Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Ruin

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Those who did not know the cause and effect would easily link Nan Zhi with the heinous murder of a child, just by looking at the photos and the reports.

In a short time, Nan Zhi was being attacked by the whole internet community. This included reports from several marketing accounts and keyboard warriors.

There were all kinds of mean words and it was hard to even look at them while turning a blind eye.

Also, if that wasn’t bad enough, someone revealed that Nan Zhi had an illegitimate child and those vicious words not only attacked her, but also Xiaojie.

Nan Zhi was initially quite calm, but when she saw someone scolding Xiaojie, the fire inside her belly ignited and she was furious.

Xia Yanran quickly took back her phone, not letting Nan Zhi look at those exasperating negative comments.

“Zhizhi, I believe you, but what is going on?” Xia Yanran pulled the angry Nan Zhi to sit on the bed.

Nan Zhi closed her red eyes and forced herself to calm down.

Ever since they announced the delayed broadcast of ‘Delicacy’, Nan Zhi was already suspicious, but she was not sure how Nan Yao had planned to set her up.

Now she finally understood that she wanted to use this miscarriage during the wedding…

Wait. If Nan Yao had already made up her mind to make her take the blame for the miscarriage, then, she did not intend to keep the child from the start?

During the wedding banquet, Nan Yao said she wanted to hug her but pricked her with a needle when nobody was paying attention. If it was anyone else, they would also have pushed her away on reflex.

Nan Yao must have wanted to use the chance to fall to the ground and have a miscarriage.

But what was with the mifepristone tablets?

Did Nan Yao take them beforehand?

There were no mothers who would not want their child and besides, with a child, Nan Yao’s position would be more stable after she married into the Bo family.


Nan Zhi had already regained her calmness and rationality. She looked at Xia Yanran, who had on a face full of worry and said gently, “Yanran, let your hacker friend help me check the funds in Nan Yao’s account.”

Hearing Nan Zhi’s instructions, Xia Yanran quickly dialed a number.

That night, Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran returned to Ning City.

The public opinion on the internet was still growing. A reporter interviewed Nan Yao in the hospital ward and Nan Yao said tearfully…

“No matter what, I still regard her as my younger sister.”

“The child is gone. I just hope that she can apologize to me.”

Nan Yao knew Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi would never apologize for something she did not do.

Now that all the public opinions were firmly on Nan Yao’s side, those jealous haters went to the official website of the broadcasting station and under ‘Delicacy’ official page, there was so much abuse and topics launched to kick Nan Zhi out of the hosting circle, if Nan Zhi did not apologize.

Overnight, Nan Zhi had become the target of public criticism.

Zhang Yijun, Xia Xi as well as the colleagues from the ‘Delicacy’ team all wanted to step up and speak for Nan Zhi, but she declined their good intentions.

Now that the public opinion was leaning to one side, it was obvious that the Bo and Nan families were working together to push Nan Zhi to her death.

Nan Zhi refused to give a response. She would not be beaten down by these things. What she needed to do was to strike back at the person who was trying to destroy her!

The next day, Xia Yanran’s hacker friend found the information Nan Zhi wanted.

“Zhizhi, what are you planning to do?” Xia Yanran admired Nan Zhi for being able to stay calm and collected in the midst of being scolded by all the netizens.

Nan Zhi smirked and a trace of coldness flashed past her eyes. “First, I will go to the Nan family villa, then I will pay her back for how she got me scolded like trash by everyone!”

In the Nan family villa.

Nan Yao rested in bed after she came back from the hospital on Flower Island. Her miscarriage not only made Nan Zhi the target of public judgement and criticism, it also let Nan Weiye and the Bo family work together to bail Ding Shuman out from the police station.

Nan Zhi’s reputation was ruined. Even with Yannis as a guest on ‘Delicacy’, the audience would not acknowledge it. Even Yannis’ fans would boycott Nan Zhi. After all, Nan Zhi ruined their idol’s first variety show appearance. There was no way they would support ‘Delicacy’ from that moment on.

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