Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1 Chapter 9 Grimoire Trolling?

What a disappointment…

I expected it to look like the library that appeared on the cover of the novel, but this is a kind of pyramid... Well, technically it is a rhombus with a third of that buried in the ground...

Well, as long as it fulfills its function, it does not matter what it looks like.

We go in group to the pyram... library, in which we find other groups, which I suspect are from other continents and planes. Call me crazy, but those people with horns and skin of different colors, I think they are demons... I feel a certain familiarity for the aura they are giving... Oh, some have turned their heads to look at me, I guess they have the same feeling as me.

There are also some groups of beast men, and others that are quite rare... there is a group that seems to be a plant based lifestyle... very weird all. At least they are all friendly, although some children of the group of beast men, look at me with defiance... it will be for being half monkey or something.

At last! It seems that we are going to enter, although it seems that we are all going at once... were not we supposed to have some privacy?

"Well boy, once inside, choose one of the thousands of rooms. Once inside, it will be sealed from within and you will not have to worry about your privacy, so the first thing you have to do is look at the contents of your grimoire.

And once you know what your strengths are, then you will have to select a cultivation manual, the library will scan you and provide you with the best manuals for you. It only remains for you to choose the one that you think is best for you, therefore I recommend that you practice the entry level of each one of the manuals that show you, since it only deals with the collection of qi. With which you can check with which you take less, or with which you feel more comfortable.

By the way, it's 11 in the morning right now, and the opening ceremony of the academy starts at 7 pm, so you have less than 8 hours to try everything you want. At 7:25 an alarm will sound and you'll have to leave, so take advantage of as much time as you can. "

Nodding, I head into the pyramid... Shit! The library, li-bra-ry.

Once all the brats (myself included) enter the library, we unfold in all directions and choose a random door and enter. When I enter the room, it automatically closes and I see flashes of light from here to there, I guess it will be some kind of sealing matrix or something like that.

And finally what I've been waiting for all this time... open my grimoire.


How the f.u.c.k do I invoke my grimoire...?

Shit, f.u.c.k, arrrgg...

Calm down, calm down... inspire, expire... okay, I've calmed down. Let's try several things to see if any of them work.

'Salt grimoire...' Nothing.

"Salt grimoire..." Nothing.


Shit, Marcus could have told me how to invoke my grimoire back... wait, I already invoked it once before... after it disappeared after hiring it, how the f.u.c.k did I do it?

Haber, I remember that at that moment I just wanted to open it to take a look inside... let's try to concentrate on that.

I close my eyes and think that I want to open my grimoire to see its contents... I open my eyes and there it is... Well, what do you want me to tell you, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I'm happy that it appears, but on the other side I feel like I'm trolling... I mean, you appear when I want to read your content, but not when I want you to appear... Are you trolling me, right?

Well, let's open it and see what it says.

I open it and I look at the first page... An ill.u.s.tration of me comes out, with my data.


Name: Arthur.

Age: 7 years

Affinities: Demonic (extreme).

Grimoire range: low range bronze.

Cultivation: without cultivation.


There are some more data such as my weight and height, but those I keep... everyone needs some privacy... (does not want you to know that it is a retaco... for now).

Hum... What is that extreme in my affinity? Well, I'll ask in the academy later, let's look at my inherent skills. I turn the page and in the next two pages I see two skills that I do not recognize... I guess these are truly my own, since they are not the ones I buy.


Name of the skill: Demonic Affinity.

Level 1.


Increase your level of affinity for the demonic attribute by 3 levels, it also improves the abilities that use demonic energy by 10%. In addition to providing an increase in the speed of leveling your beasts of the demonic attribute, by 5% by the level of your demonic affinity.

+ 10% improvement in skills by level.

+ 5% growth rate per level.



Name of the skill: Fusion (strengthening).

Level 1.


It allows indefinitely to maintain the fusion with strengthening type beasts, provided that they are not in conflict with each other or with the user of this ability. It also increases the benefits of the merger by 20%. The fusion happens to be a true fusion, instead of a forced fusion.

+ 20% merger benefits per level.


Hum... so what about my extreme affinity is due to this ability... I guess I'll be like Yue Bing... Apparently she only had talent with the plant type beasts... in my case they are the demonic type.

The second ability does not make me very funny... because it insinuates something I do not like very much... the reason I chose this world is because I wanted to be an invoking type character. But if I'm going to have an affinity with the strengthening-type beasts, I'll have no choice but to fight myself... F.u.c.k, I hope I do not have another ability like that of demonic affinity, for strengthening-type beasts.

I turn the page and see the following two skills... ufff, thank goodness, these are already the ones you buy.


Name of the skill: Commerce.

Level 1.


This ability allows its user to establish commercial agreements under the old code as its witness, also allows trading with the old code itself, therefore this skill collects all the experience and achievements of the user and converts them into currency for trade of the user. It gives the ability to create contracts.

Experience points: 0 pts.

Achievements. None.

+ benefits unlocked by level.

+ 5% discount per level.



Name of the skill: Correspond loyalty.

Level 1.


This ability allows the user to match the loyalty he receives from another by giving a general 20% increase to his statistics and skills, for every 10 points on the loyalty meter.

In addition, when the mark of 90 points is exceeded, they will be granted the immortality capacity equal to a guardian beast. That is, if the entity that benefits from the immortality capacity dies, it will decompose and the old code will guide its body and soul to the grimoire of the user of this ability. With sufficient time, the entity will return to a perfect state and leave the grimoire.

Entities that already have an ability of their own immortality type will receive 3 times more benefits than those that do not.

Loyalty list:

???: 100/100 = + 600%

Note: those that do not reach 10 pts, will not appear in the list.

Note: The benefits will only be received by those who exceed 40 pts (with the exception of the contracted beasts).

Note: those whose loyalty decreases will feel bad, depending on the decrease in loyalty (only applies to those who have received the benefits of the skill).

Note: those who have received benefits from this ability and their loyalty values ​​go down to negative values, will receive a severe backlash (depends on the difference between the maximum value and minimums reached).

+ 10% of benefits per level.


I'm glad I put extra points in these skills, the trade skill eliminated the restriction of trading only with the old code, which allows me to use it to make sure that any trade I make is cheating... Unless they have some skill such as betrayal, or that the trap is alien to the contract. Although I do not know what the achievements will be... I will investigate later.

The ability of loyalty is much better than I expected, as in the previous one, also to eliminate the restriction to my hired beasts. What allows anyone to veneficiar of it while they are loyal and also is anti-treason... A pity that has no plans to create a faction or anything, I've never liked to take care of others... well, I guess that's how you know the level of loyalty of my future wife and will also make her stronger... who knows how everything will end. In short, I love the increase in power that it offers, and it is only level 1, when it goes up in level it will be a barbarity.

The one that has 100 pts of loyalty will be my guardian beast, since it is the only one that can benefit from triple the benefits... It hurts a little that Marcus does not even have reached 10 pts... well, he is going to do...

Ufff... let's leave this for another moment, let's turn the page...

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