Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1 Chapter 85 Are We Really Going To Use That?

(Hestia Pov)

'The plan is…

Wake Medea first... For what I would appreciate if you woke her first. ' Arachne said without emotion in her voice.


I don't like waking Medea... She has a bad temper when she wakes up...

Resigning myself to my duties, I approach Medea cautiously...

one step... two steps... three steps...

When I am facing Medea, while she is in her snake form... No, in her giant flood dragon form... It is easier to wake Medea when she is in a smaller form.

I extend my right hand towards Medea, and shake it slightly...



Before I know it, I crashed into a rocky amount... It's about 100 meters from where I was...

F.u.c.k, that's why I don't like waking Medea, she always hits her tail instinctively, who wakes her up… I personally think she does it on purpose, since the Master doesn't hit her when she wakes her up.

Ufff... If it weren't because my body is semi elementary and I always wear my armor, I'm sure it would have hurt me a lot... That's why, Arachne does not want to ever wake her up, since according to her 'It would be a shame to have to revive to one of my spiders just to wake Medea. '

Well, at least my sacrifice is valid for something, since as I return to the group I see Medea wake up.

'Hum... Oh, Hestia you've arrived... Welcome.' Medea said drowsily.

She's pretending... I'm sure she hit me on purpose...

'Ahem, now that we are all here, I will explain the plan. The plan is actually quite simple, since it is basically almost the same as we have done so far, but one more organized.

In short, I send my little spiders to explore and find other beasts, and then send my giant spiders to kill them. If I see that any beast is strong enough to defeat my spiders, I send you any of you.

Simple, right? ' Arachne told us her plan that she thought, it's really quite simple, and I like the plan.

'Well, now relax until I need you, but don't fall asleep again Medea.' Arachne told us at two, although the last part made Medea growl a little.


'Medea, I need you to go in that direction, there you will meet a group of three wolves that use the element of wood and earth.'


'Medea, go in that direction, there is a kind of giant golem that seems to only use physical attacks.'







"GRAAAARRRRR!" Growl Medea from her strong irritation.

'Why the hell do you just send me to fight? Why don't you ever send the fanatical battles to fight? I'm sure Hestia would love to go and fight. ' Medea said in indignation.

'Errr... The truth is that I would really like to go.' I said including myself in the conversation.

'I know, but although you are both at a similar level of strength, you have to recognize that Hestia is better able to deal with difficult enemies. Not because it is stronger than your Medea, but because the Master provided her with many weapons and items, which the Master manufactured over the years. ' Arachne said calmly.

'If I took my form of lamia, I would also be able to use all those things.' Medea said in protest.

'True, I would also be capable, if I took my semi-humanoid form. I would also be able to use most of Hestia's weapons and items, but you must remember that the Master told us not to reveal our semi-humanoid form, since that would cause the Master a lot of trouble. 'Arachne said, causing Medea , will remain without more arguments with her words.

"Grrrr..." Medea growled a little, but didn't complain anymore, and continued with Arachne's orders.

For all the bad temper she has, Medea is very loyal to the Master... Well, like everyone else, since we are guardian beasts. But Medea, achieved a loyalty level of 100 before she became a guardian beast, that shows how important the Master is for Medea. So even if he complains a lot, it won't cause problems for the Master.



"Yes, yes, tell me where I'm going... Uffff." Medea said with resignation.

'Don't interrupt me... Medea, Hestia, I need you both to go in that direction. Since a group of seven beasts have gathered in a collaborative group, so I suspect they all belong to the same owner, so they may have good teamwork. I will also send 50 giant spiders and 500 medium spiders, to support you... be careful, '' Arachne said with some concern in his voice.

Oh, I can finally fight, and it seems that my first opponents are a cooperative group...

This is exciting.

"Oh... With a group of cooperative beasts... This can get complicated as we don't handle it well... Do you have information that is useful to us?" Said Medea quite serious this time.

'The truth is that I have little information... Since being such a large group, the lonely beasts do not approach them, so I have not seen them fight yet. I can only tell you that there is a golem twice the size of the Master's Ozaru form, 3 other giant beasts and the rest are medium sized. Besides that they are a varied group of golems and lizards... Possibly the lizards are dragons without wings, although I'm not sure... '' Aracne said with certain doubts.

"Hum... I guess we'll have to improvise... Come on Hestia, ride on top of me, because if I take you we'll get there sooner." Medea told me after finishing talking with Arachne.

With a jump, I get on top of Medea, which begins to march in the direction in which Aracne pointed.


F.u.c.k, now I wish I had the comfortable saddle of the Master... Since right now, I find myself clinging to my life in Medea's collar. Seriously, Medea can go very fast, now I understand why the Master put so much effort into his saddle. At first I thought it was because he liked to travel comfortably or something, but now I realize that the saddle was totally necessary.


Ufff... At last we have arrived... Luckily, Medea has had the decency to reduce speed gradually, so as not to send me flying... Thing that Medea has done to me before... Although I believe that it has only gradually reduced speed, to prevent us discover...

Right now Medea and I are on a small mountain, a couple of kilometers from our goals. A pair of Arachne spiders approach us and they wait for us, waiting for us to give some command to be transmitted to Arachne and she transmits it to her spiders.

"Hum... Let's see," Medea said as she activated one of the functions of her necklace.

A metal strip extended from her necklace, which wrapped one of her eyes and became a crystal... The Master calls it a [Scouter]... And among other functions, it allows to see quite far.

"Hum... It's basically the same as what Aracne mentioned." Medea said and then stopped to think...

Suddenly, Medea's eyes lit up and she turned to me with a dangerous flash in her eyes.

'Tell me Hestia... You have that weapon made by the Master, who almost killed us all, when I tried the weapon for the first time...' Medea asked.

Hum... What weapon does she mean?

Oh... she refers to that weapon...

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