Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Clothes That Are Taken Off Arent So Easily Worn Again

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They were still in danger and did not know when they could leave.

She would only become his burden if she kept crying!

Mu Sihan watched as the woman became strong and decisive in the blink of an eye. Something seemed to have stung his heart.

This woman in front of him had never experienced special training. She was just a normal girl.

She did not collapse after experiencing so many life and death situations tonight and became stronger and braver instead. This made his heart ache.

Lifting his slender fingers, he poked the tip of her nose and there seemed to be a tenderness in his black eyes. “Let’s go.”

The two of them made their way from the narrow and small hole to the larger cave Mu Sihan had found.

Once they arrived, Mu Sihan collected a stack of wild grass, while Nan Zhi busied herself picking up dry wood around the cave. Their freezing cold bodies finally felt warmth when the fire started to burn.

When Mu Sihan her curling into a tight and trembling ball as she wrapped her arms around her body, he ordered like an arrogant ruler, “Take off your clothes to dry them.”

Nan Zhi replied on instinct, “I don’t want to.”

Mu Sihan raised his straight eyebrows slightly at the sight of her embarrassed face. “Do you really think that I want to force myself on you at this time?”

Nan Zhi knew that he wouldn’t.

However, she felt awkward and embarrassed just thinking of herself sitting there not wearing anything.

“I won’t look at you. I’ll turn around.” If she continued to be stubborn and stay in her wet clothes, her body probably would not be able to take it.

Nan Zhi’s heart warmed when she saw him turning around so his back was facing her.

She did not know why, but she really believed that he would not do anything to her in this situation.

Taking off her wet dress, she spread it out to dry against the fire. She still wore her underwear, since she could not bring herself to be completely naked, no matter what.

She turned back to glance at the man. “Do you want to take off your clothes and dry them as well?”

Mu Sihan’s cigarette addiction was acting up. He bit on a sprig of grass as he said coarsely without turning back, “It’s not easy for me to wear my clothes again after I take them off. Are you sure you want me to take it off?”

Pressing her lips into a line, Nan Zhi cursed the man in her head. Why was he such a gangster? Just when she thought he was becoming slightly more decent.

Nan Zhi’s clothes were more or less dry after half an hour, so she dressed herself again.

Mu Sihan threw the waterproof bag at Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi opened the bag in confusion. What? The antidote… ? She couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw the vile in her small bag. The bag she had left on the speedboat in the frantic rush to escape.

She did not think that the antidote was still around. To think that he had taken her bag before he jumped out of the speedboat. Biting her lip, she felt an unspeakable emotion overwhelm her and she choked a little. “Thank you.”

Mu Sihan hummed once, then ignored her.

Turning away from Mu Sihan, Nan Zhi opened the bag and took out a white button from its inner pocket.

The button had a smiley face that she had drawn, all those years ago.

It’s here, my lucky button . This smiley face had accompanied her for nearly nine years. The relief she felt when she knew she hadn’t lost it to the explosion was worth more than anything.

Mu Sihan stood up and glanced at Nan Zhi. His black orbs darkened slightly, seeing that she was staring at something intently. “What are you holding?”

Nan Zhi hurriedly closed her palm around the button. She shook her head. “Nothing.”

“You act like it’s your precious treasure. Show it to me.”

He would definitely get angry again if he saw it.

“It’s really nothing…” The man jumped at her before she could finish her words and the hand holding the button was grabbed by his persistent hands.

It was impossible to hide from him. His persistence to find out what she was hiding meant that she could not win against his strength. The fingers curled around her precious button were pried open, one by one.

He picked up the button lying on her palm to take a curious look at the item in question. “Damn it, whose button are you hiding?”

Strange, why was this button so familiar looking?

It’s almost like that shirt he used to wear…

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