Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1 Chapter 86 Does It Look Like I'm Destined To Die?

(Arthur Pov)

I don't think they kill me after the tournament...

I am sure they will extract my soul and torture me for eternity.

Why the hell do they keep killing all the beasts?

By their actions, I am sure they realized that they do not need to kill their opponents, so that they win the battle...

But even knowingly, they continue to kill all their enemies...

In addition, seeing them work together, rumors have begun to spread... About a participant, who has been hired by some faction, to eliminate rivals from those factions. Or simply that there is a lunatic, who likes to eradicate the dreams and hopes of the other participants... Among many other rumors...

I don't know which one is worse...

"Excuse me, sir... But you send me the tournament management to ask you for the reasons for your... the actions of your beasts, I don't know if you know that your current actions will have consequences later." A voice told me, which I reach my ear directly, apparently to maintain my anonymity. Since I am sure that the other participants around me would try to kill me.

"The truth is... it's an accident... It's just that I forgot to tell you, it's courtesy not to kill your opponent if it's not necessary, so they're just fighting as they normally do. Since this is our first tournament, they are not used to the unwritten rules. "I said, whispering as softly as possible, to prevent anyone other than the one talking to me from listening to me.

"That's… strange, according to your application for registration for the tournament, you come from the military academy of the Crimson Dragon Empire. And if I'm not mistaken, in that military academy they hold annual tournaments, with reasons for evacuation. Right? "The voice answered, apparently with some difficulty in believing my excuse.

"Although it is true that my academy holds tournaments every year, but for certain reasons the academy always looked for an excuse to exclude me from participating, since they did not want me to face one of their imperial princes. Your motives? Apparently the prince was an idiot who couldn't stand losing, and to avoid bad blood between us, but they still rewarded me as it was due for what I didn't care. "I said whispering again.

"We'll check." The voice said again, and after telling me this, he stopped talking to me.


"Hello again Mr. Arthur, we have confirmed your statements, so you don't have to worry about any problems on the part of the tournament. But I recommend that as soon as the tournament ends recover your beasts as quickly as possible, and not to summon them in a while, since it is very safe for people to seek revenge... Moreover, I recommend that you keep hidden during some time after the tournament, since it is possible that they send murderers for you. Since although we will not filter your identity, it is not so difficult to find out either. "And after telling me that, the communication was cut off.

Well, at least they won't kick me out of the tournament, but... They just confirmed that my life is in danger...

Yupiiii! (Arthur thought almost crying.)


While thinking about how to hide, after the tournament, I kept watching what my beasts did. Luckily, only I am able to see what my artifacts show, if I am not sure that my identity would have leaked already.

But to my horror, I saw Medea and Hestia getting ready to use something that I really didn't expect them to use...


They want to use the mortar.

Shit, shit...

The mortar itself is not the problem... But the bomb that throws.

In all these years I have manufactured many different types of weapons and artifacts, most of all the things that I manufacture, are imitations inspired by things I saw in my previous life.

And of course, although I preferred to keep the theme of the world, I also made some firearms. Like guns, submachine guns or things like that.

But I quickly discovered that in this world they did not help much, since the damage done by firearms was only capable of harming cultivators below level 3. And if the one who is shot is a body refiner cultivator, it is they may not be able to damage even at a level 1... It depends on how good the cultivation manual is.

Even when I modified the weapons to do more damage, they were still useless, so I gave up on continuing to make firearms. Since it would only serve for civilians to kill themselves more easily.

Returning to the subject, although I gave up on firearms, I still experimented with explosives...

Well, more or less, since explosions are nothing new here.

But I realized that the method in which they used the bombs were a bit scarce. Since they basically launch explosive artifacts, which are like grenades. Or they put explosive runes with some timer or any other condition…

So try to do something in the field of explosions.

And the first thing I thought was the mortar.

Well, actually, the first thing I thought about was the rocket launcher… But since I didn't have rockets, I decided to lower the bar.

And while designing the mortar, I also decided to make a few explosive artifacts, to test the mortar when it was finished.

But as I made the bombs, I realized that the designs I had on hand were quite c.u.mbersome, since they were basically batteries with an explosive rune.

But with nothing else at hand, I decided to try to improve the design of my pumps.

The first thing I did was increase the battery capacity, obviously.

The second thing I did was try to improve the quality of the energy inside the battery, which was not so difficult. Since I previously investigated how to increase the level of energy, although in my research it was to increase the level of demonic energy...

But I failed incredibly, although it is true that I managed to increase the level of demonic energy by a couple of levels... but in very few quantities and the energy ended up being very unstable, so it was efficient.

But the method I developed worked incredibly well, on environmental energy... I guess environmental energy is much more stable than artificially transformed energy.

Returning to the subject, after getting the batteries filled with more energy and higher level, I started working on the runes.

Research the runes used and the thought process behind them, and after understanding the process, modify it.

Normally it would be something like... Detonating and boom...

That would summarize the runes used

The first thing that changed was the trigger, which changed it from a timer to an impact timer.

Then I replaced the simple explosion rune, with something more complex.

And after much thought, I decided on a pattern of my bomb's behavior.

It was basically something like...

detonation (impact), [expansion, sphere, fast], [search, entity, range, exclude, shrapnel], [tie, hold, solidify], [rotate, fast, loop], [detection, energy, interrupt], ​​[ conversion, (element)].

Although it sounds a bit confusing, what I want to do with this series of rune combinations, is.

That the bomb detonates when it hits something, and that when it detonates it spreads the energy inside it quickly in all directions quickly. This in itself is not going to do any harm, but along with the energy there will be shrapnel, so it could hurt those in range.

But even so, that is not the main objective, so let's continue. After the energy has spread, targets will be sought within the energy sphere, and they will be retained by some retention spell... Excluding shrapnel, of course.

After all that, the energy within the energy sphere will begin to rotate in itself, carrying with it all the shrapnel that will be in the area. And although it is true that much shrapnel will have left the sphere, it is also true that there will also be much within the range of effect. And with all that rotation, along with the immobilized targets, surely more than one is hit again.

And when the energy inside the sphere begins to run out, the rotation will stop. And it will convert all the remaining energy into the selected element, be it fire, poison or whatever.

And although I failed horribly to achieve that effect with the runes mentioned above, but after many trials and errors, in the end I got an effect similar to what I had imagined at the beginning.

But the day of the test...

We almost all died, underestimate the power and range of the bomb, since it caught me within the range of effect...

At first we were surprised, and we could not react in time... and at that moment I discovered something that somehow I am glad to have discovered...

At that moment I learned that if I am in a high energy density zone around me, and that it is more than 3 levels above my cultivation... I will not be able to go to the grimoire world...

So I am not as untouchable as I thought... because if someone with 3 levels or more of cultivation than me, is able to suppress my escape, preventing me from going to the grimoire world...

At that time, we suffered few wounds, because Arachne summoned a lot of spiders of all sizes I made a barricade around us... And luckily, since I did not want to destroy the training ground or anything, I decided that the elementary transformation was The water element. So we do not suffer much damage from that, apart from some excessive pressure at the beginning, until the water dissipates.


And there goes my speech, how I made a bomb that almost killed me...

Believe me, it works too well, since at that time Arachne lost many spiders...

And now I'm seeing how my beasts are going to use those bombs, to kill many more beasts... And piss off their owners even more…

At this rate, they will hire an innate level killer to deal with me... (Arthur thought while crying anime style. T-T)

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