Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1 Chapter 73 Am I Now A Wizard In Practice?

Ufff... I think I'm ready.

Right now I am at the gates of the dungeon...

Although it is not what I expected... Since I did not expect this type of adjustment, when I came and talked to the receptionist.

(10 minutes ago.)

Finally I think I'm ready for the dungeon.

After training my spells for about a week, I think I'm ready.

Upon entering the building, where the entrance to the dungeon is supposedly located, I turn directly to the receptionist.

"Hello, I come to challenge the dungeon." I said with a smile... I always try to make a good first impression.

Hearing my words, the receptionist frowned, since she has clearly realized that I do not meet the basic requirements.

Although clearly I am a special case, but she does not know.

Before she started questioning me, I decided to intervene to speed things up.

"I know I don't meet the requirements, but I have a special permit." I said with the same smile on my face, and handed him my student card.

Hearing what I said, she relaxed her expression and proceeded to scan my student card with a kind of scanner, which turned green and showed the number '1'.

"Very well, it is true that you have permission, but only to access the 1st level of the dungeon.

This dungeon is divided into 10 difficulty levels, but as I said before, you only have access to the 1st.

The 1st level of difficulty consists of a 5-story labyrinth, on the first 4 floors there are mini-bosses at the end of the floor, and on the 5th floor is the final boss of the labyrinth. From floors 1 to 2 there are enemies of bronze rank, on floors 3 and 4 there are enemies of silver rank, and on the last floor they are of gold rank.

The final boss is of platinum rank, so be careful. Oh, and the star rank of the beasts varies between 3 and 5 stars, being the final boss of 4 to 6 stars. "She explained explaining the distribution of power in this dungeon.

This dungeon is much more difficult at its lowest level of difficulty, than that of the Durapis kingdom at its greatest difficulty...

"Very well, thanks for the explanation." I said smiling, and when I was about to proceed to the dungeon, she stopped me.

"Wait, you haven't shown me the security talisman." She told me hurriedly, seeing me that I was going.

"Security talisman?" I asked her, since I didn't know what she was talking about.

"Ufff… What I imagined. Look, for the safety of the students, the school forces the students to carry with them a special teleportation talisman. It is a talisman that only works inside this dungeon, so you cannot use it outside of it, but in general it is to save you from danger within the dungeon.

And if you don't have any talisman I can't let you in, by the way the talisman is one-time use, so I only recommend you buy it if you're only going to challenge the dungeon only once.

If you plan to challenge the dungeon regularly, I advise you to buy a security device directly, which is basically the same as the talisman but can be used 10 times and is rechargeable. "She told me with a jerk.

Oh... Look how good, I really like the idea of ​​having a lifeguard inside the dungeon. The truth is that I have always worried slightly when I entered the dungeon, since this is not a game so if you lose, it is a 'game over' forever.

"I'll buy the security artifact, please."

"Are you sure? The device costs 50,000 student points. "She asked me.

"Yes." I answered him directly, and gave him my student card again to be charged.

The truth is that I stopped looking at how many student points I had, when the 150000 points passed...

I personally believe that they caught my attention in the wrestling room, because I was earning too many points...

Hearing my assent, she picked up my student card again and proceeded to deduct my 50,000 points, and you had to see her face when she saw the remaining points that I had left... She was stunned, but after a few seconds, she I retrieve and returned my student card along with a pendant.

"Remember, if you are in danger, inject qi into the pendant and teleport in the center of this room." She told me pointing to the center of the room, where you can see a cordoned off area, I guess it is so that No one interrupts teleportation accidentally.

"Thank you." I thanked him and proceeded to go to the dungeon.

(Returned to the present.)


Come on, let's get in.

Upon entering the dungeon, I see a pedestal on which it has a sign that says... "Put your student card here."

I guess it is to detect the level of authorization.

I do what the poster says and put my student card on the pedestal, instantly the pedestal starts to shine and I feel my consciousness darken a little, but I don't lose consciousness.

When recovering from this momentary mishap, I realize that I am in a kind of cave... I turn around and only see the end of a dead end tunnel, so it seems that I have just been teleported here, from the place of the pedestal .

Hum... Isn't there any voice welcoming me?

Following the only path available at the moment, I begin to hear strange noises... I am not able to identify them... It seems as if two objects rub against each other, in addition to what seems like steps as well.

But it is strange, Bloody does not detect anything or anyone, who is close enough to make those noises...

In the end, I keep walking through the tunnel, until I find the origin of the sounds...

They are skeletons... I'm not surprised that Bloody didn't detect them... And it's a shame, that Whitey isn't yet able to detect bones, just like Bloody detects blood.

Hum... There are 5 skeletons, all of 4-star bronze rank, and it seems they haven't noticed me yet...

That's weird... Since these types of undead creatures are usually able to detect life in their surroundings.

While I think about why they don't detect me, Bloody communicates with me suddenly.

Oh, apparently it has been a matter of Bloody, who has encapsulated my vital aura inside my body...

Why did he do it?

Well, it doesn't matter.

These 5 skeletons are ideal for testing one of my spells, the lightning chain.

Not only is it a spell for several targets, but also the lightning attribute is harmful against undead creatures.

Apparently I was right, and I can take the opportunity to train my magic skills in this dungeon... at least at the beginning. And with the reduced cost of spells, I don't think I have trouble having a sustained fight in this dungeon.

Besides that Medea always accompanies me, to avoid possible mishaps...

I prepare the lightning chain spell, and in my right hand an aura of blue lightning begins to acc.u.mulate... never better said. Even some sparks can be seen moving from one finger to another...

And in just 2 seconds I already have the spell ready to cast...

What a difference, with the old spells, that even with practice it takes about 30 or 40 seconds to prepare them before being able to cast them...

Now we just have to aim well, and cast the spell...

We'll see…

I have to make sure I get it right, since I'm a little far away to avoid being detected anyway, so I can cast the spell without worrying about an immediate counterattack.

When I think I'm ready, I cast the spell.

And instantly, from my right arm, which is extended in the direction of the skeletons. Lightning arises in the direction of the skeletons, hitting the skeleton that is in the middle of the 5.

After hitting it for 1 second, lightning strikes from that skeleton that goes in the direction of all the skeletons around it, causing them damage just like the first.

After channeling the spell for about 4 seconds, the spell is interrupted by losing its target, that is, the skeleton it hits first has collapsed into a pile of charred bones...

But the problem is that there are still 2 surviving skeletons...

Note to myself, next time I should attack anyone who looks like the strongest...

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