Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1 Chapter 83 The Stupid Never Dies?

(Hestia Pov)

Damn bastard ...

Who was going to tell me that I was going to find a totally elementalized beast ... Do you know what that means?

It means that my favorite shield is almost useless, and my piercing sword is even more useless than my shield ... Since the totally elementalized beasts are basically the element itself, in this case it is a beast of the lightning element.

And that means that I am fighting with a f.u.c.k.i.n.g lightning literally ... so not only that the shock absorption of my shield does not work ... If not that the damn bastard, it is incredibly fast.

Luckily the Master gave me some advice, for when I faced different types of elements ... And among all the advice he gave me, I was included in how to deal with different elements, including 'lightning'.

And according to the Master, the lightning element is weak against the wind element. And when I asked the Master 'Why?', He told me ... 'Naruto Logic.' ... I did not understand and the Master did not explain it to me, but the Master told me, that he already did tests and that it really is the case.

So right now, I find myself inside a wind-type dome barrier ...

Now I just need a way to kill this bastard ...

Hum ... think ... think ...

Let's see if I have any wind element weapon, in one of my gauntlets ...

Looking into the storage spaces of my gauntlets, I look at the ... What does the Master call them? Oh yes, the Master calls them Post-it or something ...

The Master puts these pieces of paper, in all the articles that he puts in my storage spaces, since many of them do not even know what they are or what they are for.

We'll see…

Wind ... wind ... wind ...

Oh here it is. There are even two weapons with the wind element.

Let's see what it puts in the ... Post-it, if the Post-it.

[Wind sword.

While activating this sword, balancing the sword will generate wind blades, which will allow you to make ranged attacks.

Hestia, be careful when handling the sword while it is activated, so as not to cut yourself.]

[Wind spear.

By activating this spear, it will cause a powerful tornado to be generated that will follow the direction of the drilling.

Hestia, keep in mind that the power of the tornado depends on both the strength of the piercing and the amount of energy you inject into the spear before the attack.]

How nice is the Master, explaining things in simple terms for me to understand.

Hum ... Which of the 2 weapons do I use?

Now that I think about it… I can also use the 2 weapons.

Having decided, I take out the 2 weapons and raise my head to look for my enemy ...

The damn lightning beast, kept fluttering around my barrier, as it realized long ago that I couldn't get through it. I even think it hurts him, since it is a wind element barrier, the dome is surrounded by a small tornado. And after trying to break it once, it didn't try again ...

When I face a barrier, I would try to break it ... and if I cannot attack, I would do it 2 or more.

But after the beast tried, the beast gave a groan and didn't try again ...

Oh, by the way ... This bastard is pretty dumb, since the stupid doesn't know how to make ranged attacks, since so far I've only seen the beast use his lightning body to bump into me or anything else.

Well, now it's time to fight ...

With a thought, I deactivate the barrier, which disappears in a few seconds.

And like the bastard who was that lightning beast, the beast charged towards me.

And I managed to dodge the attack with difficulty ... The bastard is very fast.

But it seems that his speed is as great as his stupidity.

Since if the beast made short-range high-speed movements, it would make it impossible for me to dodge its attacks.

The stupid, likes to make great movements, so after an attack goes away and reloads towards me.

So their attacks are predictable, which allows me to dodge their attacks ... and attack.

Seeing the stupid attack, charging in a straight line in my direction, I prepare to use the [wind sword].

I raise the [wind sword] high, and when the bastard gets close enough, activate the sword and make a vertical cut down.

While I was making a vertical cut, the [wind sword] shone and generated a gust of air that went towards the lightning bastard.

"Gyaaa ..."


The gust of wind, colliding with the lightning bastard ... I don't know what happened, but it hurt the bastard.

But ... it was just that, it hurt him but I haven't seen him have any injuries or something ...

Hum ... From what I see, the sword can hurt the bastard, but not much ... Now all that remains is to test the spear.

And luckily the bastard is dumb enough not to escape, and keep trying to attack ...

My God, how can there be such silly beasts ... I would understand if they were wild beasts, but all these beasts are supposed to have been trained ...

How can they be so dumb ...

(Hestia does not take into account the large number of points and achievements that Arthur spent on 'improvements in wisdom' on all his beasts.)

Seeing the lightning beast, charging furiously towards me, this time I prepare my spear.

Making a pre-drilling posture, I inject a lot of energy into my [wind spear], since according to the Master ... The more energy I inject into the spear, the stronger the attack will be.

And as before, the stupid beast foolishly charged towards me, and when the bastard got close enough ...


Just when attacking with my spear, a powerful tornado emerged around my spear and hit the lightning beast directly.


This time it was totally different from before ... The bastard was hurt ... Very injured.

I could hardly believe it ...

Seeing the beast that had been tormenting me, for quite some time ...

Seeing the beast be swallowed almost entirely by the tornado, screaming and m.o.a.ning in pain ...

I loved…

I felt super excited ... My body temperature rose incredibly ...

"Gyaaa ... Gyaaa ..."

And the cries of the bastard, they took me out of that incredible state I was in ...

The bastard retired to heaven, fleeing like the coward it is ...

Well, at least I got rid of the bastard ...

I better get together with Medea and Arachne, since I'm late.


"Gye ... Gye ... Gye ..."

That damn bastard ...

Now that the bastard has recovered, the damn lightning beast, bothered again ...

And even if it bothers me to admit it, I am not able to kill this stupid beast ... And as silly as the bastard was ... I don't think the bastard gets hit by another spear strike.

What do I do now…

Oh, I think the Master told me how to deal with situations like this ...

How was it?

The Master once told me ... 'If you can't defeat your enemy ... Seal it!' Yes, that's what the Master said.

But ... As a seal to the bastard?

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