Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1 Chapter 76 Do Things Start To Change?

Surprisingly... In the end I had trouble finishing with the final boss.

Before reaching the final boss, easily pass through the 4th floor, since it was basically the same as the 3rd. But with a greater amount of wolves, which after all, it was basically without difficulty for Medea and Arachne.

The 5th and last floor was quite different from the previous ones, it was still a labyrinth of tunnels... But this time it looked like the inside of a volcano, there were fine lava streams, and unbearable heat.

And on this floor, the enemies were fire lizards. They are basically lizards 2 meters high, red and spit fire.

Even normal fire lizards were a challenge for Arachne spiders. Since with a single spit of fire from the lizards, the Arachne spiders were burned... and if we add to that the small size of the spiders...

So Arachne released spiders of a size similar to lizards, and still many spiders died, since the scales that lizards possessed provided a very good defense.

And since the range and stars of spiders and lizards, are similar... Given that spiders had no skills... ended up on the losing side...

But it was nothing that an endless army of spiders could not handle.

It would be a shame if it wasn't for the spiders, they didn't really die, and they would be reborn in a couple of days.

And if normal lizards, it cost us a lot of time and spiders...

You can imagine the difficulty we face in fighting the final boss.

That turned out to be a giant lizard, as big as my Ozaru form... And the worst was not that...

The worst was the boss's room itself, since there was literally fire in every inch of the room... the heat was unbearable.

I had to create a dome barrier and fill it with the frost mist spell, since it was not able to withstand so much heat...

Medea and Arachne had a very bad time in the battle, as they were burning constantly, so they tried to finish the battle quickly... But it was not possible.

Since the giant fire lizard was not only platinum rank, it was also a 6 star beast, so we were surpassed both in rank and stars.

And if we add to that, the lizard 'played' at home, it was a very difficult battle...

Many spiders died, even giant spiders were burned to ashes...

Medea had more luck, as she alternated her size between a giant snake and a tiny snake, to dodge and attack. But even so, even Medea was injured.

In the end I had to transform into Ozaru, to finish quickly...

It was very unpleasant to fight wrapped in flames... But with me helping Arachne and Medea, we finished the battle quickly, but still the giant fire lizard self-detonated and wounded us all before we died... Well, less Arachne who escaped to the world grimoire...

And I don't blame her, she did well. Since she does not have a very strong body, if the explosion had reached her, surely she would have died... Who would have controlled all the spiders then?

What pisses me off is... Why the hell I didn't think about that myself?

Ufff... In the end, I sent Medea to the grimoire world to recover, and I went to the rewards room...

I miss the voice announcing things in the dungeon of Durapis.

When I get to the rewards room I see a chest...

At least, this is the same, apparently.

When I open the chest, I see...

A rock…


To be more specific, it is a rock about 60cm in diameter, blue and metallic in appearance...

I guess it will be some kind of mineral, but currently I have no idea what mineral it is...

But if it's a reward from such a difficult dungeon, I don't think it's something cheap.

Saving the ore, I quickly leave the dungeon, and go directly to the medical department, so that they treat us to Medea (mini version), Arachne and me.

Arachne and I only had burns, but Medea had a cut that the lizard made with its claws, luckily with so much fire and heat the cut was cauterized. But I still needed to be treated properly.


It has been a week since I challenged the dungeon, and although I did not look at it at that time because I was worried about Medea's wounds.

But in the end I earned around 5 million points and several achievements, including several C and C + achievements.

But almost all were 'for the first time' achievements, so I estimate that the reward in achievements will fall significantly.

Medea is still recovering, so I don't plan to challenge the dungeon anytime soon.


Another couple of weeks have passed, and Medea has already recovered.

I have also found out that mineral was the reward, and although it is rare and expensive, but it is also nothing that is difficult to acquire today.

Apparently it is a magical mineral with very good conductivity for magic, so it is often used to create tools that increase the power of spells.

Another thing I found out was that the fire lizard is not always the final boss of the dungeon...

Apparently, in the 1st level of difficulty of the dungeon, there are 5 types of beasts that you can find. And they randomly rotate in which level they are, and in the 1st level of difficulty, you can only find 3 of the 5 types of beasts.

The 5 types of beasts are.



-Fire lizards.


-Rock centipede.

And when I asked, if there was any trick to more easily defeat the giant fire lizard, the students I asked shook their heads.

And then they explained to me, that it is not that there were no tricks, but the vast majority required artifacts or talismans, which cost more than any possible reward the dungeon could give for that difficulty.

So people didn't even bother, when they realized that the 5th floor was full of fire lizards, they didn't even bother challenging the boss. They killed all the fire lizards of the plant and harvested the cores, scales, claws and teeth. And then they came out of the dungeon with the security talisman.

Unless you had a skill or beast that countered the giant fire lizard, people didn't bother fighting with it. Not because they couldn't defeat the lizard, but because it was very annoying, and almost always they or their beasts would end up with burns...

In addition, that the bastard lizard had the mania to detonate its core before it died... So you not only had to endure the explosion, but it even made you unable to harvest a core of platinum rank...

In general, according to people it is not worth it…


Following the advice of my seniors. I challenged the dungeon several more times, and when I had the bad luck of being touched by the fire lizards on the last floor, I left the dungeon after cleaning the last floor.

I personally do not bother much, since I come for experience points, and although instead of earning 5 million points, I earn about 4 million...

It suits me.

I have to say, that without being the final boss, fire lizards on other levels are no big deal.

And in the case of the other types of beasts, when they have to be the final boss... They are difficult to defeat, but nothing compared to the giant fire lizard.

Oh, something else...

Professor Leonardo does not like it very much, that I dedicate myself so much to the magical arts and neglect to train my body.

The truth is that if it were for me, I would give up totally in physical training, since it doesn't do me any good... But during classes, I have no choice but to work on my body, if I don't want to be suspended.

But I can't tell you, I'm getting weaker as time goes by... No?

Since who would want to nurture someone who is destined to be a cripple, I prefer that if by chance they notice that my body has weakened, they think that it has been because I have stopped training my body and I have begun to focus on Magic…

And although in their eyes it can be a waste of my talent... it is also true that in their eyes, they also consider me a talent when it comes to training beasts...

So far, I'm safe.

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