in the head, leaving you unconscious (quiet, just leave a small scar almost invisible)

You've been unconscious for the rest of the trip to the capital, you just woke up now. From now on it will be established that you have lost your memory, so it does not matter who asks you or with which artifact or skill they interrogate you, they will confirm that you do not lie in the fact that you do not remember anything before opening your eyes. So you do not have to worry.

Things you should keep in mind:

- You suspect that you suffer a severe case of atavism, since you have awakened the lineage of a demonic beast, or of a beast and a demon at a time (The beast part, refers to the saiyan lineage, refers to the lineage) of beast by the tail of monkey and the demonic part, is a lineage that you naturally possess of your ancestors and you have unlocked a demoniac qi).

- Your saiyan lineage has suffered a slight mutation, more specifically your ozaru lineage is the one that has mutated, it could be called as an ozaru demon now. You can see this mutation, both by the color of your hair (which is red) and by the bone spike that is at the end of your tail.

- Although you have awakened a demonic lineage, you do not have to worry about suffering discrimination of any kind. For in this age of relative peace, most races such as humans, demons, elves, sacred and divine beasts, etc. They are no longer at war because of their differences, the only wars going on are those between countries and empires for resources. So it is normal to see mestizos of all races.

- Unlike the canon that was a cultivated world in the Chinese style, in this version it is more a world with medieval atmosphere, basically the standard isekai.

- In the next week you will finish recovering and you will go to the military academy of the empire. And calm we have left the memories of how to know how to read and write, so you are not illiterate.

That's it, we hope you have a satisfying life, good luck.]

"Ufff ..." block piece of text, but at least I'm clear about my situation, and so it seems I have to pretend that I do not remember anything, apart from my name and that I read and write. Since he has not even informed me of the names of my parents, nor of the town in which he lived, he has said that he was on the border and only to add to the context. I guess it will be easier that way.

Shortly after clarifying my ideas, I get out of bed and sit in it and I can see that the info dump window disappears, apparently I realized that I understood the plan.

Well now the first thing that all reincarnated saiyan has to do as soon as they open their eyes ... play with their tail (literally). I start to try to move it, it's weird, I know it's there but ... I do not know ... have you ever tried to feel the presence of your own arm without touching it? It's weird, you know it's there but ... do not explain it, good enough nonsense, to move the tail to said.

After a few moments I get my tail in front of my eyes, the truth is not what I expected ... well I'm going to tell you, I expected the typical tail of monkey saiyan, but mine is not only red but also much longer usual. Regardless of the bone spike threatening aspect of the tip ... this tail is not only for aesthetic purposes and to transform into ozaru. This tail is made for more bloody purposes.

"Oh, you woke up, well, I was beginning to worry," said a voice to my left, while I was enraptured looking at my tail.

Instinctively I hit the wall where my bed is and I point the spikeof my tail towards the person who has just spoken ... what do you want me to tell you, instincts have kicked me hard, I look more like an animal than a person now.

The person at the door, is a little surprised and looks at me with confusion in his eyes, as if wondering what the child is doing.

"Who are you?" I ask, with all the distrust that I can pretend. Since I guess it will be some kind of doctor or nurse, who has come to check my condition.

When he heard me ask who he was, the man frowns. Apparently I should recognize it, so I suppose it's some of the retired soldiers who accompanied me from the border, even though I expected it to carry some kind of armor or weapon, hence my previous assumption. But hey, who knows, maybe weapons are not allowed here or something.

"Do not you know who I am?" He answers me with another question, while his frown intensifies.

"Should I? Where am I? What am I doing here?" I continue to play my role as a paranoid amnesiac, to see how this develops.

His frown intensifies even more, and finally he asks me the question I've been waiting for a while. "What is the last thing you remember?"

I finish hesitation then confusion, as if I do not understand something and then I say with a confused and hesitant tone. "I ... I remember waking up in this bed ... I do not remember anything before that."

After hearing my answer, his frown reaches the apex. Seriously, if there was a prize for the best frown this uncle would take it.

While I think about my nonsense, the man seems to think about something and tells me. "Wait here boy, I'm going to look for the doctor." Having said that, the man turns around and leaves the room, not forgetting to lock it ... son of a bitch, he left me locked up ... Well, I suppose a paranoid amnesiac, Like the one I tried to interpret, I could try to escape. I look at the window and see that it has bars, so I just have to wait ... it's not like I'm going to go in the first place ...

Between five and ten minutes later, I hear the door opening again and I see the old man enter with a man in a white robe ... I was expecting a dressing gown ... well, some nonsense, the new man who comes in who I suspect is the doctor, he approaches me and before saying anything, he raises his arm and a book appears in front of him.


Right after, a light shines and two beasts appear next to the floating around him. One looks like a green slime with some tentacles and the other, it seems to be a kind of eye wrapped in black fog.

The floating silt tries to touch my head with one of its tentacles, which I instinctively try to skewer with my spike... I love my instincts!

"Calm little man, this is my summoned beast, it's also a healing beast, so you do not have to fear him," he says with a smile, as if to ward off all my ills with his smile.

