Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1 Chapter 80 Will I Win?

"Good morning, are you a tournament participant? If so, show me your credentials please. "One of the many receptionists, who were responsible for hosting the tournament, told me.

Nodding my head, I pass my credentials to the receptionist who inspects them with some type of device, which confirms my participation.

"Everything is correct sir, your registration indicates that you will participate in the children's section of middle rank. So your accommodation is located on the third floor of the inn 'fresh rose', which is located directly opposite. Remember that you have free accommodation during the period of the tournament, which will begin in 3 days, so I advise you to rest and relax. "

The receptionist told me while handing me a card with the number '398'... I guess it will be... Room 98 on the 3rd floor?

Picking up the card, while I nod him, I thank him and proceed to my inn.

I had not noticed when I arrived, as I was in a hurry to confirm my participation in the tournament, but now that I leave the registration building... There are a lot of inns around...

After searching a little, I find my inn and upon entering, I realize that the inn is packed.

A few minutes waiting in the queue in front of the receptionists, I get my room keys and finally I get some rest.


And quickly the 3 days passed.

In those who rest and prepare everything I could to my beasts, and myself.

Right now I am inside one of the many waiting rooms for the participants, there are so many waiting rooms that are actually outside the tournament grounds, and they are connected to the tournament venue through teleportation arrangements.

Since an incredible number of people sign up for this tournament, only in the children's section in which I participate, around 100,000 people participate.

And that taking into account, that in comparison with the participation rate of the children's section, the youth section and the a.d.u.l.t section. These two sections have about 5 times more participants each, compared to those in a lower section.

That is why the tournament is able to last several months, since although the children's section only lasts 2 days. Since those of the low and middle rank of the children's section go into action on the 1st day, and those of the high rank participate on the 2nd day, the truth is that the children's section is very simple. The other 2 sections take about 1 month to finish each approximately, so you can tell the big difference in power levels.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 1st day of the talent tournament, although we already saw the low-ranking participants this morning. But now it's time to see how the mid-ranking participants do, hopefully they show us interesting battles, since the level of these participants is higher than the previous ones… "

The commentator said while starting the contest, after continuing with his entry monologue for a few more minutes, he started the tournament.

Now I find myself in a square with Medea, Arachne and Hestia, along with many other participants who are with their own beasts. Many tournament managers go from participant to participant, marking their beasts with some kind of seal... I don't know what it will do.

While one of the managers marked my beasts, I asked him why they did it and he basically told me...

1º It serves so that those who handle the count of points, can identify them, besides that the marks contain information of their owners among other things. So I guess they used it for some kind of follow-up, to find out which participant has earned points or something... I don't know.

2º It serves as spatial coordinates, to be able to send and bring back the beasts of the artificial dimension in which the tournament will take place…

Yes, the battle will take place in an artificially created dimension... It is something like a grimoire world, but it is only temporary, since they have not yet managed to create a stable space of such size. If they were able to create stable artificial dimensions, grimoire worlds would not be so rare and appreciated.

After all the beasts were marked, they were instantly sent to the artificial dimension... Well, almost everyone...

Some beasts were left with their owners, and immediately the commentator explained the situation for the clueless.

Basically, the fact that those beasts were not teleported means that they did not meet any of the requirements to participate in the tournament.

And immediately, the owners of these beasts receive -5 points, for each beast that was not teleported...

There was a participant who instantly received -50 points... Although people like me, who participate with their 'elites'... There are also participants who trust the numbers, hoping that the power of the numbers will help them get more points.

But of course, these plans do not always work, as you can see... In my opinion, I think that person has recently established contracts with as many beasts as possible for him, but because of that he failed to establish a link with the most of his beasts, making his loyalty not very high.

Returning to the important...

Thanks to the artifact that the tournament gave me before I started, I could see my 3 beasts on 3 different semi-holographic screens, projected from the artifact.

Although the tournament itself also designed several giant screens, showing the different beasts.

The first thing that I noticed, is that all my beasts were separated from the others... I guess they were all teleported randomly...

Luckily, I already prepared myself for such a case... Well, it has actually been luck, since I did not know that this would happen in the tournament.

The truth is that all my beasts have protective artifacts, and among their functions is to feel the other protective artifacts that I manufacture. Although I did not add that function thinking about the tournament, but in the end it turned out to be useful...

And as expected, when my beasts recovered from the dizziness of teleportation, all my beasts looked in different directions, and it seems that they have already set their goals.

As before, we established that if we separated, they would try to meet me as soon as possible. And in case I was not with them, as in this case, I decided that they should meet with Arachne.

And so they did, both Medea and Hestia, departed in the direction of where they feel Arachne is. And in the meantime, Arachne began to release a thick gray mist, but for the moment it only materialized the smaller demonic spiders and sent them to explore.

And so the tournament began.

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