Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 70

Volume 1 Chapter 70 Would My Teachers Be Proud?

I'm busy.

I am always busy.

But I love it.

That feeling of learning something new, of feeling my improvement... I love it.

If any of my former teachers from my previous life heard me, I am sure that I would give him a heart attack or something.

But it is not the same, to learn geography or any other subject, to learn magic or any other technique... It is totally different...

And if you add to that the obsession of the Saiyan for training... What gets obsessed with training.

Why do I say all this? It is because right now I am in one of the libraries of the academy, more specifically the library that contains magical arts for students to learn.

Right now I am at a table, with a small mountain of books, looking one after another. Since I am looking at almost all the magic spells that I am allowed to learn, because although I love to learn magic, I don't have time to learn magic that I will surely never use.

And I almost vomited blood when the third book I flipped through was... [Shadow Hands], which turns out to be an improved and simplified version of my own [Shadow Hands].

If I said that my current [Shadow Hands] are version 1.0. I estimate that the [Shadow Hands] of the library would be version 8.3.

For example, with my [Shadow Hands] I choose a close shadow and a target, the size of the shadow and the amount of qi using the spell is fixed, and cannot be modified. So it cannot adapt to different situations, you can be a wasteful spell of qi or scarce of qi, depending on the enemy.

However, the new [Shadow Hands] are able to choose more than one objective, choose the number of hands you want to generate, among other things... And you can decide how much you want to invest in the spell.

And most importantly... It takes less than a tenth of the launch time, than the oldest version.

And so many other spells, of which I had an outdated version in my cultivation manual.

But it seems that my puppet spell is slightly higher rank, since I haven't found any version of any kind. At least, I haven't found any with my current access level.

And among all the spells I've seen so far, so far I have selected a few to learn.

The first was a barrier spell, which can be cast in 2 ways, total protection and focused protection. Basically you can cast this spell, in the form of a dome with me inside, or in any way I want in any direction. That is, round, square, octagonal...

An illusion spell does not produce any specific illusion, so it is quite weak. But at least it is very versatile, and in its manual it says that it is an introductory magic for higher level illusion spells.

I also chose some offensive magic, the spells are called [Ring of Fire], [Chain of Lightning], [Frost Mist], [Wind Sword] and [Stone Spear]

Yes, I have basically chosen a spell from each basic element... more or less.

They are mostly zone spells, with only the [Wind Sword] and the [Stone Spear] being single-target attacks. And they are as they sound, a cut made with wind, and a stone peak that leaves the ground.

The [Ring of Fire] gives off a wave of fire, in all directions forming a ring of fire, which expands from my location to a radius of about 10 meters.

The [Lightning String] is basically what the name sounds like, a lightning bolt that passes from one target to another, the number of targets depends on the amount of qi you put in the spell.

The [Frost Mist] is just very cold mist, so cold that it can freeze everything in its area, if given enough time. The size and duration of the frost mist, depends on the amount of qi you put in the spell.

Finally, a basic healing spell. That at this level it can only heal small wounds.

And I think I will not take any more spells at the moment, since although these spells are better done, it will still take time to learn to cast them by heart and to have some mastery over them.

Besides that I still need a movement technique.

So now it's time to go to another library, the one with the martial arts.


Hum... I'm very hesitant …

There are so many movement techniques... And incredibly they are all different, I mean... It is basically a technique to move from one side to another. It is incredible how many different ways they are capable of doing it...

And I honestly don't know which one to choose...

I planned to choose 2 different types, a movement technique for long distance travel, and another instant movement technique for short distance movements.

But... there are so many options...

After an hour of much thought and deliberation, I chose 3 movement techniques, at first I intended to collect 2 alone. But then I remembered the movement technique of the 2nd princess of Durapis, and decided to pick up a more elusive movement technique.

And although I don't think I have chosen the best ones, but they are the ones that I think are best for me, but I will explain them later.

Now that I am here... Should I choose some battle technique? I do not know…

Normally I would not even think about it and I would go through the manuals, but the truth is that lately I have felt that my body has become a little weaker... I do not want to say that it is less strong, but that my natural defense has diminished in something like that as 1%...

I hadn't realized it at first, but Bloody told me something was wrong with my body, and although I didn't know what it meant at the beginning. After some tests, I discovered the decrease in my natural defense...

I have been in this universe for less than 1 year, and I am already weakening... That is why, I want to prevent my qi from merging more with my body... And every time I fight melee, every time I train, or every time that I recover from a wound. I feel that my qi is infused into my body... and that is what is weakening me.

That's why, I'm so obsessed, to change my battle style to one more... Safe? What I am referring to is that right now it is better that I fight in the rear, preventing my body from 'strengthening', since that will only weaken me faster.

Ufff... I guess I'll keep an eye on those manuals, in case I see something that catches my attention... Anyway, I'm not obliged to practice it even if I learn the memory manual... That I can resist training this technique is another... It's Now and I'm looking for excuses, to look at those manuals of battle techniques...

I don't know when I can go to the Dragon Ball universe, but I hope the celestial office worker was right, and this problem is solved when I get to go there.

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