Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1 Chapter 79 Will I Get Free?

"Like I can't join the tournament!?"

I said almost screaming, the only reason I stayed in this damn academy and I didn't run away, was to participate in this tournament. Since a valid identification is needed, which I would not have if the academy and the empire denounced me for desertion...

Since technically I belong to his military department, so it would be considered desertion if I leave the academy without permission, and it is clear that they will not give me permission to leave the academy.

Back to the topic…

"I have read the rules of the tournament and comply with all the participation requirements, and the academy has no right to prevent me from attending.

Moreover, it would be able to denounce the academy for breaching clause 5.9, of regulations of the interplanar association 'Prohibiting the prohibition of any person who meets the requirements, to participate in the tournament for talents, to be held once every 10 years'."

I said quickly, defending my right to participate in the tournament, with the best rewards under all planes.

"Ehhh... Uhhh... Wait a moment." The local pre-registration manager said, leaving in a hurry to realize that he cannot handle this situation.

These bastards... Not only do they not want me to do missions outside the kingdom, but now they want to take away my chance to get a very good reward. I suppose you fear that you will get a good result, and take the opportunity to leave the empire.

Since it is well known, that this tournament is well known for serving as an opportunity, so that young people are seen by the great powers and are able to receive the opportunities they deserve.

Although that is not exactly my case, since I really want to leave this empire, but I also don't want to be under the orders of another faction. So I intend to pretend to be recruited by a larger faction and take advantage to be free at last.

Although it is true, that at first it is nice to have a power that supports you, since they make things easier. But in my current state, this strap that has been put on my neck, will end up killing me more than anything else.

After the supervisor came, the empire put in charge of pre-registration. After we spend about 20 minutes arguing, he clearly tries to prevent me from signing up, either offering me rewards or even threats.

In the end, the real supervisor sent by the people in charge of organizing the tournament came, which immediately put in place the supervisor sent by the empire, as the poor man was sweating since if this went out of control it could end up executed.

In summary, I managed to enroll in the tournament and the empire received a formal warning.

Apparently, this is common, since there are always kingdoms or empires that want to monopolize their geniuses and prevent other more powerful factions from taking their geniuses.

Now I have to leave this empire, because if not... they will make my life impossible when I return... More than usual.

Is incredible…

Medea has practiced a lot his ability to fly.

But she doesn't do it as I expected...

At first I thought she would slip through the clouds just like she does on the ground... But apparently that is not the case.

What Medea does to move through the sky, is... jump from cloud to cloud, so its speed is certainly incredible...

Oh, although Medea actually got the ability to fly, by becoming a flood dragon. But according to her it consumes too much energy and is not as fast as jumping from cloud to cloud, so it only uses it when there are no clouds in the sky, or when it takes off or lands (not to destroy the ground).

Luckily it is not the first time I travel on Medea, and I am used to its incredible speed, actually... I have long since made myself a saddle for Medea, which apart from being an incredibly comfortable backrest chair, is also delighted to hold on to Medea and to create a barrier to protect me from the wind.


After a month of travel, I finally reached to see the Babylon tower on the horizon.

And if you wonder... Why didn't I teleport directly as I have done so many times?

The answer is... Because it was the perfect excuse, to leave the academy and the empire, a month ahead of time... And believe me, with the mess it causes to be able to participate in the tournament, I needed to get out of there as quickly as possible.

In what it will take to reach the tower of Babylon, I will explain what the tournament consists of in a little more detail.

Basically it is divided into 2 parts, a pitched battle with all contracted beasts, and a more normal tournament in which combat or support type beasts are not allowed.

It begins first with the pitched battle, in which only the participation of combat or support beasts is allowed... Basically, only beasts that can participate in a battle without the help of their contractor can participate, so beasts of type Strengthening are not allowed.

Oh, and although beasts are allowed to use artifacts and weapons... if they are capable. Those artifacts or weapons must be created by the same owner of the beast, in addition to the beasts must have a minimum of loyalty to their owner. This is done to prevent 'weak people' from establishing a contract with external help, to beasts stronger than they can handle, so they decided that measuring the loyalty of the beasts was the most appropriate since there can always be exceptions.

The pitched battle is based on points, as calculated... I'm not sure, they will explain later. But basically, after a certain time, the 100 participating contractors with the most points will move on to the next round.

That is the most traditional tournament, where as in the previous round, only artifacts and weapons are allowed that the participant has manufactured. If the participant does not possess any weapons of their own, standard level weapons of their choice will be provided for battles. Oh, the use of strengthening-type beasts is also allowed, so as before, a loyalty check is made.

Those 2 are the two most important points of the tournament, it is also separated for different cultivation levels and ages.

According to my cultivation level and age, I am in the middle-level children's section. That corresponds to people 10 to 15 years old, who have a crop between level 4 to 6.

Because although my cultivation can be considered very good for my age, I am not the only genius in the world, and surely there are geniuses who do not have as many limitations as me.

If I had been able to access the demonic plane, I am sure that if by chance I had not reached the innate level, I am sure that I would have reached level 9 of the peak.

While I think about how easy it would have been, if I wasn't tied to that damn empire (He was quite happy to have access to the high-level education that the academy provided him), I went straight to the tower of Babylon.

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