Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Blocking Her In The Washroom 1

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Nan Zhi took back the button, seeing that Gu Sheng did not seem to remember it. She gave a faint smile and said, “This is my lucky button. I took it out because I wanted to show it to you.”

Gu Sheng picked up the cup and drank some water. “I thought you were suddenly giving me a button.”

It seemed like he really had no recollection…

Nan Zhi looked down and was a little disappointed.

“Brother Gu Sheng, help me look after Xiaojie. I’m going to the washroom.”

The sharp gaze that she felt on her occasionally was making her feel like she was sitting on pins and needles. She wanted to wash her face and clear her head. Unexpectedly, to go to the washroom, she had to pass by table where Mu Sihan and that beautiful mixed-blood woman were sitting.

It was too late, she had already stood up. If she were to sit down again, it would seem too deliberate and obvious that she was avoiding him, so she walked forward and acted as if nothing was wrong.

The mixed-blood woman had her back to Nan Zhi, and she did not know what she had said, but it seemed Mu Sihan’s cold and stiff profile looked gentler under the light.

Perhaps feeling Nan Zhi’s gaze, he suddenly tilted his head and looked at her.

His eyes were as dark as night, calm and without any warmth, with his usual unfathomable and cold arrogance.

When their eyes met, Nan Zhi’s heart jumped inevitably. As soon as it happened, she quickly looked away and lowered her eyes. Turning a corner, she made a beeline for the washroom.

“Han, do you like that woman?” Amy took a bite of dessert and with a faint smile, she looked at the man who had on a dark expression throughout the entirety of their dinner.

Mu Sihan’s long fingers held a glass of red wine, swirling the liquid as he leaned against the chair. Ignoring her question, he said instead, “Let’s get down to business.”

Amy put down her spoon and regained her serious countenance during what she deemed as her working mode. She looked at Mu Sihan’s deep eyes. “You said that if you have a high fever of 40 degrees or higher, you won’t remember what happened during that period?”

Mu Sihan sipped the glass of red wine, his eyes dark. “It’s already happened a few times. Originally, I thought I was dazed from the fever so my memories were broken up. Until this time…”

Mu Sihan told her what had happened to him and Nan Zhi on the island.

“There is absolutely no way I would have left her on that island. But I did.”

According to Yi Fan, when he had arrived on the island and found Mu Sihan, he was running a high fever. Strangely enough, his entire demeanour was mature and steady, unlike his usual arrogant and cold manner. The way he talked was very similar to that person.

Ye Qing. His dead twin brother.

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, his dark eyes serious as he looked at Amy, who was deep in thought. “What kind of situation am I in?”

“You and your brother are twins and have always had a good relationship. His accident was a tremendous loss for you. Not only that, because you have bipolar disorder, your mental health is not stable and you have erected a psychological barrier. The only possibility is that because you couldn’t accept the death of your brother, you split into another personality that was created based entirely on him.”

Mu Sihan thought of that disastrous day when Ye Qing had met with that accident. It had forever been a dark Yeqing had been flying in from S Country to see Mu Sihan, who was having a fever, but halfway through the journey, the plane crashed and everyone on board had perished.

“Han, this is a deep-rooted psychological problem. You have always blamed yourself for his death. So if you cannot get over this psychological barrier, it would be difficult to cure it.”

Mu Sihan finished the red wine in the glass and his ink-black eyes were filled with darkness. “Keep this matter a secret. You are not to tell anyone.”

“I know. If the people in S Country know that you have a split personality that turns into Ye Qing, I’m afraid you can’t stay here for much longer.”

Nan Zhi came out of the washroom and felt a prickling gaze rake over her.

She looked up and met with a pair of smouldering black eyes.

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