Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1 Chapter 87 Is It Time For The Explooooosion?

(Hestia Pov)


With which Medea you want to use the bombs and the mortar...

'Don't you think it's too much to exaggerate using the Master's bombs to kill 7 beasts?' I asked Medea, since I really thought it was a bit of an exaggeration.

'Silly girl, although it is true that it is a bit exaggerated, use those bombs to kill only 7 beasts. But these 7 beasts are companions, so they surely know how to fight together, so that their power will increase much more than if they were only 7 wild beasts. So it is better not to take a risk. ' Medea explained to me, although I still think it's an exaggeration, and that we should go kill them personally.

After Medea talked to me, she turned her attention to one of several spiders around us, and transmitted her plan to Arachne.

"Arachne, I suppose you have already heard my plan, so what I require of you is that you send your spiders to entertain those beasts and not move in what we throw the bomb at them." Medea said to the spider, which transmitted everything the spider saw and heard Arachne.

Shortly after Medea communicated with Arachne, we can see in the distance... Rather, Medea sees in the distance with her scouter, that a large group of spiders attack the group of beasts.

When she sees that everything is going according to her plan, Medea urges me to prepare the Mortar.

"Hestia come, take out the mortar and start preparing it, while I get the necessary data for you to shoot." Medea said as she looked intensely at the group of beasts.

One of the functions of the scouter is the ability to measure distances, but the Master says that it is not yet very well developed. So Medea has to stay very still, and look at a target that does not move either... So I guess you will choose a nearby rock as a target to measure the distance there.

Meanwhile, I remove the mortar from my storage space. And although the Master calls it mortar, it seems like a cannon to me... Well, it doesn't really matter to me.

Anchoring the mortar base to the ground, to make sure it does not move, I return to the control panel, and inject energy from my armor to activate the mortar.

The Master made using this mortar quite easy. Since you only need to aim the arrows drawn in several places of the mortar, towards the enemies and then you just have to enter the distance in the control panel, and the mortar will automatically adjust its degree of inclination only... Although according to the Master, the accuracy It will be affected by other factors. But with the great range of the Master's bombs, there will be no problem.

While I finish preparing the mortar, I turn my attention to Medea and ask.

'Medea What element did I choose the bomb from?' I ask Medea, since the Master gave me bombs of different elements.

'Hmm... The group is a set of golems and lizards, so they have a good defense... Choose the corrosive poison bomb, since if they don't die from shrapnel storm, they will do so by drowning in the corrosive poison.' Medea she said with a dangerous flash in her eyes... Seriously, she complains that I love fighting, but she is worse... She likes to do and see people suffer...

Less to the Master, of course... When facing the Master, she always acts as if she were a good girl...

While I think about how hypocritical Medea is, I look for the corrosive poison bomb... Poison, no... Infectious poison, no... Slow-acting poison, no... Oh, here it is, the corrosive poison.

I take the bomb out of my storage space, which appears in my hands... Seeing this is something, which according to the Master, is shaped like a bullet... I can not help feeling a little afraid, because if I slip from the hands, both Medea and I would die quickly.

When I think about that, I can't stop my hands from tightening a little, since I carefully put this bomb in the automatic ammunition loader... which is basically a very short range teleporter, which deposits the delicate bomb inside the interior of the mortar with maximum delicacy...

'This is ready now, just enter the distance and we can shoot. Do you have the distance yet? 'I asked Medea.

"Yes, I have the distance, it's 17.3 kilometers." She told me while relaxing her entire body, apparently staying so still for so long, it put great strain on her body.

Let's see... Medea said it was 17.3 kilometers... Well, let's introduce that value... I start by pressing the '1' button, then the '7' button, the '.' Button, the '3' button, the 'k button '… And now that the distance is entered in the control panel, it only remains to press the big red button, which is the one that shoots.

Preparing to press the big red button, I see that Medea has already pressed it, with the tip of its tail... F.u.c.k! Medea... because you always have to annoy the best moments …

In addition, that I missed the shot... since the mortar is so quiet at launch, that I have not heard when it was shot... According to the Master, the mortar uses an extreme repulsive force, which comes from an extreme inversion of gravity inside the mortar cannon... I don't know what it means, but what I do know is that it sends the bomb super far and without making noise.

I give up trying to see if I am able to see the bomb flying in the sky... since it is far away...


(Medea Pov)

Ha ha ha... Since I like to annoy Hestia, I love watching her twist in annoyance.

Ufff... I wish Arachne was as annoying as Hestia, since whenever I try to annoy Arachne, she stares at me uncomfortably without saying anything... She always spoils all the fun.

Well, I'd better look at the group of beasts again, since at this distance, the bomb will only take a few seconds to arrive.

As I look through my scouter, I see that the group of beasts are still entertained with Arachne's spiders. But I see that the number of spiders has been greatly reduced, while the group of beasts do not seem to have any injuries, nor do they seem very tired.

And shortly after the bomb arrived...

Instantly I see that the mana dome formed, and I can see that the lizards have received shrapnel wounds and although the golems also received some wounds, but they are almost insignificant.

The dreamers try to free themselves from the restraint spell, which is really not a very strong spell, but that spell is only there to prevent them from leaving before it starts...

His worst nightmare.

While the beasts try to get rid of the restrictions, what some of the beasts get partially, but it is too late...

Suddenly the energy inside the dome, seems to condense into a liquid state, and begins to rotate like a whirlpool. And as the force of rotation of the energy inside the dome increases, everything that is not attached to the ground begins to float in the whirlpool. So right now there are many stones and shrapnel from the bomb, going at high speed in the whirlpool, colliding with the beasts inside the dome.

I can already see some of the smaller lizards that were still fixed to the ground, being torn apart into collisions with shrapnel and rocks. Heavy golems also receive quite a lot of damage, since they lose entire chunks of their bodies. The only ones that have it better, are the lizards that managed to free themselves from the fixation and therefore are dragged by the whirlpool, mitigating the damage they receive... Although that does not mean that they do not receive damage.

After about 6 or 7 minutes, the whirlpool stops, dropping the bodies of the majority of the beast group, and those still alive are half dead...

And the best thing is... that this is not over yet...

In a few seconds, the energy inside the dome changes color... The energy ceases to have that almost transparent bluish white color, and becomes a rather dull yellowish green... Since you can hardly see what is inside the dome...

And a few seconds later, the dome dissipates, letting the corrosive poison spill around...

The view is impressive, since the ground level that was previously covered by the dome, is now a few meters deeper. Besides that there are only some parts of the golems left, which I suppose will be corrosion resistant or simply more durable parts... But other than that, there is nothing left...

Ha ha ha, goodbye bastards.

I would love to see the face of its owner right now. Surely your expression right now is great.

I am sure that the Master will be proud of my plan, I hope you congratulate me a lot when we leave here.

(And in the meantime, Arthur is crying, his face increasingly pale as he hears the shouts of the beast owner.)

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