Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 77

Volume 1 Chapter 77 Am I Going To Start Growing Now?

Time skip, 1 year.

As time goes…

Now I am in the middle of my 2nd year at the academy, a few weeks ago I completed my mid-term evaluation mission. And like last year, the difficulty was disproportionate to my crop, which by the way reached level 4 as planned. But back to the subject, I guess they want to play the same trick as last year.

Speaking of which, in the end if I received the platinum rank beast, and the truth is that it was not bad at all.

It reminded me of the invocation of fire, of the summoner in the video game Aion... Not the first version, the version that had a small lava sword, and had a more humanoid figure.

At first I thought of calling him Vulcan, since from what I have been told there are no females in his race, but then I realized that he currently has no gender...

So try to change your default gender as your race evolves, and it worked...

So after much thought... I decided to call her Hestia, since I think remember, it was the name of some Greek goddess of fire among other things... And you know that I like to name, according to mythology.

Although I currently keep his name secret, since I do not want problems or questions on the subject.

I do not show you the state of Hestia, since being so young, it is destined to change... Since Hestia, although a beast of platinum rank, is currently no more than a baby.

Speaking of changes in my beasts... Luna has evolved and Medea can now fly.

Although Luna is still a Moon spirit, but now it has stopped being a flaming ball, and now has a more humanoid silhouette. It has been very good for her, spending so much time with Elvara and Elanna, since she has served to develop faster.

And the case of Medea, is similar too, since I hear myself talking to someone about how good it would be to have a flying beast as a mount. Medea when listening to me, bought a racial evolution that allowed her to fly.

At first I thought she would grow wings or something, but it turns out that was not the case.

She became a [demonic basilisk of clouds], and basically this racial evolution brought her 3 things.

1st Now Medea is a white cloud, which I like very much.

2nd A skill that allows her to be above the clouds as if she were on the ground, besides the clouds are not affected by their weight.

3rd A skill that allows you to generate clouds.

That is what she achieved with racial evolution, and although it is not the best way to fly, but it is better than nothing.

In addition, that in a way allows flying incognito. Since from ground level, you will only see a cloud in the sky, not a giant snake in the sky.

Although she still needs some practice to be able to increase her flight speed. Since with her current skill level, she is not able to generate clouds fast enough, to go at full speed.

You don't know the envy she gives me, every time I see her sleeping in one of her clouds... That cloud seems so comfortable...

It looks like a Dragon Ball Nimbus cloud... but blank...

How will she achieve that the cloud is not dispersed?

One of my future projects will be to create a Nimbus cloud...

Oh, I almost forgot, I have already started learning forged and inscriptions.

Learning to forge is relatively easy, and we were taught in the traditional way, which is hammer and anvil forging. And the 'magic' way of forging, which is using qi to manipulate the heat and shape of the materials. But it consumes a lot of energy, so apart from learning it and practicing it in small jobs, we do not use it when it is a serious project.

And as for the inscriptions... It's hard to say …

In theory it is much easier than forging, since it is only learning the meaning of the runes (or using a rune dictionary), and then inscribing the runes with a mental image of what you want to achieve.

That is, if on a sheet of paper you put a rune that means 'fire', while you think about how the paper catches fire. You will easily get that when you infuse qi, on paper. The paper catches fire quickly.

That is the easy thing, since it is an example that made us do the first day in inscriptions classes.

But then the teacher taught us that with the same sheet of paper and the same rune. He caused that when activating the rune on the sheet of paper, a rose of fire formed on the paper without damaging it.

We tried the rest of the class later, but we didn't succeed.

According to the teacher, it requires a great deal of concentration and mental visualization. He also told us that these tricks of doing something complex with a simple rune, serves to train the aforementioned. Since when it comes to making a complicated design with several runes, it is very difficult to maintain a mental image of what you want, while you concentrate on all the runes.

That is why I say that it is easy and difficult at the same time.

I currently have several ongoing projects, which are...

Imitate the Gae Bolg spear, project progress - Almost non-existent.

Imitate the Yondu arrow, project progress - Not bad, but I have problems controlling the arrow, since I am only able to choose a target and that the arrow flies towards the target. (Which is basically an enchantment of 'Search Arrow' , copy from a book of examples.)

imitate the Nimbus cloud, project progress - I still can't get the cloud to disperse...

Those are the three projects I am concentrating on, although I also do easy things to practice, things like: Fire swords, artifacts with some pre-installed spell, barrier artifacts, etc.

Besides that they serve me to get some easy income, and some points and achievements.

Yes, when I personally manufacture something that is at least bronze rank, I get experience points and achievements. Although they are a misery, but it is better to win them than not.

Another thing... Although I'm not proud of this...

The speed with which I weaken has increased, and I have been careful not to do more than the minimum necessary training...

Since my current weakening percentage is... 7%.

It seems that as time goes by, the speed with which I weaken will increase... At first I thought I would have... I know... 30 or 40 years? Then I started to weaken and I thought I would be about 20 years old... But now I don't know if I would be 10 years old, before I had to try the trip to the Dragon Ball universe...

Changing the subject, Professor Leonardo is now more upset since I now spend more of my time on other subjects, which are not 'train my body'.

And Lucia is not happy with me either... Since I don't want to do the berserker transformation experiment again...

I think I'm going to lose the little support I had in this academy...

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