Assassin's Chronicle Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Tie

Minos' speed was very fast, as well. He raised his wand and aimed it at Anfey. Minos' greatest strength was his ability to use forbidden spells, without any cooling periods. He was most skilled in curse-based forbidden spells, which were almost impossible to block. Even though there were two powerful Priests of Light present, who could cancel out the effects of any spell, it may not be enough.

Anfey suddenly disappeared and reappeared several hundred feet away from Minos. He waved his hand and summoned a few firebirds. The white-hot firebirds streaked through the air toward Minos. As the firebirds flew past, the air became distorted by the heat.

Minos's mental focus was cut off, but that wasn't enough to make him panic. He summoned a bone shield as the firebirds drew close. The firebirds crashed into the shield, shattering into bright sparks, obscuring Minos' figure.

A few bone lances appeared in mid air and flew toward Anfey. Anfey quickly jumped in his direction to avoid the bone lances. His speed increased and he came slowly toward Minos. When he was a few hundred yards away from Minos, he raised his hand. Lightning poured down from the sky and struck Minos, breaking his shield.

It was a very strange lightning spell. Normally, serial lightning had a set range and would strike everything in it. The serial lightning Anfey had just summoned struck only Minos. The lightning formed a large cone as it streamed toward him.

Anfey flew foward, through the lightning. Two firebirds joined the lightning, as they flew toward Minos. Minos could not react in time, and was struck by the firebirds.

Anfey was getting very close to Minos. However, he suddenly hit an invisible wall and almost stopped. The white robe he was wearing turned into a dark grey. Minos had set up a trap that was very hard to detect, even with the Heart of Nature.

Anfey only hesitated for a second before pressing on toward Minos. Anfey knew very well when he should back off and when he should risk his life. Now was a time he deemed reasonable to risk himself.

Anfey's right fist burst into light. The light grew larger and stronger, and finally became a ball of pure light elements. Anfey thrust his right fist forward, sending the ball of light elements flying toward Minos. The ball of light flew true and struck Minos' chest.

Light magic was a necromancer's worst enemy. Being struck by such powerful and pure light elements had caused Minos immense pain. He opened his mouth and let out a distorted scream. As he was struck by the light magic, the numbing effects of the serial lightning disappeared.

Dark vines appeared from the ground and flew toward Anfey. Above Anfey, dozens of large white bones appeared and started extending downwards and trapping Anfey. As soon as Anfey as trapped, a dozen bone lances appeared in midair and flew toward him. At the same time, wrinkles started to appear on Anfey's cheeks.

Anfey disappeared from where he was and reappeared a few hundred yards away. He could not teleport as far, because of the effects of the spell. Perhaps it was because of the aging spell, but it took him much longer to reach to Minos.

Minos roared as he summoned another bone lance and threw it at Anfey. Anfey jumped aside and smashed his fist into the bone lance. The lance was smashed into pieces and Anfey was thrown backwards.

"Thanks!" Anfey called with a laugh.

Minos spat in anger, realizing he had missed a chance, as Anfey flew out of the range of his kekkai. The fight had temporarily ended. The entire fight started with Anfey approaching Minos, and ended with Anfey getting out of the range of Minos' kekkai. It was very fast, and was over before any of the top level powers could interfere. Both Minos and Anfey were injured, and neither was winning.

The top level powers watched with wide eyes. Even though they were top level powers and had years of experience, they had never witnessed anything like this.

The priest next to Stan was the first to react. He raised his hand and Anfey burst into light. He had used a cleansing spell to cancel out of the effects of the aging spell, and the prayer spell to increase Anfey's ability.

Stan raised his hand as well, and chanted a spell, healing his wounds and replenishing his stamina. The others soon followed suit. They all started chanting spells, summoning protective shields around Anfey. Countless spells appeared around Anfey. The light from these spells was so bright, it was almost impossible to see the man who was in the middle of it all.

Anfey raised his hand, and a large crack appeared in the ground below him. The crack created a barrier, making it impossible for the skeleton army on the ground to cross it. The ghost dragons could cross it, but they could feel the strong magic surge coming off of Anfey. Without Minos' order, they would not try to attack him.

"I'm filled with strength," Anfey said, landing on the ground. "This is the advantage of having friends, you see. You're so alone, Minos. Don't you feel sad about it?"

"Sad?" Minos repeated mockingly with a chuckle. "No. I do not need friendship from the likes of you. You cannot understand my greatness."

"I don't need to understand your greatness," Anfey said. "All I need to understand is how to end your miserable life." He landed on the ground and pushed off, shooting back into the sky. He sliced through the air as he hurtled toward Minos.

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