Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Shes Not Useless

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Liu Chengren automatically categorized Nan Zhi as the typical ‘flower vase’ type of woman, pretty but otherwise useless.

She already had the celebrity disease and was late because she had above average looks. It was a complete joke that she wanted to surpass Lin Wanyue!

Liu Chengren had a stern expression as he waved his hand towards Nan Zhi. “I’ve already chosen three intern hosts. You don’t have to show me your proposal anymore.”

Nan Zhi naturally did her homework before she entered the broadcasting company. She knew that this man in front of her was the director for ‘Dreams Come True’.

She nodded her head politely at Liu Chengren. “Alright, Director Liu.”

That was it?

Liu Chengren could not help but furrow his eyebrows, seeing that Nan Zhi did not look at all disappointed. She did not cry and beg him for another chance, nor did she even try to please him.

“You know your place rather well. You know to step back and be content with the second best choice, knowing that you don’t have the chance anymore.” Liu Chengren shook his head in pity. “It’s a pity with your skills. In this industry you need courage, uprightness and backbone and you seem to be lacking in all aspects. Even if you’re a pretty, but useless person, you can still rise up and get famous if you go on a good program. However, I’m afraid no one will support you since you’ll be interning on Director Zhang’s program. Such a shame.”

Who wanted a host of a show with low ratings?

Nan Zhi smiled after she glanced at the snobbish Liu Chengren. She straightened her back and walked towards Zhang Yijun, who had his head bowed. She passed him her proposal and bowed slightly. She said respectfully, “Hello, Director Zhang. I watched your show and feel that you’re a very talented director. I hope to be able to learn from you during my intern period.”

Both Zhang Yijun and Liu Chengren froze.

Especially Liu Chengren. Nan Zhi’s words were practically a slap to his face.

Liu Chengren looked at Nan Zhi with a twisted expression before he scoffed coldly, “Going to suck up to an obsolete director after knowing that you can’t get into my show, you can look forward to being a failure of a host!”

When the room was only left with Nan Zhi and Zhang Yijun, Zhang Yijun read Nan Zhi’s proposal. He nodded in both surprise and satisfaction.

He did not think that the proposal she made was targeted to his show, ‘Delicacy Wins The World’.

This young lady was not at all useless like Liu Chengren had said.


“Nan Zhi, you’ll need to be careful. The words you just said to Director Liu is equivalent to offending him. He’s one of the most favored people in the broadcasting company. Aren’t you afraid that he will punish you underhandedly?”

Nan Yao would also think about ways to rope Liu Chengren to her side, even if Nan Zhi did not offend him. Not to mention, Liu Chengren’s words were too hard to digest. Who was the one that did not have any courage, uprightness and backbone?!

Nan Zhi laughed as she shook her head. “I’m not afraid since I’m working with Director Zhang.”

Zhang Yijun was a little surprised. “You didn’t think about going to ‘Dreams Come True’ from the beginning?”

“No.” Nan Zhi smiled lightly with her lips pursed. Her dimples appeared. “To be honest, I like Director Zhang’s show more. It’s just that the company doesn’t pay attention to your show, which is why you can’t invite famous guests like ‘Dreams Come True’. Not to mention, the host…”

The female host of ‘Delicacy Wins The World’, Bai Weiwei was not a suitable food show host. She would always put on very thick makeup for every episode and wore clothes that were too sexy and revealing. She never put the spotlight on the food. She would always tease the invited guests in a seductive manner and try to use indecent methods to attract others’ attention.

Zhang Yijun knew about the show’s weaknesses naturally. However, Bai Weiwei’s financier was the sponsor for ‘Delicacy Wins The World’ and she kept doing whatever she wanted, even after he warned her many times against her actions.

“I’ll bring you to get familiarized with the department’s colleagues first.”


The department office for ‘Delicacy Wins The World’ was way more crowded and rudimentary compared to that of ‘Dreams Come True’. They only had a simple working space with a single air conditioner and it was taken by Bai Weiwei. Zhang Yijun could only work together with the other staff outside.

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