Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Sweet Gourmet House

After placing a gentle kiss on the little guy's forehead, Nan Zhi lay down on the sofa with a thin blanket in her arms.

What happened tonight had chilled her to the bone, leaving her wide awake and wary.

There was still some burning pain in her neck, so Nan Zhi took some ointment from the small medicine box and applied it on the bruises. They were appearing already, an angry, mottled mix of red and purple.

Lying on the sofa, the dark eyes of the man appeared in her mind and she shivered with cold.

That bipolar person was definitely not the man from that night four years ago, nor could he be the father of her Brother Jie!

She must have remembered it wrongly!

Refusing to dwell on it further, Nan Zhi took out her phone and opened Weibo. When she was abroad, she had inadvertently saved a gourmet chef. He taught her a lot when he was recuperating and he was a teacher as well as a friend to her.

In order to support Xiaojie and her mother, she made an account on Weibo two years ago as a food blogger ー Sweet Gourmet House.

At first, few people paid attention to her, but she insisted on posting videos of her cooking twice a week. Gradually, she became more and more well known, her popularity increasing at a steady rate.

Up to now, she had over a million fans.

She didn't know when exactly her fans had grown so much, but she was grateful. This meant she also had a decent income every month.

Last month, as Xiaojie was diagnosed with leukemia, she had to make preparations to return to the country and had not blogged in almost a month.

Many loyal fans were calling for her. Of course, there were also many anti-fans from other competitors stirring trouble.

ーAbsent for a month, maybe the blogger met with a car accident?

ーEver since the opening of the blog, when has the blogger revealed her face? Out of her whole body, probably the only part that are okay to look at are her hands?

ーIt's hard to imagine how ugly a woman can be with that pair of slender and delicate hands. She hasn't revealed her face in the two years she's been online, or participated in any award ceremonies. I think she must be uglier than a dinosaur!

Nan Zhi raised her eyebrow at the strange logic. Were dinosaurs ugly?

Of course other than anti-fans, there were many loyal fans defending her.

ーThose that are defaming our Sweety must be envious of her right? Her hands are so fair, beautiful and fairy-like, her appearance will certainly not be any worse.

ーOur Sweety is not like those flirtatious bitches on the internet who like to show off. She is low-key and mysterious!

ーYes, we love Sweety and the food she makes.

ーSweety, our beauty, where have you been this month? Why haven't you blogged yet?

Nan Zhi smiled, her slender fingers typing out a line of words on Weibo.

"Spring in China is beautiful. My little lovelies, all is well with Sweety. I will be uploading a video tomorrow, [two blowing kisses emoticons]"

Soon after it was sent out, someone immediately left a message.

'Sweety Goddess, I'm looking forward to your new food video.' A starry-eyed picture was attached at the end.

Inside a luxury manor.

The devilish man lying on the sofa smiled. After leaving the message, he threw his phone on the seat and looked at the man sitting on the other side of the sofa, smoking and watching the evening financial news. "Fourth Brother, Sixth Brother's goddess finally posted on Weibo!"

Sixth Brother Ji Chuan, was a popular young hunk in the entertainment industry. All others were obsessed with looks and voice. He was still not lacking, he was obsessed with a woman's hands.

Ever since he saw the videos of this Sweety blogger, he could not help but fall in love with those hands.

Seeing that the blogger had not posted in a month, he was so worried that something had happened to her that he flew abroad the previous week.

But after looking around, he still could not find her.

"There are plenty of beautiful women in the entertainment industry who are crazy about him and in the end, he is infatuated with a pair of hands whose owner's face he has never seen before. What do you think would happen if that woman ends up having looks that are way too frightening?"

Mu Sihan was focused on the financial news, and completely ignored Lan Yanzhi.

Lan Yanzhi stared at Mu Sihan's handsome face for a few seconds and sighed helplessly. "Fourth Brother, can't you have any fun in your life besides watching the news and working? Finally you showed some interest in a woman after so many years, but what did you do? You almost strangle her to death."

"Shut up!"

Lan Yanzhi raised his hands in surrender. "Alright, alright. I'll shut my mouth."

After Lan Yanzhi went to the bathroom, Mu Sihan frowned and seemed to have thought of something. He picked up the phone thrown on the sofa by Lan Yanzhi and opened Weibo.

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