Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 204

Chapter 204 He Was Able To Give Her A Sense Of Security

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The speed they were slipping at was very quick. Nan Zhi’s head was pressed tightly against the man’s muscular chest and the two of them fell on a slab of hard rock after a period that seemed both long and short, flashed by in a heartbeat.

Nan Zhi lay on the man’s hard chest. His shirt was completely soaked and she could feel his warm skin and firm muscles under the thin layer of wet fabric.

As her ears were held in place, his heartbeat was a little quick and she could feel the rapid, yet steady thump. He did not speak for a very long time as he lay on the floor.

He was probably exhausted, with his energy depleted…

Nan Zhi was afraid that she was too heavy for him, and got off him in a hurry. However, before she could move away completely, the arm held around her slender waist tightened.

Once again, a domineering tug pulled her firmly into the man’s embrace.

“What are you doing?”

Mu Sihan lifted a hand and caressed Nan Zhi’s dirty face. With calloused fingers, he brushed away the dirt on her face and lips. “It seems I’ve become very unlucky after I’ve met you.”

Being unable to move, originally Nan Zhi was a little panicked and uneasy. However, she became embarrassed and angry after she heard his words.

“You’ve become unlucky? It should be me who’s become unlucky after meeting you, shouldn’t it?! If it wasn’t for your crazy admirers, I wouldn’t have to experience more than one life and death situation like tonight!”

A tinge of maliciousness flashed past Mu Sihan’s deep black eyes at the mention of Ye Qianqian.

It was likely Ye Qianqian was instructed by someone to put a bomb on his speedboat.

He had known Ye Qianqian for a few years now. If she was someone who dated to to threaten him, she wouldn’t have needed to wait until today!

There was the poisonous snake, the bomb on the speedboat and also the vicious poison that could have made Nan Zhi mute. It she had drank that water back then…

On the surface, the series of incidents seemed like they were against Nan Zhi. However, he could see the truth very clearly. Someone behind the scenes wanted to threaten him through his only weakness.

If he did not guess wrongly, Ye Qianqian would probably be hidden by that someone, by the time he returned to Ning City. It was even more likely that person was confident Mu Sihan wouldn’t be able to discover their identity.

The hole was completely dark and Nan Zhi could not see Mu Sihan’s face. However, there was that one second when she felt the coldness he exuded was definitely tangible.

Nan Zhi’s tone softened, seeing that Mu Sihan did not speak for a very long time. “Young Master Mu..are you alright?”

“I would probably be better if you didn’t continue to lie on me.”

Nan Zhi rolled her eyes in the dark. “Did you forget that I wanted to get up first? You were the one who pulled me down and didn’t let me go.”

Mu Sihan scoffed, “When did you become so obedient? Does that mean you’ll listen to me obediently if I want to have sex with you right now?”

Nan Zhi was speechless. This person was a complete gangster. Why did he still think about those types of things at a time like this?

Getting up from his chest gingerly, she glanced up at the looming hole above their heads.

It was too dark and she could not see anything clearly at all.

“Wait here. I’ll go and take a look around the cave.”

Nan Zhi was almost about to collapse. Falling down to the ground, she sank down into a patch of wet dirt and hummed softly when she heard Mu Sihan’s words.

Hearing her lightheartedness, Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow and scoffed, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll leave without you?”

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything before the man walked into the black void.

It had been almost half an hour.

It was so still and quiet that Nan Zhi gradually felt the edge of fear inch into her consciousness. She was the only one here in this dark cave, after all. However, if she focused, she could still hear the faint raindrops from the top of the hole, the sound of the whistling wind and the scurrying of bugs that she could not name.

When Mu Sihan was with her, she felt like he was a mountain. His presence gave her a sense of security, even though she still felt a scared and uneasy whenever he was around.

Now that he had gone, every sound, every imagined movement became much more frightening.

It was especially so in this hole, where she could not even see her fingers when she stretched them out. It felt like a scary silhouette or a giant python would appear at anytime.

By herself, the waiting felt like years, even though it were just seconds that had passed.

There was no sign of Mu Sihan.

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