"Beast summoned?" I ask with confusion and curiosity, I also execute my final movement ... head tilting BOOM! Tenderness to the maximum (it is necessary to remember that he is a boy of 7 years, although it has not been specified before, he knows that he is quite young of there that tries to seem cute).

The man, who had finally relaxed a little frown a little, returns to his apex. My God, this man was born for that expression.

"Well, it seems a more serious case than I thought, can you tell me your name?" The man asks, probing my amnesia.

"Arthur ... Arthur ...?" I pretended to say my name instinctively, but then to doubt him.

The doctor seems satisfied with my answer and continues to ask. "And the name of your parents?"

I pretend to think a bit and in the end I shake my head and ask. "Where are they ... Is he the one?" Pointing at the frowning man. I have asked this question, to let you know that I know the concept of father, but I do not know about them.

Both the expression of the doctor and that of the frowning gentleman become a little complicated, but the doctor continues with his examination. "Do not. And you know what this is? And these two? "He asks me again, pointing to his grimoire and his two beasts.

I frowned at him to let him know, that I realized he had not answered my first question. Who knows, maybe he thinks I'm less stupid about that.

"A book, an eye and a ... mucus? Floating. "The corner of his right eye twists a little when he hears the floating mucus. But the smile does not leave his face.

After about 15 minutes, asking me if I knew there were several things like: the bed, the clouds, a tree, etc. Those things if I have answered them, but the more concrete and special things like: the qi, the demons, the name of the empire, etc. I do not answer them.

After all that round of questions and repeatedly looking at his floating eye, as if waiting for some reaction. This guy sure is a disciple of Dr. House and that floating eye is some kind of lie detector. Patients always lie! And this time is not an exception, but I am protected against detectors of lies for this case.

After confirming his diagnosis with his floating eye, he turns his attention to his other floating partner, the mucus. Then he looks at me and tells me. "I'm going to ask my friend here to examine you where you hit him on the head, do not hit him, okay?"

I put a reluctant expression, as if I did not want the mucus to touch my head, but in the end I nod.

After nodding, the floating mucus approaches me a little and stretches a tentacle towards my head, I make a movement with my tail as if trying to retain an impulse.

Seeing that I do not continue with the attack, the tentacle finally reaches my head, touches my temple and I feel that it extends over my head. I feel that it passes under the bandages that I was wearing, what's more, it manages to loosen them enough so that they fall out of my head.

Hum ... this feels weird ... I can not help but hope that this tentacle does not violate my brain ... too much hentai when I was at home.

After a few minutes the tentacle leaves my head and retracts into the floating mucus. The doctor looks at the tentacle as he did with the eye before and it seems that he does not get what he expected to see, so it shows on his face, but he only shows it for a second before continuing to smile.

"So it seems there is no damage to your brain, so I can only assume that any damage that caused the loss of memory, has already healed ... Therefore, technically you are healthy, since my 'healing slime' has cured the little wound left in your head. "The doctor said with his trademark smile, emphasizing the curative slime ... it seems that he was offended by the mucus. After giving me his diagnosis he turns to the frowning gentleman and whispers something to him and then he left.

The frowning gentleman approached me and said. "Hi Arthur, my name is Marcus, I was in charge of bringing you to the capital. Since this incident has arisen while you were under my protection, you will be in my charge until you enter the academy. "

"Where are I? Where are my parents?" I ask him with confusion and some panic in my face ... I did not know he was acting so good ... maybe I should have tried to be an actor in my previous life, I'm sure so I would have more karma points ...

Marcus's expression darkened, I guess telling a young child that his parents have died is not pleasant ...

"Your parents ... Lucia and Bernardo ... They died in the performance of their duty ... therefore the empire will take care of your education, by the way, the empire is called crimson dragon ..."

Then he talks to me more in detail, about the compensation of the empire, which as a result of both parents being soldiers has increased on one level. I mean, apparently the classes of the academy, are divided from A to C. Being the best class and C the worst, well even though I say it is the worst, it is only in comparison with the other two, class C is still better than the best class of any other academy in the country. Well what I was going to, I would normally be sent to class C, but due to the increased level of my compensation, in the end I was assigned to class B.

It has also increased the money they have deposited in the bank in my name, that also has to be added, the inheritance of my parents no matter how little it is and the military insurance policies that is also another pinch that will enter me. Although Marcus does not know the exact amount, he repeatedly advises me not to spend money on anything but food expenses and basic things, since in my state (amnesia) I can easily be cheated.

After all the speech, he told me that we are in the military orphanage, in which they are sent to the orphans of the soldiers of the empire. But he told me that I'll only be here for a week, since that's when the military academy starts, which turns out to be a boarding school. After explaining the basics, he told me to rest and that tomorrow a teacher would come to try to fill the gaps in my basic knowledge. When he finished telling me what he wanted, he looked at me for a few seconds and then left, but this time he did not lock me in the room.

Well ... now what do I do? I look out the window and I see that it is getting dark, so I decide to stay in the room ... we are going to try to feel qi or ki or whatever it is that I have in my body.

I close my eyes and cross my legs on the bed ... and about twenty minutes later I open my eyes, this is crap, I do not feel anything ...

I look out the window again and I see that it's sunset, so I decide to go to bed and wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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