Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1 Chapter 75 Is This My Limit?

Go to the 2nd floor or leave the dungeon ...

My decision is ...


That is, I need to rest a little, since although the battle was quick, but I spent about half of my qi.

So it would be better to let my qi recover and then continue.

Now that I think about it, I have never explained how qi recovery works.

Because I clearly cannot rely on the environmental qi to recover my qi, since if it were, I would only recover all my qi in a week.

The truth is that my inner core is capable of generating qi, so over time it fills up alone.

And if you wonder ... Then why so much complain that you don't have enough qi to cultivate?

The answer is easy ...

I can't use my own qi to cultivate.

That is to say, the process of cultivating in these stages consists in refining my inner core with qi to increase its capacity.

But the problem is that my own qi is not able to refine my own core, although I am not sure why it is so.

So that only the external qi leaves us to cultivate, that is why the environmental qi, the medicinal qi, and other types of qi or energies are highly coveted.

Now I just need to rest for a while and I can continue ...



Ufff ... I almost fell asleep from boredom ...

Well, I'm ready to continue.

I get up from sitting on the floor, and proceed through the door that leads to the 2nd floor.

After crossing the door, I see a staircase going down.

Going down the stairs, I see that it is basically the same tunnel as on the 1st floor, so I suppose it will be a repetition of the previous floor but a little more difficult.

So I proceed to continue.


Oh ...

Apparently, the groups of skeletons on this floor are larger ... On the previous floor the most I found was a group of 5 skeletons, not counting the group in the floor boss's room.

But so far on this floor, I have found several groups of 7 or 9 skeletons, so I assume it will be a maximum of 10 ...

Hum ... It's not that they are stronger than the ones on the previous floor, but if the numbers keep increasing in this way, things can get complicated ...

Well, not really.

Since if I am not able to defeat them on my own, I can always call Medea and Arachne.


After a good amount of time, since I had to rest halfway, I found the door of the head of this room again.

As I enter through the doors of the boss's room, I see a huge number of skeletons ... around 500 ... And they are all skeleton warriors ...


Instantly I create a barrier with a third of my qi, and form it as a rectangular shield in front of me, to receive the impact of the initial charge.

At the end of this barrier, I create another dome-shaped barrier with another third of my qi, overlapping it with the previous barrier.

I hope that with these two barriers, 500 skeleton warriors will be able to withstand a load of this battalion ... But just in case, I'm ready to escape to my grimoire world ... just in case.

And a few seconds later ...


The avalanche of skeletons collided with the barriers ...

The first barrier lasted a couple of seconds before shattering ... But at least it was enough to receive almost all the initial impact.

The second barrier wobbled fiercely, but in the end it endured, although it could be seen how it was losing weight per second.

Seeing that the barrier would last for a few minutes at least, I will need to start attacking now.

Instantly I cast the fire ring spell, as fast as I can, since I need them to stop attacking the barrier.

What I got, when I managed to kill all the surrounding skeletons, but that only bought me a few seconds, since the rest of the skeletons quickly took their place.

And so began a competition between the skeletons and me.

I began to create rings of fire, one after another, without stopping.

And the skeletons, continued loading the barrier.

Luckily they are stupid, and they only think of attacking.


Ufff ...

How tired ...

After half an hour of throwing fire rings, I managed to defeat all the skeletons ...

Good thing to continually interrupt the attacks of the skeletons to the barrier, because if not ... If not half an hour, 5 minutes would have been all that would have endured the barrier.

Seeing the barrier, as thin as a sheet of paper, I can't stop sighing.

Although it is true that at no time I have been in real danger, but even so, it is incredible that they have already put me on the ropes on only the 2nd floor ...


After resting for quite some time, since I had almost used up all my qi, I proceeded to lower the 3rd floor.

And surprisingly it was not the same as the previous 2 floors ...

You are still a tunnel, but it is very well lit ... and there is grass on the ground ...

If it wasn't for the tunnel, I'd think I'm in the field.

After continuing to walk through the 3rd floor, Bloody says it has detected something ...

Could it be that there are no skeletons on this floor?

Going in the direction indicated by Bloody, I finally find out what my opponents are on this floor ...


In front of me, I find a pack of about a dozen wolves, all of plant rank ...

And instantly I noticed that they noticed me a long time ago, as they jumped towards me as if they were waiting for me.

I instantly use my instant movement technique and withdraw a few meters, and proceed to cast a barrier spell around me.

Seeing my barrier, the wolves don't attack immediately, but they surround me to prevent me from escaping ...

Good for me.

Ring of Fire.

Instantly with some whining tales all the wolves are dead ...

hum ...

Although first it does not seem that the difficulty has increased, but the truth is that yes.

At least I care a little about the boss's room ... since these wolves have their own battle tactics, and I'm sure that in the boss's room there will be an alpha wolf or something like that. To guide them in battle ... so they will not fall so easily, and they will probably try to use attrition techniques, hoping to leave me without qi and then gut me ...

After thinking a little, I sigh ...

So this is my limit as a magician ...

I estimate that I would be able to reach the chief's room on this floor, but I would not be able to pass the boss's room only with magic ...


I instantly call Arachne.

"Arachne, clear this floor and look for the boss's room." I ordered Arachne.

Nodding his head, Arachne releases a gray mist, which forms in countless spiders.

After receiving the command of Arachne, the army of spiders roam this floor, as if it were a wave.

After 10 minutes, Arachne informs me that she has found the door to the boss's room, so we headed towards the door.

And as expected, a lot of wolves with what appears to be a leader, waited for us on the other side.

I let Medea and Arachne take care of killing them all.

And in a short time, they end up with everyone ...

The truth is that the power of my beasts is totally disproportionate to their cultivation levels ...

And it's all due to the inherent skill that I got when reincarnating.

A curious data.

I tried to look for skills in the grimoire shop, which were at a level similar to those I got when reincarnating.

But I didn't find any, and when I lowered the bar a little, what I found had astronomical prices.

Since they cost an insane amount of points, and achievements that ranged from S to S +++.

At that moment I realized that the points I am getting through my skill [Commerce] are worthless compared to the points of karma ...

And while thinking about all this, I continued to the lower floor of the dungeon.

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