Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 88

Volume 1 Chapter 88 Do I Have To Fight Now?

Time skip 3 hours.


(Arthur Pov)

This nightmare is finally over...

I'm sure these girls are trying to kill me, because when they saw how well the bombs worked, they decided to use Arachne's spiders to attract many beasts together and then bomb them...

And of course... its owners did not like the idea of ​​seeing the beasts in which they have spent so much time, effort and resources to strengthen... Die just like that.

Luckily on the screen that shows the score of the first 100 participants, does not put the name of the participant or what are their beasts...

And as soon as I saw that there were 10 seconds left for the tournament to end, I activated my [Accelerated Perception] to be able to send my beasts to the grimoire world instantly...

Oh, I didn't talk to you about my inherent skill [Accelerated Perception]... It's a skill I acquired, when I thought of a way to cast spells faster. At first I thought about acquiring a skill in plan 'The Flash' or 'Quicksilver'… More quicksilver than flash, since I didn't want lightning and all that.

But like all the super incredible and powerful skills, objects or beasts... Either they are incredibly expensive, or I simply don't have access, this last case being this time.

So I decided to acquire at least the acceleration of thought and perception, and after searching through several skills in the grimoire shop, I decided to acquire this inherent skill. Although there were other skills that gave better benefits, but they also had harms, so I decided on the more neutral ability.

And [Accelerated Perception] works quite simply, it's like when you're watching a video and suddenly the video's playback speed drops to 0.9, which makes the video play a little slower.

Well, this ability basically does the same with my perception of the outside world. What makes my thoughts faster than in my normal state, and the best thing is that my internal energy circulation is improved just like my thoughts...

Although in reality from my perspective, my speed of thought and energy manipulation remains the same... But facing the outside is faster.

I currently have [Accelerated Perception] at level 4, which makes me see the world at a speed of 0.6, which is almost half the normal speed. And although I could raise [Accelerated Perception] a couple more levels with my points and achievements, but my brain is not able to withstand the stress of using this skill for too long, so consider it would be against producer to increase its level. When my crop level progresses and I feel that I can handle [Accelerated Perception] more easily, I will level it up.

After starting to feel the headaches when I raised the skill to level 4, after trying it a bit the skill in level 1... A big mistake...

It took me a week of self-torture, while trying to get used to using [Accelerated Perception], but at least now I am able to use [Accelerated Perception] for a minute or so...

I also thought about buying a skill that would increase my body movement speed, but when I went to do it, a warning from the grimoire shop came out, in which I was told that my body would not withstand the use of this type of skills... Some skills seem bodily requirements to be able to use them... So I decided to leave it for the future.

I have deviated from the subject...

To what I was going, that by accelerating my perception, I sent my beasts to the grimoire world even before the teleportation was over... Although in doing so, I risked that my beasts were mutilated by interrupting teleportation... But they are the ones that are Immortals, not like me, that I am a mere mortal... Besides, in the end teleportation was not interrupted, it only ended in teleportation in my grimoire world.

And luckily no one noticed the strange person without beasts around... Although the truth is that everyone is busy looking for the 'terrible genocidal beasts', who have slaughtered a lot of beasts...

And even with all the beasts they have killed, I am not the first on the list of points... Although I am in the 23rd position, I suppose it is a good position. Actually, I'm a little disappointed that after my beasts caused so many problems, I didn't get a better position.

"Ladies and gentlemen, with this I conclude the first part of the talent tournament... Although it is true that there has been a certain incident... during this part of the tournament... But after investigating, it has been discovered that it has not been intentional, this unfortunate incident has arisen from the lack of knowledge of a certain participant, so that their beasts did not know about the... rules not spoken...

But leaving that issue aside, we will start the second and last part of the tournament in an hour, giving the first 100 participants time so they can rest a little. "

Said the commentator, who explained my case... Although I doubt that prevents them from sending murderers for me...

Well, it's time for me to take that precious hour of rest, to clear my mind.


2 hours later...

After the break time, we were grouped into 4 different groups with 25 participants each, to speed things up with simultaneous fighting.

From what I could find out, the tournament will go as follows:

100 participants / 4 groups.

25 participants in 1 group.

The battles will be divided into 1x1 bouts, leaving a lucky random participant who will get to the next round without fighting. And so it will continue until only the last 3 participants remain.

Then the 12 participants of the 4 groups will meet and 1x1 battles will be held until someone wins.

A basic tournament, in my opinion...

There are several rules, the first... Do not kill. And for a moment, I think the person who explained the rules, looked at me for a second when he said that rule...

It was not intentional!


Other rules...

As in the first part of the tournament, I can only use artifacts or weapons that the participant has created. If the participant does not have the ability to create weapons or artifacts, they may only use the weapons provided by the tournament.

Another rule, you can only use beasts of strengthening type, and not of any other type.

Another rule, you can not use skills or anything else, which increases the strength above the margins of the tournament. That is to say, that I personally cannot transform myself into Ozaru, since it would exceed the level 6 limit, which is the limit of this section of the tournament.

And although technically my cultivation does not change with the transformation, since the increase in power of my Ozaru form is based entirely on physical power.

Also, another interesting rule is that battles have a time limit of 20 minutes. And if none of the participants manages to defeat their opponent, either by leaving him unconscious, having him admit defeat or expelling them off the battle platform. The judges will decide what in their 'opinion' they think they would win if the battle continued.

There are more rules, but they are unimportant things, like not using poisons or things like that...

"Participant Arthur vs. participant Leorio, get on the battle platform." Said the referee of our group.

It seems that I have to fight.

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