Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1 Chapter 84 What Is The Master Inspired By?

(Hestia Pov)


I hate this feeling of helplessness ...

I find myself inside my wind barrier again, and the worst thing is that the lightning bastard has become more cautious ...

I tried to attack the bastard again ... But the bastard ran away when it saw my [wind spear], but the bastard did not leave, the bastard is persistent.

The Master said that if I can't defeat the enemy, I have to seal it ... But how?

Hum ... Let's see what I have in my gauntlets.

Hum ... Hum ...


There is a large box with a piece of paper in which it says 'Sealing traps'.

The Master always thinks of everything.

With a mental command, I open the box while it's still in my storage space ... And inside the big box ... There are 2 boxes ...

I look at what he puts on the little papers, which are in each box.

'Seal living things.'

'Seal unliving things.'

Oh ... I guess the Master has made several types of stamps, and so that I do not confuse me among all of them, so he has ordered them.

Hum ... Can the lightning bastard be considered alive?

On the one hand ... the bastard is a lightning beast. But on the other hand ... the beast is a literal lightning ... Can a lightning be considered a living being?

Hum ...

We will open both boxes and I will decide depending on what is inside.

I open the boxes ... and of course, there are many smaller boxes inside.

'Weight activated sealing trap.'

'Impact activated sealing trap.'

'Timer activated sealing trap.'


'Sealing trap for disembodied beasts.'


'Contact sealing talisman.'

'Qi sealing talisman.'


Wait, I think I've seen what I need.

I open the box that caught my attention, and I see a note inside it.

[Sealing trap for disembodied beasts.

This sealing trap is designed to deal with annoying disembodied beasts. Since not having a physical body, they cannot be harmed with physical attacks, so unless you attack them with an attack that they are weak, you cannot damage them. And the worst part is that they are usually quite capable of running away.

Type of trap: Seal bottle.

How to use: Simply point the mouth of the bottle towards the target beast, and remove the cap from the bottle, which will activate its powerful absorption capacity by swallowing any nearby disembodied beast. Since not possessing a physical body, disembodied beasts are vulnerable to this type of absorption traps.

Important note: Remember to cover the sealing bottle again, because if you do not cover the bottle, the beast can escape.

Important note: There are 2 types of sealing bottles:

The white bottle, which only seals the disembodied beast and keeps it in the bottle without doing anything.

The bottle bottle, this sealing bottle will refine the disembodied beast inside the bottle, so that the beast you seal in the bottle will end up dead. When the refinement is over, the jar will break leaving in its place a refined pseudo-core of the sealed beast.

Inspiration: Benihisago and Mafuba]

Hum ...

So I just have to aim the bottle at the lightning bastard and remove the lid, right?

That's easy. But which bottle do I choose ...?

That's easy, the bastard deserves to die.

By the way ... What is Benihisago or Mafuba? I guess it will be one of those rare references from the Master.

Taking one of the many little black bottles, I close all the boxes and pay attention to the bastard again.

Keep fluttering ...

The coward will not come if it sees me with my [wind spear], so I have no choice but to keep my spear in my gauntlets ... The truth is that I really need my 2 hands to use the sealing bottle.

You know ... one hand to hold the bottle, and another hand to uncover and cover the bottle.

With the whole plan ready, I remove my barrier and prepare to evade if the sealing does not work.

The cowardly bastard does not attack me immediately as before, the coward is suspicious ...

Shortly after I removed the barrier, and seeing that I am not armed (Since the bottle is black as well as my armor, in addition to small enough to hide it on my shovel.), The bastard got emboldened and attacked me .

Seeing the bastard foolishly attack in a straight line, I can't stop smiling inside ...

Not yet ... Not yet ... Not yet ...


When the bastard got close enough, I pointed my sealing bottle at the bastard and removed the lid as quickly as possible.

Instantly, a powerful suction appeared from inside the bottle, even I was surprised at the powerful suction of the bottle making me almost drop the bottle.

But fortunately I was not the only one who was surprised, since the lightning bastard was so surprised, that by the time I try to run away ... It was already too late.

Seeing the bastard, crying and screaming as it tried to escape the suction force of the sealing bottle ...

I get very excited.

My body temperature rose a lot, so much so that I activate the thermal energy collection of my armor.

I almost forgot to cover the lid of the sealing bottle, while I was in that state of ... excitement ... Luckily, when the bastard was locked in the bottle, I woke up when I stopped listening to the bastard's whining and can close the bottle to weather.

Hum ... This has been going on twice now ... Before when I fought in the dungeons to which the Master took me, this did not happen to me ... Why will it be?

No matter, I'll ask the Master later.

Now that the bastard is sealed and destined to die, it is time for me to hurry to get to where Medea and Arachne are. Since I have felt for some time that they have been together for a while now.

I guess I will activate the stealth function of my armor, and I will go as fast as I can to avoid battles.

Upon activating the stealth function, all the red lines in my armor went out, in addition to the armor itself becoming transparent ... Well, in reality the Master said that it did not become transparent, but that it manipulated the light or something … I don't understand, but it doesn't matter, since it works.

Being invisible, and my armor suppressing any energy leakage, I try to go as fast as I can to Arachne and Medea.

Although I have to be careful, if I meet a beast, because although I am 'invisible'. If you look in my direction, you can still see a distortion in the air, since it is not a perfect invisibility.


Oh, I have finally arrived. There are Arachne and Medea ...

'Hi Arachne, I'm sorry to be late… I ran into an annoying opponent.' I told Aracne after greeting her.

I haven't greeted Medea yet since she's asleep ... And she has a bad temper when she wakes her up.

'Hi Hestia, and don't worry, I've seen your fight with the elemental lightning. The truth is that we were lucky that you were with that kind of beast, since I don't know if Medea or I could win against such an enemy. '' Arachne said with that smarty tone, which she seems to always have ...

Medea is crazy about that tone of voice, but I like it, it gives me a sense of security.

I asked the Master why it might be the case, and he told me it could be because I was a 'Hell Soldier', more specifically a 'Soldier'. And soldiers are supposed to follow the orders of their superiors without questioning them, and that Arachne when setting a tone of superiority, when she speaks. She can give me a sense of security and comfort.

The Master is very smart, and seems to always have an answer for almost everything.

'So ... What is the plan from now on?' I asked Arachne.

'The plan is…'

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