Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Sore Spot

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Nan Zhi thought about Mu Sihan instinctively when she heard the word ‘mistress’.

She was almost forced to become a shameless mistress as well.

“Sister Nan Zhi, you don’t have to care about Bai Weiwei’s words. My uncle said that your proposal was good. If a sponsor is attracted by our proposal during the sponsors’ meeting, we probably won’t need to use Bai Weiwei’s financier anymore. To be honest, the amount her financier sponsored was not much, but it was better than nothing.”

Xia Xi had her head between her hands, her expression was very sorrowful. “I don’t know what happened to my uncle this year. Nothing has gone smoothly for him.”

Nan Zhi patted Xia Xi’s head in comfort as she smiled faintly. “He will definitely get what he deserves after all the effort he has put in.”

In the afternoon.

Nan Zhi went to eat in the cafeteria with Xia Xi.

Bai Weiwei, Yu Xiaoting, Zhuang Jingjing and several others were huddled together.

“It’s President Nan’s beloved wife’s birthday today. I heard that they’re having a banquet in Ning City’s most luxurious and extravagant Huangting Hotel. Also, Nan Yao gave every colleague in the ‘Dreams Come True’ department an invite!” Zhuang Jingjing looked extremely excited as she took out her invitation and waved it around.

Bai Weiwei was very jealous as she stared at the invitation in Zhuang Jingjing’s hand. “You guys are so fortunate to be in the same team as Nan Yao. That person in my team also has the surname Nan. What else does she have apart from her pretty face? Nan Yao is really fortunate to have a good family and a handsome fiancé. She’s also genuinely capable. It’s fortunate that I don’t have Nan as my surname. If not, it’ll be really infuriating to be compared to her!”

Bai Weiwei increased her volume intentionally when she saw Nan Zhi and Xia Xi pass by them.

Xia Xi clenched her teeth in anger. “That’s so rude of her! She’s worshiping the high and stepping on the low. So what if your surname is Nan? When did you provoke her?”

Nan Zhi stared at Xia Xi, who seemed like she wanted to fight Bai Weiwei, and pulled her back. She responded calmly, “It’s alright. If a dog bites you, would you bite it back in return?”

Bai Wei Wei glared at Nan Zhi. “Who are you calling a dog?”

“I’m talking about whoever is speaking.” Nan Zhi scoffed. She lifted her eyebrows and looked both cold and charming.

Bai Weiwei wanted to say more and opened her mouth to retort. However, she froze when she saw the glint of coldness exuding from Nan Zhi’s eyes.

She actually got the chills from Nan Zhi’s cold stare in those seconds of eye contact.

“Nan Zhi, why are you bullying my friend?” a soft voice interrupted them.

Bai Weiwei saw Nan Yao and immediately went to her with a pitiful expression. Nan Yao had acted in a drama with Bai Weiwei before she started work at the broadcasting company and the two were considered good friends.

Nan Yao took out an invitation from her bag. “Weiwei, this is for you.”

Bai Weiwei exclaimed in surprise, “Yaoyao, I have one too?! Thank you so much, Yaoyao. I probably wouldn’t be able to go to such a high class hotel like Huangting in my life if it wasn’t for you!”

Nan Yao laughed. She felt rather proud and she could not help but look at Nan Zhi with a sense of smugness. However, Nan Zhi was not even looking at her as she ate with Xia Xi with a calm and cold expression on her face.

Nan Yao walked towards Nan Zhi in her clacking high heels and took out another invitation from her bag. “Today is my mother’s birthday. If I didn’t remember wrongly, it’s yours too! Nan Zhi, do you want to go and see how father dotes on my mother?”

Nan Yao grabbed at Nan Zhi’s sore spot and stabbed at it ruthlessly.

Ever since he married her, Nan Weiye would only remember Ding Shuman’s birthday every year. Not only that, it was from that day that he shed his doting father image. His expression darkened once he saw her, as if he despised her with every fiber of his being.

He had never celebrated her birthday with her. The only time he did was during the year of her coming-of-age. However, that was also the year he allowed Nan Yao to drug her and ruin her innocence.

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