Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1 Chapter 78 I'm Going Too Fast?

Time skip, 4 year.

This is a good time skip ...

Now it's time to catch up.

1st I am now 12 years old, but I still look around 7 years. People get a little sick of me, but that was to be expected, so it doesn't affect me much.

2º I have made great improvements in all the professions that I have been learning so far, although it is also due to all the inherent skills that I have bought… Whether they are 'talent' or 'affinity', forging, alchemy, refinement, inscriptions, etc…

Now I have a certain reputation throughout the academy and the capital, apparently they think I'm a prodigy in matters of crafts and things.

Although this leads me to something else ...

I think they are boycotting me ...

What I mean is that they don't let me go on missions, that they exceed my cultivation range, which is level 6. When they used to send me missions 3 or 4 levels above my difficulty level. But now not only do they not send me those missions, but they don't even let me take them for myself.

They always give me some excuse, like there are no missions available, or that I have a personal mission with an assigned deadline ...

That is another, the academy does not stop sending me personal missions, which are basically missions for which someone has paid to the academy for me to do personally. They are usually of the style, forge this or refine that, but the worst thing is that they order large batches and it takes easily a month to complete each order ...

If it weren't for the academy itself has anti-exploitation laws to ensure the focus on studies, which prevents us from spending all our time on extracurricular activities, I wouldn't have time to cultivate

That personally I think that is what they want to achieve, since I try to ask permission to go to the demonic plane, to find a place to cultivate quickly. But I was denied permission ...

I am beginning to think, that they want to stop me from cultivating a lot, so that they can control me and thus acquire a "talented" artisan…

Well, let's stop thinking about the bad things, and let's go to the good that has happened in these 4 years ...

I have got a dragon.

Well, you could say they are 2 ... 1 and a half?

Let me explain to you, during these four years the academy has made its own so that it does not participate in the end-of-course tournament, giving one excuse after another.

That is another, the first 2 years nobody noticed, since a public announcement was not made. But when I started to acquire a bit of fame, on the subject of crafts, people realized this strange exception.

And so began a round of gossip and accusations towards me, usually people would not mind, but as always they gave me the same reward as the winner of the tournament ... You can imagine all those jealous students, who could not stand for me to win all those awards without 'deserving them'.

In general, I gained very bad reputation.

To what was going. That although not in every year they rewarded

to the winner with beasts, since it is a rare reward, they usually give away artifacts or medications ... But 2 years ago, the prize was a dragon egg ...

And although it was only of silver rank, but I have to say, dragons are incredibly rare. Even dragons of bronze rank are incredibly valuable, since they are very difficult to find, and those that are normally found are of sky rank.

For those who do not know, the sky rank is what is after the innate rank.

Although I don't know the details of how the dragon eggs were obtained, I have heard that they acquired 3 eggs. One of platinum rank, which is one of the emperor's favorite children. Another gold rank, which was the one that won the prince in the end of the year tournament. And the silver rank, which was what they gave me.

Unfortunately, I cannot make a contract with the dragon egg ... Since it is not of demonic attribute, but that is not a problem at the moment, since God knows when it will hatch. So I have plenty of time to find a solution to the problem.

Oh, and why do I know there is still time to hatch?

It's because they told me, it's because dragon eggs hatch when they reach diamond rank, at least they told me.

Dragons are rare creatures, when they mate with each other, their progeny will never have a lower rank than their own when they were born. So in the cases when dragons of bronze or silver rank are sighted, they are actually hybrids of dragons with other beasts. And although the dragon lineage prevails over any other, but still they cannot prevent their progeny from being born with low ranks.

In general, I have been told that according to what they have found, the eggs will hatch when they reach the diamond range. As incredible as it sounds, dragon eggs are able to grow on their own, until they reach the right rank for them to be born.

Why is my egg silver range ... when the other two eggs are higher rank?

The answer is obvious ... talent.

Like people, dragons pose their own individual talent.

And apparently my dragon is not very talented, so according to the estimates they have given me, it will take 100 to 200 years to hatch.

That is why they have given me a valuable dragon egg, besides that I cannot establish a contract with the egg, and it will not hatch for a long time. So they are sure that they will be able to recover the egg over time, besides that they make me a great 'gift' that I can't really enjoy ...

Ufff ... Even the good news is full of schemes and traps.

Well, at least I got a dragon.

Oh, and the reason I said I got a dragon and a half, is ...

As always, Medea was jealous to see me express happiness and interest in the reptile egg (From her perspective), so as she always does ... She bought another racial evolution ...

And so Medea became a dragon, more specifically a flood dragon. Which is basically a snake just like before, but with a horn on its head and new abilities to control its energy and elements.

Medea practically left me bankrupt, since everything that has to do with dragons costs a fortune in the grimoire shop. That's why I was so happy to get a dragon egg on my own, since it would cost me an incredible amount of achievements and points to buy the weakest dragon from the grimoire shop.

Luckily, Medea just decided to evolve into a flood dragon ... Well, I really think she was not able to afford anything better.

Ufff ... I have to do something with his jealousy ...

Speaking of Medea, both she and Arachne have taken the first step to become sacred beasts.

A few years ago, I suddenly received a warning from my grimoire GUI, that Medea had met the requirements to start evolving into a sacred beast ...

Apparently it is not something instantaneous and instead it is a process with several steps.

So Medea acquired the ability to transform into a semihumanoid beast, more specifically in a kind of lamia.

But ... let's say you have not yet achieved a transformation into a sacred beast, so it still does not seem human.

Like all lamia worth its salt, its lower part is that of a snake, and its upper part is ...

Let's say it still looks more snake than human, its entire upper body is still covered with scales, and since it has no hair on its head ... added to its snake features, it seems quite fierce.

Although it is quite cute when it becomes a mini lamia version ... It is as they say, even the fiercest beast, it will look pretty when it is small.

But hey, it's a step forward ... At least now he has hands, which she likes a lot. Even I taught her to use weapons and equipment.

Speaking of using weapons and equipment ...

Hestia, if you have become an expert in the handling of weapons, since having a humanoid shape, is able to use weapons and equipment. Besides that I made him a full body armor, to hide the fact that it was a female specimen.

Since Hestia was growing, she began to develop her natural armor in a ... suggestive way. Basically its stone armor, it became a kind of very rough bikini armor in the design ...

So I have no choice but to make a full body armor that could use ...

But the truth is that I am very proud of the armor I made, since I managed to make it work as a single set of armor, so I could make all its parts work in harmony with each other. That is called a set.

In addition to all the runes that improve both physical and elemental defense, I also managed to make the armor absorb heat from Hestia's body and transform it into energy to feed the armor's runes. Which has several functions, which I will explain at another time.

Well, as I was saying, after a while I received the same notice as before, but this time I was referring to Arachne. And like Medea, Arachne became ... an arachne ... I think I should have given it another name?

Well, leaving that aside, like Medea, the upper part of Arachne was also more beast than human, so it shows that they still have a lot to become sacred beasts.

Hum ... I have more things to tell, but I guess I'll leave it for another time ...

Since what time do I have to go to enroll in a tournament held in the tower of Babylon, but I'll tell you about that later.

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