Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Swept Off Her Feet

Nan Zhi only realized that her face was buried in the crotch of the man when somebody picked her up by pulling her back by her long hair. Her cheeks flushed a beet red at the awkward position.

"I'm sorry, this wouldn't have happened if the people in your room hadn't dragged me in."

Nan Zhi's clear and beautiful eyes met with the man's smouldering ones. She wanted to say something else, but she found her voice faltered and she stopped.

Cold and sharp features, thin lips that were tightly pressed together and that daunting, unfathomable gaze.

W-Wasn't he the man in the car this morning?

How could there be such a coincidence?

I thought we would never meet again.

At that moment, Nan Zhi's startled expression was to herself, merely an exclamation at the wonders of fate. However, to others it was interpreted differently.

A frivolous yet charming voice drifted into her ears, "Damn, Fourth Brother, this babe just came and she's already swept off her feet by you!"

"Young Master Mu's charm sure is big, hahaha. Pretty ladies are throwing themselves upon you one after another, and they're even starting to use a variety of clever tricks."

However the person concerned made no comment. He took out an imported hand-rolled cigar from a brown box and with his other hand, took a small silver blowtorch handed over by one of the playboys.

He tapped at the blow torch and blue flames ignited at his fingertips. The moment the flames flared up, his handsome and perfect face was clearly reflected in Nan Zhi's eyes.

Her heart jolted.

He's so damn handsome.

The contour of his face, his features, the depiction of every part of his face seemed to be a stroke of genius, beautiful yet masculine.

It was those light trapping deep-set eyes, the sense of melancholy with no hint of any warmth like Shura from the depths of hell, that made Nan Zhi shiver. She wrapped her arms around herself unconsciously.

"Was it delicious?" The man took a breath of cigar and blew the pungent smoke towards her face.

Someone in the room gave a sly laugh. Nan Zhi recognized the voice, it was from the man with the devilish looks.

Although she had a child, her experience in sex was next to nothing. The only time was when she was drugged, she didn't remember anything of the experience except for the staggering pain she felt the next day.

So when the man on the sofa asked her these three words "Was it delicious", the innuendo was lost on her due to her naivety.

She thought he was referring to the smell of the cigar smoke, it was a little strong and pungent, but it did not smell bad.

As she stood up from the ground, she replied curtly, "It's alright."

As soon as the words came out, the room fell deeper into a strangled silence.

Even the man who was slowly smoking the cigar on the sofa was stunned. He looked at the woman who was struggling to stand up with a slight raise of an arched eyebrow. His sexy, well-defined lips were slightly curved and he laughed. "You said it was delicious even though you didn't even goddamn eat anything. You have some motive behind that pretty face."

Nan Zhi had no words.

Both of them seemed to be on different frequencies.

She could not understand what he was saying at all.

She glanced at the group of men and women who were laughing at her, their faces snide and mocking. Since having a child Nan Zhi had changed her ways. She just wanted to be left in peace and could not wait to leave this foul place.

"I'm not the clubhouse hostess, you've got the wrong person." Nan Zhi was not too sure if she had slept with the arrogant man on the sofa before, so she could not offend him too much.

Nan Zhi had just stepped forward when a deep, frosty voice rang out across the room, "Coming and going as you like, you think this is a market?"

Nan Zhi herself was not naturally a good-tempered person. It was only in the past few years after giving birth to Xiaojie, that she repeatedly told herself to be gentle and to try to stay out of trouble. This was in the hope that in giving out an illusion of being gentle, she would become that way eventually.

Deep inside, she was still that fierce, wild and arrogant young lady she once was.

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