Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Birthday

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‘Delicacy Wins The World’ wanted to win over ‘Dreams Come True’ in ratings?

It was completely out of the question!

It was impossible! It was completely impossible!

“Nan Zhi, is there a hole in your brain? Can a flopped show come back to life just because of your addition to the team?” Zhuang Jingjing taunted straight away.

“That’s right, that’s right. She should look at her own capabilities!”

“Was she provoked because Director Liu didn’t choose her? She should visit the psychiatrist if her brain isn’t functioning normally.”

“‘Delicacy Wins The World’ might not even get a sponsor. What are they taking to fight with ‘Dreams Come True’? Doesn’t she have a clue about the competition in her head? She should go home if she wants to dream! It’s too impractical!”

Nan Yao wanted this outcome and Nan Zhi had taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. She had no chance of regretting with everyone present being their witnesses.

“Never mind, I only said it on a whim. Nan Zhi, you shouldn’t force yourself to show off your abilities. Everyone knows that ‘Delicacy Wins The World’ cannot win against ‘Dreams Come True’. You should be more modest and realistic as a newcomer.”

Nan Zhi glanced coldly at Nan Yao, who was acting like she was very understanding. “I meant what I said and will not take back my words.”

Nan Yao was completely sure she would win over Nan Zhi. She would never leave the broadcasting company, no matter what.

Nan Zhi was different however. The show, ‘Delicacy Wins The World’, was rotten to its core. What capabilities did she have to revive the show?

On their way back to the office, Xia Xi appeared to want to speak, but didn’t seem able to get the words out of her lips.

Nan Zhi knew what she wanted to say. She laughed before she spoke, “You think that I’m too impulsive, don’t you?”

Xia Xi nodded. “We don’t have any chance of winning against them.”

Nan Zhi squinted her eyes as her red lips curled up into a smirk, “I have a special weapon!”

“Ah? What special weapon? Sister Zhi, tell me quickly.”

“It’s a secret.”

Before she got off work, Nan Zhi received birthday wishes from Xia Xi and Zhang Yijun. They wanted to treat her to a meal. However, Nan Zhi wanted to spend her birthday with her son at night, so she politely rejected them.

Although Nan Weiye did not care about her, she was not lonely. She received the birthday gift her mother sent her two days ago. She also had her two best friends, Yanran and Yubing supporting her. Of course, the most important of all was that she had her cute baby by her side.

It was Nan Zhi’s first time getting off work on time ever since she started work. She bumped into the colleagues from Nan Yao’s team in the elevator. They were all dressed to the nines. The females all wore makeup and were in evening gowns while the men were attired in formal suits.

“Mrs Nan is really fortunate! I heard that they booked the number 1 ballroom in Huangting today. It can accommodate up to one hundred people and is super luxurious. I heard that it isn’t open to outsiders usually and is only used to receive very special VIPs.”

“We’re really benefiting from Nan Yao today!”

“Yes, yes. Nan Yao probably saved a universe in her previous life to have such good fortune in this one!”

“We’re really fortunate to be in the same department as Nan Yao! All the other departments are really jealous of us!”

Nan Zhi walked out of the elevator slowly after all the talkative colleagues left when the elevator reached the first floor.

Although she kept telling herself that she did not care about Nan Weiye’s attitude anymore, her mother loved him so much before and she had really craved to get her father’s love. However, it was all lies. All he wanted was to using her mother and her to get what he wanted.

He achieved success and received recognition from her maternal grandfather’s achievements, while her mother and her were left with nothing…

Nan Zhi blinked her reddening eyes as she reminded herself not to hurry. She was in no rush. She would slowly get back everything that belonged to her mother and her!

Nan Zhi turned at a corner when she reached the car park and a weird smell invaded her senses suddenly. She recognized the danger and was about to hold her breath when she blacked out and lost consciousness.

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