Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Library Of Heaven's Path?

Hello, here the author to tell you a couple of things.

I changed the bone spur for a bone spike, for two reasons:

1º - When making the image of the cover, I was only able to put a spike on the tail and it was decent.

2nd - I think the translation of espolon, is not what I expected.

Another thing, I would appreciate a comment ... to know if it is readable, more than anything. Because if the translation of google is not good enough maybe I should leave it ... Well, I will continue for the moment, but I would like to know your opinion.


I'm getting bored.

This week has been extremely boring, but hey, I will summarize my week in a few points.

1º- a professor visited me the last days to tell me something of common knowledge... he was a little surprised when he saw me doing math operations in the tests he gave me to see my level of education... apparently, apart from reading, writing and Adding / subtracting with fingers is rare for children my age.

2º- Experiment a bit with my body... and not how are you thinking, pervert. I experienced the physical limits of my body, that is, I did all the abs I could until I got a cramp... it's impressive, not only the fact of doing more than four hours of sit-ups... but the fact that I was willing to do them... in my previous life I would not even have started and if I did, I would not have continued the next day, I would have given some excuse to leave it as for example: 'I tried it yesterday' or something like that. It will have to do with being saiyan... now I regret not having gone to dragon ball directly.

3rd - I've been pulling my tail and it's not what you think, perverts. Well, I've discovered that I do not have the weakness of the tail... it may be because of the mutation.

4th-Marcus went regularly to see how I was doing and he told me a summary of what awaits me tomorrow, apparently tomorrow he will take me to pick up my grimoire from the capital's military stores... apparently they usually pick up at the town hall every town or city. But we are in the capital and technically I am part of the military...

Another thing that I have seen that differs with the canon is that you can hire a grimoire from age 7 to 18, but unlike the canon here it is all or nothing. That is, you hire it or not, there are no second chances. And apparently, whether you hire it or not, then it will take me to the first floor of the Babylon tower... yes, it is called that here... I suppose if you take away Chinese culture many things will have different names.

Well as I was saying, once I get there they will take me to the 'Library of heaven's path'... no, it's not a joke, but it's not what you think either. The library of heaven's path, is a monument of the dark ages which contains all the manuals of culture of the several continents of this plane and those that are connected to the...

Apparently at some point they joined all the powers of this plane and the surrounding against a common enemy and the battle lasted 1000 years, so they built the library of heaven's path to make sure, that all growers had access to the methods of cultivation that best suits them, to ensure the quality of the soldiers during the war. Luckily the war ended 9000 years ago and now I am the one who benefits. It seems that first they make you try to hire a grimoire, because apparently some inherent skills can affect the affinity with different cultivation manuals.

5th - And last but not least... I can not find the defective passport... I do not know if it is an element linked to the soul or something like that, since I have not found it in the room or in any of my belongings. I tried to invoke him, but I do not get anything... I do not know if he's in my grimoire or I have to be strong enough to invoke him...

Well in essence, that's all I've experienced this week, so today we have to sleep early. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

"Arthur... Arthur wakes up."

"Hum? Is it already day? "Oh, it's Marcus who has woken me... funny anecdote, the first time I try to wake up, I almost skewer him with my spike...

"Are not you the one I was looking forward to today? What are you doing now?" He asks with a smile, which makes me think that this is not the first time he's been through this... well, he's an old guy with children and probably grandchildren...

"Ufff, I could not sleep last night from the excitement." I said with a bit of embarrassment, since it was me who told him to go as early as possible.

"Ha ha ha, quiet is normal. Well, get up and get ready to leave, "he said and left the room.

Hehehe, I'll finally have my grimoire, I can finally start leveling... well, not exactly, but as a videogame addict I think it's the best term I can use to express my desires.

When I go out to the door of the orphanage, I see Marcus waiting for me with a couple of horses... shit, from when you're supposed to ride a horse, well... at least I'll try to learn.

"Marcus, I do not ride..." I said.

"I know, but I suppose if you have to fall off a horse while you learn, better here with me, than in front of a bunch of spoiled kids." He replied with a knowing smile... Well, he's really quite right.

Marcus helps me get into the horse's chair and gives me a few basic instructions, then we set off towards the military camp. Along the way, there is a moment when I almost fell off the horse, but imagine that... my instincts are acting again, I like them more every day. As I said, my tail wrapped around the horse's stomach and I managed to maintain stability... I guess this trick will be worth it until I get used to it.

After about 10 minutes, we arrive at the camp, in which Marcus shows some kind of identification and let us pass.

Apparently I'm not the only one who comes for his grimoire, it seems to be a tradition to get the grimoire and the cultivation manual before entering the academy.

With the efficiency expected of a military entity, they take little time to give us our grimoires and kick us... well, I really expected a more striking hiring, but in this version of lls, once you touch the grimoire it shines a little and then disappears... disappointing, but I suppose it's better than the canon. Here at least there are no pillars of light that supposedly measure your talent, so in theory we all start from the same starting point... at least in theory.

Marcus prevented me from opening my grimoire, he told me that it is better to do it in private and that I will have the opportunity to do it in the library... arrggg... I am dying to look at what is written in it.

Marcus and I, along with all the others who have gone to hire the grimoires, we go to the teleportation square... if they apparently have a place they use to teleport to other places...

You should look at the faces of those who have not managed to hire a grimoire... what a shame they give... they are pale and they seem to have lost their souls... their parents look at them with pity, the other children and their parents look at them with different emotions, mockery, exhilaration, grief, pity...

Ehhh! Since when I am able to perceive the emotions of people through their eyes... will it be a benefit of all the reincarnated?... at least in almost all the novels that I have read the vast majority of mc are able to do something similar... what a great mystery...

While I think about my nonsense as usual, people end up getting together in the center of the square. When the officer in charge of the teleportation system sees that we are ready, the teleportation process begins. Which, as it does not catch me off guard...

Ufff... you want to potar... seriously, I think I'm dying or something...

Marcus sees me with a pale face and laughs. "Ha ha ha, quiet boy, it is normal that the first few times you experience teleportation, most people do not feel good." As if to confirm his words, some children can be heard vomiting around us.

F.u.c.k, I do not have enough with mine, as for now listening and smelling other people's vomits... ufff, well I think I'm overcoming my bad moment.

"Come on, boy, turn around and look at the library of heaven's path." Marcus said patting me on the back, seeing that he was better.

And so, among pale children and vomiting, I turn to contemplate the 'Library of heaven's path'...

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