Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Work

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After she got familiarized with the working environment and met her new colleagues, Zhang Yijun allocated Nan Zhi to an office table next to a young lady with a round face and big eyes. “Hello, Sister Zhi. I’m Director Zhang’s assistant, Xia Xi. He’s actually my maternal uncle. I came out to make a living with him after I graduated from high school.”

Nan Zhi had a rather good impression of this young lady who had a friendly disposition and a bright smile. They shook hands politely. “Hello, please take care of me in the future.”

Xia Xi did not think that Nan Zhi would be so approachable. Women that were too pretty were usually a little aloof. However, this woman did not seem to have any airs.

She was way better than that Bai Weiwei.

Nan Zhi realized that the situation was a lot more serious that she had thought after she learnt more about the department she was interning in.

The broadcasting company was organizing a sponsors meeting next Friday. If ‘Delicacy Wins The World’ could not attract a large-scaled sponsor, not only would they be moved to a midnight airing slot, the show would also face the risk of being axed by the company. The atmosphere was thick with tension.

Zhang Yijun asked everyone in the department to make a proposal on ways to improve the show and another proposal to attract investors.

Nan Zhi was very busy.

It was a good thing that the hot-tempered man, Mu Sihan, was also busy recently. He did not tell her to do anything, even though he had forced her to become his personal servant.

He did not even come and ask for the morning kiss and good night kiss he stipulated in the contracted rules.

Nan Zhi really hoped that this peace would continue so he would not trouble her.

On this day, Nan Zhi submitted the two proposals she had completed to Zhang Yijun. After reviewing the content, Zhang Yijun stood up and clapped in appreciation not too long after. “Nan Zhi, your proposals are excellent. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Well done.”

Everyone in the office stopped working and looked at Zhang Yijun.

Bai Weiwei, who was late for work everyday, stepped into the office in her high heels at this moment and happened to hear Zhang Yijun’s words. She had submitted two proposals and submitted them to Zhang Yijun to get him off her back. However, Zhang Yijun did not like her proposals.

She only treated it as Zhang Yijun doing his usual fault-finding with her. He never knew how to appreciate her talent.

However, she did not expect for Zhang Yijun to praise the new ‘pretty but useless’ girl in front of the other colleagues in the office.

That was right. In Bai Weiwei’s eyes, Nan Zhi was nothing more than a pretty girl who was otherwise useless.

If not, why was she not chosen to intern in the ‘Dreams Come True’ team?

Bai Weiwei scoffed coldly, “Director Zhang, don’t be captivated by her appearance. Besides, so what if her proposal is good? Aren’t you all depending on me to earn your keep?”

Zhang Yijun was so angry from Bai Weiwei’s words that his entire face turned red.

However, Bai Weiwei was not wrong. This show only had a sponsor because of Bai Weiwei. They were about to have the new season’s sponsor investment meeting. If Bai Weiwei’s behind-the-scenes financier was not willing to continue their sponsorship, the show would…

“Bai Weiwei, it’s true that you got last season’s sponsor. However, it does not mean that we depend on you to earn our keep. Everyone is working based on their own abilities. If you think that the department cannot last without you, you can apply and transfer to another team.”

Even though Zhang Yijun usually had a good temper and endured whatever and whenever he could, he would not forgo his own principles. He would not hold back if someone challenged his bottom line.

Bai Weiwei only transferred to Zhang Yijun’s team because no one could stand to work with her. She had already transferred across several teams.

Even though the ratings for Zhang Yijun’s show was a little low, she was the main character of the show. She could do whatever she wanted and the staff in the department would service her. She appreciated the feeling of being admired and needed by the people around her.

“Director Zhang, I was just saying. You can rest assured that I definitely won’t disappoint you during the sponsors’ meeting on Friday.” With that said, Bai Weiwei walked into the office coyly, swaying her hips in a suggestive manner.

Xia Xi, who was beside Nan Zhi, could not help but pout and complain from the moment Bai Weiwei entered the office. “I’ve never seen someone so shameless. She’s acting like she’s the most glorious person, even though she’s just a mistress!”

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