Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 71

Volume 1 Chapter 71 Why Does Nothing Ever Go Well?

Time to experiment

Right now I am in one of the training zones and I am accompanied by Lucia, to prove what happens when Luna manipulates the moon's energy while we are merged.

"Arthur, let's start with the experiment, the truth is that I am very interested in this line of thinking." Lucia said, very enthusiastically.

"Well, let's start." I said with some enthusiasm.

I instantly summoned Luna and merged with her.

Shortly after I felt my pulse accelerate slightly.

'Luna, try to control the lunar energy you emit, and suppress it.' I told Luna with a thought.

Shortly after, I feel that the energy of the moon in my body moves slowly. And it seems that it is gathering in my chest... more specifically in my heart.

Curious... Why in my heart?

If it were Bloody's blood energy, I would understand, but...

While I think about the reason for this situation, Luna's energy ends up concentrating on my heart.

And luckily, I didn't transform into Ozaru. But I am still able to feel my heart beating hard, it seems that it is not yet able to cancel the transformation, but rather it is an 'interruption'.

It's like starting a car engine, but not putting any of the gears...

It can be considered a half success.


After talking about how the experiment went out with Lucia, we decided to move on to the next experiment.

That is the opposite, now I want Luna to increase or intensify the energy of the moon in my body, to see if the multiplier increases to more than 10.

That said, we prepare for the next experiment.

"Luna, now I want you to increase the lunar energy in my body and if possible, I want you to try to make it more intense." I told Luna with a thought.

And instantly all the repressed lunar energy in my heart... exploded.

I don't think I should have moved from one experiment to another directly...

I feel that the Lunar energy invades my body, second by second, every time it is more intense and violent.

I think I made a serious mistake...

When I was about to tell Luna to stop, suddenly my consciousness darkened and then I lost consciousness.


(Lucia Pov)

How exiting!

When I previously did the experiments with a Spirit Moon, we could not prove these cases, since the Spirit Moon was very young and did not know how to control the energy of the moon.

But with the good trainer that is Arthur, his Spirit Moon is developing very well, so much so that Luna has already awakened several skills.

The first experiment has been a half success, since Luna has managed to prevent Arthur from transforming, but she has not managed to avoid starting the process. Luna has only managed to suspend the transformation.

But even so, it's very good news, since getting some kind of control over your transformation is a good thing.

Hum... Now that I think about it... We should do another experiment like this, when there is a natural full moon. So we can find out if Luna is able to interfere or alter Arthur's transformation, when it occurs naturally...

After talking with Arthur about the result of the experiment, and communicating my suggestion of another experimental outdoor session, we agreed to do the experiment next full moon night.

With all that said, we prepare for the next experiment, which is basically the self moving away and activating a barrier around Arthur.

Although Arthur already has some control over his transformation, we do not know if the fact that Luna plays with the energy of the moon in his body during the transformation may cause him to lose control again.

After activating the barrier, I signal Arthur to begin.

I see Arthur close his eyes, I suppose he will be communicating with Luna, since he did the same before.

And instantly, Arthur trembled... But he trembled very hard, so strong that he even jumped a little. I have never seen him tremble so intensely during his transformation process.

Shortly after Arthur began to tremble so intensely, the transformation process began, but...

It looks like something weird...

Normally, during the transformation, Arthur expands rapidly and begins to get hair out and change his face quickly.

But now it seems to go more slowly...

More than expanding, I would say that Arthur is... Growing up?

What I mean, is that Arthur has become taller, more muscular, his hair became more frizzy, and in general he seemed older.

Before, Arthur still looked like a small child... But now he looks like a young teenager, and he continues to grow very little by little, and it seems that he finished growing when he came to look like a young a.d.u.l.t...

If I didn't know him, I'd say he looks like… 18 or 19 years old.

Throughout the process of transformation, Arthur remained with his eyes closed, and I truly did not notice that detail. Since I was very focused watching and analyzing his transformation, but at the moment he opened his eyes, I noticed them...

Arthur's eyes, which were originally green, were now golden yellow and have a slight glow to them... but that was not important...

Arthur had lost control, since in those golden eyes there was only the desire to cause destruction and massacres, to everything in his view.

And I was in his field of vision, so he immediately charged towards me, at an amazing speed... And demonstrating an incredible strength, since when he started charging towards me, he destroyed all the surrounding ground where he was at the beginning of the charge .

Luckily he activates the barrier in advance, and with this half-way transformation, I don't think he can with this barrier that he is able to enclose at a newly promoted innate level. So there will be no problem...


Instantly, I see that Arthur made a hole in the barrier... But the barrier is still active, I am seeing it... How...?

While I was in a daze, Arthur screamed in pain, since his right arm was almost shattered.

If it weren't for his other strengthening-type beasts, I think his arm would now be crushed and covered in blood, but I am able to see how little by little the bones are getting in place and the blood circulates without seeping out of the arm as if nothing happened.

Shortly after, Arthur seems to get used to the pain and looks at me again...

Oh shit…

Instantly, Arthur used his healthy left arm to punch me.

Luckily I have several talismans and artifacts, with protective capabilities in my body...



He has broken the first barrier.

Arthur kept hitting me with his left fist, which was starting to damage his knuckles.

In the end, and luckily for me, he could not break my 3rd barrier. That is a barrier capable of defending against an innate level 2 attack.

Arthur, seeing that he was not able to break my barrier, grabbed his tail... More specifically the bone spike of his tail, and began to stab my barrier hard.

Hum, if your punches failed to break my barrier, I don't think a simple skewer...


Instantly I see that my barrier begins to crack...


Although I am not worried about my safety, since I have more stronger barriers in me... But these barriers are quite expensive, and I do not want to buy other new barriers...

when I was about to call the deputy director, so that he knocked out Arthur, I see that suddenly Luna came out of Arthur's body, and that the spike bone of his tail became gelatinous, so it would not cause much damage...

Apparently, their beasts noticed the change in my expression, and they thought that I would not be able to endure much more... So they decided to take action on the matter... Look how intelligent these beasts have grown, what I said, Arthur is an incredible trainer

Even after Luna separated from Arthur, he continued in that state for another half hour... It's amazing.

After half an hour, Arthur fell unconscious and began to recover its original size little by little...

It has been amazing...

I don't know what has given way to this transformation, but it is clearly much stronger than that of the giant ape... I think it is because all the power of that giant ape is concentrated in such a small body... small compared to the 10 meter ape...

But I'll have to wait for Arthur to wake up to ask...

Oh, it's true…

I should take Arthur to the medical department, so they treat both of his arms...

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